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Ralphy and Dizzy: Wannabe Adventurers

by tyleraapje


Once the pair had felled the towering structure of neoblocks that had been blocking their way, Ralphy, a blue Anubis, looked over some of the injuries the falling pieces had inflicted on both himself and Dizzy, a Halloween Spardel. Aside from a few bumps on their heads and one of the blocks getting lodged inside Dizzy's Halloween outfit, the pair had sustained little harm during the assault. The two proceeded on into the zomutt petpet tunnel that was now visible, but it contained nothing more than a stray neoblock and some magic smelly socks that had apparently escaped today's laundry. And so the two friends pressed onward into the next obstacle of their adventure, the petpet pipe maze. Several feet high and seemingly endless in all its twists and turns, the pipe maze posed a difficult challenge to the would-be adventurers. Ralphy managed to spy their next goal, far into the distance at the end of the maze, an open book lying innocently on the floor just past the maze. Returning his attention to the task at hand, Ralphy noticed that the flooring of the pipe maze was covered in places with piles of sludge. If they weren't careful, this was going to get messy.

     The two friends approached the entrance to the pipe maze carefully, and Ralphy noted that the piles of sludge seemed to be spaced out enough that if they took their time, he and Dizzy might, just might, be able to avoid getting themselves covered in the smelly stuff. Slowly working his way through the pipe maze, Ralphy voiced encouragement to his friend who was trying to follow him step for step. With each pile of sludge they successfully passed without incident, Ralphy grew more and more confident. After some time spent crawling through the pipe, the pair of friends came to a Y-junction in the maze. Taking up his responsibility as the leader of the two, Ralphy decided that they needed to move towards the right and so he led his friend Dizzy deeper into the curving pipe.

     Finally, Ralphy spotted the end of the maze and breathed a sigh of relief. He signaled to his friend that they were nearly out of the woods and in Dizzy's excitement over the good news the pipe began to vibrate strangely as Dizzy bounced up and down in glee. Ralphy warily glanced back to the end of the pipe and saw that it was now covered with something, apparently shaken loose by Dizzy's performance. He convinced his friend to calm down and they slowly crept the last few steps to the blocked exit.

     Peering closely, Ralphy realized it was a piece of paper taped to the rim of the pipe and shaped like a circle, so that it acted like a cap to the end of the pipe. He tentatively nudged it with his paw but found that it stayed firm, as if not paper at all. He pushed harder and still could not make it budge. Dizzy decided to lend some help but in the process drenched the paper with his lolling tongue and Ralphy ended up having to gently push him aside before they both drowned in a sea of drool.

     Then a strange thing happened. Words suddenly began to appear on the wetted surface of the paper that was blocking their path.

     a cell with neither door nor lock

     my captives never choose to depart

     though I can keep none for long

     when it is their time exit.

     put an "n" before that which I am

     and you'll have what you need

     After staring blankly at the lines of the riddle, Ralphy and Dizzy began to wonder if they'd ever make it out of the maze. Settling down for a much needed snack and hoping to fuel their brains into figuring out how to solve the riddle, Ralphy opened up a small bag he'd had tied around his neck. Inside were a couple of slightly melted chocolate neggs, just the right kind of energy boost the two adventurers needed. Nibbling on his negg, Ralphy re-read the riddle on the paper and then it suddenly hit him...."egg"...and with the letter added to it, it became "negg". Reluctantly pulling the partially eaten negg from his mouth, Ralphy cautiously offered the negg to the paper, certain that it wouldn't be so easy. As the chocolate negg's gooey surface hit the paper a furry blue paw reached in through a gap between the rim of the pipe and the paper and grabbed the negg out of Ralphy's paw. Calling out in shock, Ralphy stepped back from the blocked exit and then realized that the paper was being lifted by someone or something. Their way was now clear!

     The pair tentatively stepped out of the end of the pipe maze, with Dizzy still licking the tips of his paws, having just finished his negg. Ralphy looked back towards the maze, but saw no sign of who or what had been on the other end of the blue furry paw. Only slightly troubled by this, Ralphy returned his attention to his friend and their final goal, a book. The book appeared to be some sort of journal and it was opened to a page that contained a single entry.

1st Day of Celebrating, Y2

     ...Having rafted my way to a tiny island off the coast of Neopia, I knew that I still needed to set sail for a small town that lies on the outskirts of my frosty destination (I think the old Nimmo said it was called Happy Village, or something like that). After asking around for a while, I heard about an elderly Zafara, who is rumored to live out by the beach. Supposedly, this Zafara owns a sailboat that he uses to take tourists out to the icy climate. Plus, I hear that his fee is quite reasonable. After all the supplies I just bought I certainly hope that is true...

     These words jogged Ralphy's memory of a story he'd heard his owner recite many times before about an adventurous Gelert named Elwyn. The passage was from a bit of the diary he'd kept during his journey. It told of how he made his way to Terror Mountain and discovered the many delights of the little village called Happy Valley. In fact, Ralphy recalled that Elwyn had arrived just in time to visit the Advent Calendar there and had received a negg, which had been the answer to the riddle Ralphy and his friend had encountered just before!

     Wonderingly, Ralphy reached out to take hold of the book, when all went dark. Startled, Ralphy and Dizzy frantically pushed against the darkness which seemed to be both soft and fuzzy and smelled of Peophin fragrant soap. They'd been covered with a blanket! Rolling and bumping against each other, the two friends continued to struggle as a muffled chuckle began to rise in volume.

     "Just what do you two think you are doing?" asked a deep voice.

     They were frozen with fright. Images of Dr. Sloth, Lord Darigan and Jazan danced in Ralphy's head, while Dizzy just appeared to be preoccupied with the sudden discovery that his Halloween hat wasn't on straight. With a sudden swoosh the blanket was removed and the two friends were left blinking in surprise.

     With a chuckle, AapjesLittleHelper gave Ralphy an affectionate pat on the head. "Playing adventurers again, are we?"

     Ralphy looked up into the electric Gelert's smiling eyes. "We just wanted to be like Elwyn and have an exciting journey so we too could write about it and be famous."

     The Gelert's smile broadened as he produced two brand new journals from behind his back. "Good thing our owner thought to get you these then, eh?" He gave one to Ralphy and one to Dizzy, who still looked slightly confused about everything. "Be sure to include the bit about the chocolate negg. Mmmm... tasty thing that was." And with a wink the Gelert turned and left them to themselves.

     Ralphy looked at his friend Dizzy, holding up his new diary and said, "I think I'll call it, 'The Amazing Adventures of Ralphy and Pal!' What do you think?"

     Dizzy gave his friend the paws-up signal and he and Ralphy wandered off for more adventures to write about.

The End

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