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Daughter of a Star: Part Three

by shadih_temporary


Jane did exactly what she did with herself and Cali to Andrew. She showed Andrew the picture and explained to him what it meant. He, of course, didn't understand at first, but soon afterwards began to understand where Jane was going.

      "Jane," Andrew said, "please don't tell me you actually believe that JUST because Yes Boy Ice Cream is at the pound the exact day you were abandoned that you are related to them."

      "Andrew, Yes Boy Ice Cream and Mum were the only ones who showed up at the pound that day! Who else could have possibly abandoned me?!" Jane stated.

      "I see what you mean," Andrew started, "but that still doesn't mean you are related to Yes Boy Ice Cream. They could have just as easily adopted you from somebody else, decided they didn't like you, and put you back in the pound."

      "The chances of that happening are pretty slim," Jane said, tapping her foot.

      Cali watched Andrew and Jane bicker and fight with each other, turning her head from side-to-side as if she were watching a tennis rally.

      "Guys!" Cali screamed the moment she had had enough of the two, "Who cares if Jane is related to Yes Boy Ice Cream or not?! We have no proof whatsoever! And Yes Boy Ice Cream would never take you back, even if you had proof!"

      Jane scoffed, "I may not have proof, but I'm going to find Yes Boy Ice Cream. I'm their daughter, after all."

      Amy turned her head from the door when she heard Jane speak those words. She had apparently been listening to whole time.

      Amy frowned as she said, "I'll let Jane learn this lesson on her own,"


Jane pushed open the front door of her home. She placed her helmet on her head as she mounted her bicycle and put her feet on the pedals. Cali repeated.

      "You coming, Andrew?" Jane asked.

      "No," Andrew said, "I'm not boy-crazy like you guys."

      "Fine, be that way," Jane said, right before sticking her tongue out at him, "you can stay here and help Mum out with the chores in the morning!"

      Andrew was walking up the stairs when Jane said that.

      He spun around and shouted, "She's cleaning the house tomorrow?!"

      Cali and Jane looked at one another and nodded, gripping the handlebars on their bicycles. Andrew suddenly bolted down the stairs and out the front door, hopping onto his bicycle and slamming the front door behind him.

      "Let's go!" Andrew exclaimed.

      And at that, the three started pedaling their bicycles, and they departed their NeoHome.

      "It's a good thing Mum likes the landscape of Tyrannia!" Jane said, joyfully, "Or else we'd be living in Neopia Central! Far from my REAL family!"

      "You're not related to Yes Boy Ice Cream!" Andrew yelled at Jane.

      "Yes I am," Jane said, smiling.

      Andrew pedaled faster, as to catch up with Jane.

      "No you're not!" he yelled.

      "Uh-huh," Jane snapped back at him.

      "Nuh-uh," Andrew quickly replied.





      This constant rambling went on for about fifteen minutes. It came to an abrupt stop when Cali stopped her bike right I front of the two.

      "What are you doing?!" Jane demanded.

      "Stopping you from running into the wall," Cali replied, moving out of the way to reveal that if Andrew and Jane had gone a few feet forward, they would crash into the wall of the Tyrannian Concert Hall.

      "Oh, hehe…" Jane and Andrew said, blushing with embarrassment.

      The trio walked their bikes to the back of the Tyrannian Concert Hall and hid them behind a collection of boxes.

      "Hopefully, these boxes aren't going to be delivered anytime soon," Jane said, smiling.

      The three abandoned their bicycles and exited the Concert Hall from the back. They found themselves in a long hallway kept very unclean. They walked many doors, doors with golden stars nailed to them. Stars had the names of famous bands engraved within them. They passed Moehawk's dressing room, then the Hikalakas' dressing room, and finally, they found Yes Boy Ice Cream's dressing room.

      "Here we are," Jane said softly.

      Andrew inched towards her and whispered, "You're out of your mind! I didn't think you would actually make it this far! These Shoyrus are FAMOUS. They don't have time for the likes of you! I'm out of here!"

      Jane scoffed as she watched Andrew head back in the direction in which they came. Cali watched, as well.

      "What's up with Andrew?" she asked.

      "Oh, nothing," Jane replied, "he's just being a total brat."

      Jane shook it off as she slowly raised her arm, preparing to knock on the door of Yes Boy Ice Cream's dressing room. She hesitated for a moment, beads of sweat racing down her forehead, as she began to think that this probably wasn't such a good idea.

      'Pull yourself together, Jane! You're related to them!', Jane thought.

      Jane inched her arm closer and closer to the door. Cali winced as Jane quickly knocked three times on the door. They heard footsteps, and soon enough, the doorknob began to turn. Jane and Cali gritted their teeth and stepped back a little, nervous as nervous could get.

      The door slowly opened, creaking along the way. Jane and Cali stared wide-eyed at the figure that stood before them.

To be continued…

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