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The Vegetable Scene

by cyneo_masters2


Who doesn't love vegetables? Really? You don't? That's just shocking. Terribly shocking. But the sad news is, this is part of a disturbing trend that's growing: people are slowly stopping eating vegetables. Not only will they miss out on powerful nutrients, but on great products. I mean it, as well. Sure, you're not going to pick up and eat broccoli at any given second (and honestly, neither would I, I'm more of a corn type), but have you ever considered picking up a slice of delicious, mouth-watering pineapple and broccoli pie? Of course not; you haven't seen that!

So, now you're more curious about these delectable delights, aren't you?

Probably. If not, well, nothing I can do about it. Otherwise, great! Below is a list and review of vegetable products that taste great, and not so great (to avoid eating wrong products and hating vegetables more). And no spinach products either, which is just as shocking. :O

NOTICE: We are not responsible for any dislike of products below. Eat at your own risk.

Potato Wedges: Ah yes, this is a classic. Well, not really. But to me, it should be. Why? For one thing, almost anything with potatoes in it is good, if not very good. Secondly, they're better than standard old (yecch) french fries. Plus, these come with no grease at no extra charge! What could be better? Nothing, that's what. And, you may want to enjoy that with some nice ketchup and make them taste oh so tomatoey and potatoey. This is great. Superb, and should be on your dinner (or lunch, and maybe breakfast) table now.

Grade: A+

Crunchy Carrot Burger: I like carrots. I like burgers. I don't like this second product. I first noticed it at the food shop, but Cybunnies bought it out before I could get to it. The next day, I actually purchased it from the marketplace. I brought it home, heated it up, made some more potato wedges, and took a bite...

...and spat it all out. It was like a psychotic twist on something everybody loves. I'm not sure if Cybunnies would like it, because I'm not one of them. But for everyone else, I can recommend other things, but I WILL not recommend this. Nope. Never. However, the buns taste pretty good alone.

Grade: C-

Asparagus Gateaux: I saw this the same day as the crunchy carrot burger. However, Adam bought them all out before I could even touch them. The next day, I bought one, hoping I wouldn't run into another crunchy carrot burger. I brought it home, unwrapped it, and took a bite of the icing. It tickled my mouth. And then, I swallowed. I loved it. Being cautious, I tried a piece of the cake. I swallowed. I went, "GACK!" I tried them together. It was harmony. Both the good and the bad came together and made a semigood cake, because the bad and good only equal themselves out. However, I was delighted with the aftertaste, and would buy it again.

Grade: B

Roast Ummagine Pastry Roll: Ummagines are a unique vegetable, mainly because nobody thinks they're vegetables. Supposedly, they're fruit, but of course, being stubborn old me, I refuse to believe that. At all. But I consider baked goods baked, which is good and which is half of the reason I bought this. I wanted to try a vegetable pastry instead of fruit, and I ended up here. I took it home, made some ummagine tea (I don't recommend it, it's not vegetabley), and sat down and took a bite. Pretty good. It was crisp, crunchy and flavorful. It could have some jam or jelly included with it, but otherwise, it's good.

Grade: A-

Chunky Cauliflower Soup: I think cauliflower is about as disgusting as any Darigan petpet (er, no offense), which is very much. When I got to the food shop in desperate need of a soup to feed two guests, and this was the only one they had, I didn't want to buy it, but my guests would be angry if I did not give them soup. So, I got this one and ran home quickly to avoid vomiting as much as possible. I served it to my guests. They liked it and I took a bite. I didn't. It was an overdose of cauliflower in a bad cauliflower broth-and it was chunky. I forced it down my throat. I'm not sure how my guests handled it, but they were babies, so who knows? I don't think I'm going to eat it again. Especially after the expensive cleaning bills from spilling my bowl of yuck.

Grade: F

Corn Balls: Mmm, corn. I like corn a lot. And after eating chunky cauliflower soup, I needed something I could enjoy. You ask, why corn? I say, why not? And so, I proceeded to buy one. But it was half price day, the shop owner was picky, and so I had to buy two to make up the difference (shop owners these days...). I wasn't hungry, really, so I ate it for lunch. It was delicious! Sweet, and sweet it was. It was also buttery, which was good, and it tasted fresh, which was even better. I took it home. It can even be a popcorn ball. Make it into that, if you don't mind having half your kitchen explode. No, I don't know any other things you can make it into.

Grade: A+

Still not convinced to eat vegetables? Honestly? NO??? What? I spent time making this and eating chunky cauliflower soup just to be unconvincing? Wait, you like them? That's what I thought.

All in all, though, just go out and eat some vegetables for once! Forget fruit, it can't beat vegetables. Forget everything else, too, besides water. Just go have some fun and eat a vegetable dish! Potatoes and pasta, carrots and cornupeppers, onions and, um, more onions-the possibilities are amazing endless. Although you're right, I still kinda don't like vegetables, after the kitchen incident, the floor cleaning bills, the endless time spent attempting to buy vegetables against the likes of Cybunnies and Adam....

Okay, you're right. I don't like vegetables that much. At least for now. But, hopefully I'll find something better someday...

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