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Advanced Hubrid's Hero Heist

by mcdrexel



Hey, over here.

Do you play Hubrid's Hero Heist over and over and wonder how people end up with ridiculously high scores?

Well... shhhhhhh... here's some tips that the high-scorers don't want you to know!


The game is simple, right? Shrink enemy, squash enemy, get prize, repeat.

Sure...if you play basic HHH.

But there's more to it. With some basic logic and thinking, you can maximize your point totals. Here's how.


Tip number 1 is STAY ALIVE. "Duh!" you say. Of COURSE you have to stay alive. But there's more to it than simply surviving to advance to the next level. Here's the thing. If you finish the game with 1, 2, 3, 4, or even 5 lives to spare... there's no point difference or bonus. So why not use those lives to get points?! How?

Well, you can do this trick on any level that doesn't have a dark faerie. I prefer to wait until a later level, and choose a safe level. Go ahead and shrink your enemies, squish 'em real good... but leave one standing. Just pick a niiiiiiiiice safe spot, sit there and wait. When the timer runs out... buzzzzzzzzzz goes the buzzer. Down you fall. But all the enemies re-appear... for you to squish again! And of course.. the best part... MORE POINTS FOR YOU!

As I said, do not try this in a level with a dark faerie.


Tip number 2 is COLLECT YOUR PRIZES! "Duh!" again, right? Maybe. But here's the trick. You have a certain amount of time to collect the prizes before they vanish into thin air. And every prize that vanishes is just less points for you to receive. So how do you avoid vanishing prizes? There's a few parts to this:

A - Careful how many enemies you squish at once. Prizes appear at completely random places on the board, so you could be in the middle of the board, squish a pair of weak Kacheeks, and have a silver Negg all the way at the bottom of a ladder on the left hand side, and some gummy Aishis at the top right on the other side! What to do? Common sense -- grab the Aishas. But this situation never should have happened in the first place. Squish... collect prize... squish again.

Now, note with common sense that if there's an enemy RIGHT NEXT to you between you and your Negg, by all means, squish away. The more you play the game, the more familiar you get with each level and when to squish.

Also note that you do of course have a timer, and also note that you do receive bonus points based on how much time is remaining. The more you play, the better a feel you will get for each level.

B - Try to squish closer to the center of the level. This way you can easily access most parts of the level before the prize disapears. Also, you may notice that your character moves with "momentum" -- it takes him a short while to turn around or reverse direction on a ladder. If you have a choice as to which way you're moving while squishing an enemy, be moving towards the more open part of the board. Probability says the prize will be on that side anyway, and if it's not, it's easy to turn around and snag it.

C - Careful on the card levels. On levels 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36, you come to a complete halt as soon as you squish your last enemy. So, make sure you've collected as many prizes as possible before you squish your last enemy. There's no way around the fact that you have very long odds for the last squished enemy's prize to appear right where you're standing (except in level 6, where the dark faerie prolongs the level slightly). I can't count the amount of fits I've thrown seeing an evil Negg mocking me on the other side of the level as my treasure falls from the sky and I stand there, frozen.

With those two tips, you can elevate your score into the 6-digit range, and with a little luck and a few apples, evil Neggs, or faerie pancakes, you may find yourself with a trophy. Don't tell anyone I toldya ;)



One final key to staying alive is knowing the enemies you face in HHH. The original guide to this game has a great summary of the basics of the enemies of this game. Here are some added tidbits I've picked up on a few of the badees.


We all know the Werelupes are notorius for their bone-throw. There are three things you may or may not have experienced with these sneaky creeps.

One is that the Werelupe may, from time to time, turn around when he is throwing his bone. I have noticed this seems to happen often when I have been following him. The obvious way to avoid this is to NOT STAND BEHIND them. Time your Werelupe shrink-and-squish carefully. And try as hard as you can NOT to let them group.

The second tidbit is when their bone hits a wall, it shatters, and you can get hit by this too. So, say you are standing on the far right side of the level, on a row above the Werelupe, ready to pounce, shrink, and squish.... he fires his bone... it passes you... you teleport down... and OH NO! The bone shattering reverberation smacks you in the face, costing you a life.

Thirdly, Werelupes obviously do not bone-throw while on ladders. What they WILL do is bone-throw while free falling. The Werelupe does not normally fall off of edges. However, if it reaches the bottom of a ladder that is not grounded, it will fall, and perhaps toss its bone. You have been warned.

One last point I've noticed on Werelupes is that they will only descend a ladder if you are lower than them in the level. If you are equal to or above it, it will not get on the ladder. It also will not 'exit' a ladder to one side or another, even if you are on the same 'row' as it. It will follow the ladder as far down as it can go.


Shoyrus are simple enough, and you may have noticed that on some levels, some or all of the Shoyrus don't fire at all. I generally don't believe them - ever - after one Shoyru that had been mostly quiet for the level all of a sudden smacked me in the face with a blue blast.

Also note that the Shoyru's blue blast 'explodes' against the wall like the Werelupe bone-throw.


We know of course about the chia's 'dive attack'. Note that Chias can fall off of edges and drop down at you, but they do not appear to be able to 'dive attack' off of an edge. What they will do is 'dive attack' at you if they notice you are near, even if they are on a ladder.

Dark Faerie

So unfair, so very unfair. This lady is nasty. Appearing out of nowhere, firing a purplish blue orb at you, and disappearing, impervious to your attack. Sometimes there is no way to avoid being hit by her orb. One little help is to try to be moving as she is about to appear, so you have the momentum to quickly get out of the way.

One other little nasty surprise is that most of the time, she appears, fires her orb, and disappears. I said 'most' of the time because sometimes, when you expect her to disapear, she instead fires another orb! And sometimes... yet another! I have actually seen her fire FIVE orbs before finally disapearing. Brutal! A good note, if there is any good at all to come of this, is that I have also on very rare occassions seen her appear and disapear without firing orbs.

Everyone is out to get you. But with this knowledge, the info from the other HHH guide available, and a lot of playing experience, you may very well be able to get them... all of them... and find yourself with a trophy.

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