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How to Improve Your Restocking

by bittersweetish


Are you one of those Neopians that knows how to restock, but you're not really all that good at it? Whatever you do, don't give up! Knowing how to restock isn't enough for success. There are some other things involved that will make your restocking experience truly great!

1. Neopoints. If you don't have enough neopoints, you can't possibly restock. How many neopoints do you need? It all depends on the shop you are restocking at. I prefer to have at least 10,000 neopoints if I'm not restocking petpets or Battledome items. If you are restocking petpets, it's good to have a minimum of 50,000 neopoints, just in case.

2. The Shop. The shop plays a huge role in determining your success. Imagine restocking at the Tiki Tack all the day long and being frustrated at the end of the it, because you didn't get much profit! Or imagine yourself at the Chocolate Shop trying to even restock anything. The shop is what can really break you or make you. Avoid shops that don't have much profit. But also steer clear from those that are very crowded like the Chocolate Shop (because of the profit potential). Remember that there are shops beyond those in Neopia Central and the Neopian Bazaar! There are also restockers that restock at multiple shops. Knowing when certain shops restock after the minute helps you plan out where you want to restock. What shops are good for newbie restockers? The Book Shop is excellent, because almost everything (99% of the time) is profitable!

3. The Items. Okay, so you chose the shop, but you need to study it. This is very important! How exactly does one go about studying a shop? When your chosen shop restocks, don't buy anything. Write down the items it restocked (and for how much) and go to the Shop Wizard to see if they are profitable. Typically, those that restock low in quantity (especially in one), restock for exactly 5,000 neopoints, or are new (check the news) should be bought. But check on them and make sure of it! Now, if you're a risk taker, there's another way to see if items are profitable- just buy them. Note that it is of your own fault if you buy an item and lose neopoints. However, for some people, they will remember better if the item was great if they actually bought it or not. That is so in my case.

4. The time makes a difference. Knowing what time it is around the world has a benefit, in fact. If there are fewer Neopians in the early morning hours, restock at that time. Most restockers do so. The day also has an impact. If it's a holiday, think about it. There's probably less people working or going to school that day. Restocking can mean making a sacrifice; wake up early if need be.

5. Your Fingers / Reflexes. Haggling can be quite a hassle. There's nothing like staring at an awesome item in stock that you happened to see restock and not being able to get it. Try very hard to get past that phase. As time goes by, you should see it lessening if you do indeed have this problem. I know I did! Drink caffeine if it makes you feel more alert, because reflexes are a must in restocking. Play the piano? Type fast? If you answered yes to at least one of those, congratulations, because finger speed makes a difference! If you don't, then try practicing on the number pad. You'll get there.

6. Computer Speed. If your computer speed is slow, consider not restocking for the moment. Restockers have fast connections. You certainly need that to have a chance of restocking in most shops. So you've begged to get an upgrade, but alas, you didn't get one. You can still restock at the Clothing Shop. I don't think there's much traffic there.

7. Restocking Boards. If you need to know when the last restock time was, go to one of the few restocking boards going on at the boards. Two boards that definitely have them are the Help and Battledome Chat boards. Meet other restockers and have new friends to chat with! And if you can't find one, create one. I'm sure someone will be bound to check it out.

8. Half-Price Day. Restockers have mixed views on Half-Price Day which is the third of every month. For that whole day, every Neopian shop's items are literally half-priced. This causes massive crowds in the shops you love to restock at. If you're not very experienced, consider skipping restocking for the day. Or Half-Price Day can be a perfect day to try a new shop and see what it has in store.

9. Boosters. If soda, coffee, or tea make you hyper, go drink it! If having a good luck charm with you lightens your mood, go get it. If your ultra comfy chair is what you really need, use it. The fact is, little things can impact you in a big way, which in turn can help you restock.

10. Being ready. Slouching, eating, and writing a paper at the same time isn't the wisest of all things to do. You must be ready, physically and mentally, when restocking comes around. Brace for it, basically. Have good posture and don't do anything that can distract you.

11. Practice! Improvement happens, but it doesn't happen automatically. You can't wake up one morning and expect yourself to be a 1337 (elite) restocker if you've restocked for a week or so. It all takes time and patience. In the end, if you stick to it, restocking can be rewarding in many ways.

12. Read. Read more about restocking, particularly about restocking in a certain shop. The more you read, the more you know, and restocking will come easier to you.

13. Join a guild. There are some restocking guilds around, believe it or not! There, you'll not only be able to chat with other users who share the same passion for restocking, but learn more about restocking

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