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The Top 14 (and only) Aisha Treats!

by sepkun


I have counted 14 oh so yummy Aisha treats in the whole of Neopia. We should be happy for all the yummy, sugary and oh so sweet treats of Neopia! (In case you are wondering, my neopet is an Aisha.) I probably should warn you that you will end up drooling so heavily that may not be able to stop by the end of this article.

Anyway, here we go! I present to you: The top 14 [they are also the only] Aisha treats!

Let’s take a closer look at what I believe to be the top luscious indulgences!

*drumroll please*

1. Aisha Chocolate Cheesecake: Oh so yummy! It is made with cheese (it is called a CHEESE cake! duh!), chocolate, and a crust! What more could you ask for? This has GOT to be the absolute most tasty, yummy and down right most deeelicious of all! What with the chocolate cheesecake smothered in chocolate frosting put on a crust and made in to the shape of an A ... Oh I have got to stop it! I'm drooling!

2. Blue Berry Aisha Ice Cream: *Drools so hard the drool makes a river* Must... gain... control... Must... not... grab... the... ice cream... Need I say more? It is made with blueberries and ice cream and I am guessing blue berry sprinkles. I can't tell for sure. Now I am sorry for cutting this one short, but I have some urgent business that that I have to go to immediately. No, no it does not involve taking the ice cream in any way! >_> *shifty eyes*

3. Vanilla Aisha Pudding: Oh! It is vanilla flavored pudding in the shape of an Aisha head on chocolate sauce with a cherry on top! This is truly a delectable dessert! A must for Aisha fans anywhere! Hmmm. The bottom looks like a paw!

4. Aisha Cinnamon Roll: A cinnamon roll in the shape of a Aisha head covered in frosting and cinnamon with little tiny cinnamon rolls for ears and something - I haven't a clue what - for the stalk parts of the second set of ears... *drips* ... Oops! *wipes drool off keyboard* ;)

5. Aisha Toffee Apple: A green apple covered in caramel and nuts (or at least I think they are; with The Neopets Team you never know...). With two hunks of chocolate for two of the ears and two leaves for the others. This is a perfect treat for your little Aisha or somebody you know that is a Aisha fan (ME! send it all to me!). Not only that but it is also a little healthy! So you can treat yourself and you still stay on that diet!

6. Aisha Angel Cookie: A vanilla cookie (or at least I think...) in the shape of a Aisha angel. Need I say more? It is the best for dessert or any time you are craving something!

7. Strawberry Aisha Cookie: A cookie (I do not know what kind, so please do not ask! It would be a waste of BOTH of our time!), covered in strawberry icing and shaped in to a Aisha head! Go out and buy it for your little one! (Or me!)

8. Aisha Lollypops: One is blue berry; the other is strawberry! Who knows what the As are made of! Maybe caramel... This are a truly wonderful treat! Like with the Aisha Toffee Apple, this is a perfect treat for your little one or somebody you know that is a Aisha fan. (Like me!)

9. Aisha Cheese Burger: What's to explain? Flutter looooves to eat it and it partners fabulously with a mug of Aisha Hot Chocolate! Definitely a popular lunch for the day out and about in town! (Oops, that would be me too! LOL)

10. Aisha Hot Chocolate: Yummy! Nothing to explain! It is just what it sounds like. Goes great with Aisha Cheese Burger.

11. Chewy Liquorice Aisha Ears: I am in HEAVEN! This are really good! So good Sloth would bow down before them! Chewy goodness in the shape of Aisha ears! Why in Neopia would you NOT want them? Come on! You can tell me! Really!

12. Dark Chocolate Aisha: Yum! Made with dark chocolate and shaped into the shape of an Aisha! Hmmm. It looks like the Carved Aisha Totem! You know you want it! (And if you don't, send it to me!)

13. White Chocolate Aisha: *Drools* (Mine! All mine!) A white chocolate Aisha in the shape of, well, an Aisha! You just have to get it! If you don't, then all the Aishas will cry because you don't want their candy! *Pats all the crying Aishas*

14. Milk Chocolate Aisha: The last but certainly not the least, the Milk Chocolate Aisha! *Trumpets* Milk chocolate in the shape of an Aisha! These are REALLY good! Neopia rotates around them! (No! You can't have them! They're mine! All mine!) They are the centre piece of any party!

So... Have I convinced you to go out and buy every single one of the delicious, tasty, unforgettable and tantalizing goodies? If you are drooling right now, hey, I warned you! Right? Now I know this is on AISHA treats but, there is one I just HAVE to add in:

15. Doglefox Candy Floss: Soooooooooooo good! It really is a melts-in-your-mouth candy!

So remember this:

Whenever your mouth wants something sweet or you are craving something sugary, I hope you will try one of this delicious, unforgettable, tantalizing and ooey-gooey treats!

Until next time Neopia! Until next time...

This is sepkun, signing out!

Author's Note: If you are reading this then that means I got in to TNT for the very first time!!!!!! Comments appreciated!!!! If you have any ideas please neomail me!!!!!! Thanks to: purplepassiony2k with her Our Ooey Gooey Neopia You had me drooling by the end of it! You gave me the idea for this! [The FAERIE FONDANT is deeeeeeelicious! I drooled over all of them! All neomail, hate mail, and fan mail alike will be read with glee! ;)

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