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The Key to the Door of Zurroball

by assassin_rogue


VIRTUPETS SPACE STATION - Grundos are created, food is made, and Sloth puppets are splatted. But in this faraway satellite lies the game Zurroball. Zurroball is a hard game that can be found in the action category; it's fun to many, but not exactly easy. You get 10 neopoints for every 3 points, so the odds are pretty good; to achieve a decent score in Zurroball, one either must be extremely patient or know the tricks of the game. Now let me, Assassin Rogue, explain to you the key that I use to obtain 3000 neopoints every day from Zurroball...


I highly recommend you read the instructions if you do not understand the game after this short summary of the rules of Zurroball. However, if you already know the rules you can just skip down to points, types of balls, or the key to winning.


The object of the game is to gain points by clicking on the ball; this will give you points. However, in order for you to actually get those points, you have to get the ball over the red line at the top of the screen (your points go into a "bank" when you get them over the line; it's not your real bank; it's just where they're stored until you lose). Clicking on the ball makes it go up; once you get the hang of this, it will make everything much easier. Double clicking on the ball makes it go higher, but may make you lose control; I don't recommend it. After you click, the ball goes back down, just like in real life.

How to Lose:

You lose when the ball drops on the ground; you get 3 lives however, so don't worry if you lose once or twice.

Points: To get more points, there are couple of "tricks" you can achieve by clicking differently on the ball, bouncing it, etc.

1) Freestyle: When you just click the ball- 1 Point

2)Zurro: When the ball hits the left or right wall (left and right zurro)- 1 Point

3)Grounder: When the ball goes to the very bottom of the screen without actually hitting the bottom. This is the best trick to use when playing; it is much easier than a few of the rest, and it gives a lot of points!- 10 Points

4)Boomerang: When the ball hits one wall, and then is freestyled once to the other wall- 5 Points

5)Around the World: When the ball does a boomerang without any freestyle in the middle- 10 Points

*Remember, to get the points, you must make the ball go over the red line; if you don't and it drops to the ground, you'll lose the points. :(

Types of Balls:


1)Zurroball: Average ball, great for beginners- GOOD

2)Snot Ball: Small ball, hard to control-BAD

3)Metal Ball: Heavy ball that needs to be clicked many times to be kept in the air- GOOD IF YOU KNOW HOW

4)Energy Ball: Light ball that often goes completely horizontal depending on where you click it- GOOD

5)Eye Ball: Very sensitive ball, experts only- BAD

*There is also a secret Grundo Ball that can only be used by clicking on the eye of the Grundo on the main page. It's good for beginners that have quick fingers as it often goes back and forth across the screen from side to side- GOOD

The Key to Winning:

In my opinion, this is the key to getting 1000 neopoints every time you play. I used to be terrible at Zurroball until I found this secret accidentally. Now to start, click on the eye of the Grundo to get the Grundo Ball. As you can see, the Grundo ball is also the largest ball of all but needs to be lightly clicked as he falls from the top. Now because of his large size, it is extremely easy to do grounders with him as his large diameter makes it a piece of cake. For the first few times, slowly click him in the middle of his body until he is at the bottom, and let him bounce there a few times. If there is no sound, slowly go a little farther down and down until you hear many short sounds- this means you've made a GROUNDER! Now, if it's your first time getting a grounder, move your Grundo up to the red line and try again. If your experienced, you can get about 10 or more grounders before moving it up to the red line. This means that with every grounder, you get 30 neopoints; plus, there's also all the freestyles you do to achieve the grounder. Practice, and you will make Zurroball a daily for a free 3000 neopoints! Remember, you probably won't become a master overnight, practice makes perfect! Remember to relax when playing; turn on some classical music; shake your arm out; make some tea! Another tip, make sure to use the shadow on the ground to let yourself know where the Grundo is if he flies way up high and comes plummeting down!


I haven't gotten a trophy from Zurroball yet; it is very hard. If you try to go for it, I recommend lots of patience; it's going to take a VERY long time; I also recommend trying at the beginning of the month to increase your chances. Use the tips in my guide and it should be easier, but still, you'll need lots of patience! If the Grundo Ball doesn't quite work for you, then find another ball to use, but still try to get grounders, for they will help a lot!

Final Words:

This Guide was made for everyone, good and bad. Zurroball is a fun way to make neopoints, but practice is needed, a lot of practice, I might add! I usually play until I get a score of 300, then I send my score because that will give me 1000 neopoints. It's not worth it to go for more unless you are hoping for the trophy or your own highscore.

Credits: I want to thank Knucklepunch555 and Misty24015 for encouraging me to write this.

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