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50 Things To Do With Booby Prizes

by amekishi


SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX - We’ve all been there. Running through your daily routine, you collect your interest, get a few hundred Neopoints from the Turmaculus, and maybe managed a dubloon from good ol’ Coltzan if you were lucky. Feeling pretty good, you mosey on over to Tombola and - ARGH! A BOTTLE of SAND?! Now you’re good mood is down the tubes, and you probably freaked out your pet a bit.

Breathe, my friend.

You’re not alone. I, out of boredom and far too much free time to be healthy, have found several ways to cope with that boring Bottle of Blue Sand or that accursed bag of Finger Crisps. Like what, you ask? ONWARD!

1) Take several of those boring Bottles of Sand and construct your own personal private beach! Heck, you could start your OWN Tombola if you wanted to.

2) Take all of those Volcanic Rocks from your Safety Deposit Box ( Who wants that smelly old Packrat Avatar, anyway? ) and stack them all into gigantic three-sided pyramid. Say it’s a problem for the Lenny Conundrum and laugh as people hurt their brains trying to figure it out.

3) Use those raggedy old Sandals to run away as previously referred people chase you for hurting their brains.

4) Take several of those boring Bottles of Sand and construct your own beach IN YOUR NEOHOME. Then throw a party that would put Gadsgadsbogen to shame and guilt-trip the guests into cleaning up for you.

5) Using a Chocolate Faerie Cake, a box of Wheat Flakes, and a Tin of Olives, invent a new one-of-a-kind ‘gourmet’ food and sell it for thousands and thousands of Neopoints.

6) Use those sandals again to flee in terror from whoever bought the ‘gourmet’ food.

7) Hop into a Super Toy Sail Boat and sail to Jelly World! .... ... *smerk* ...oh, what am I saying? Everyone knows Jelly World doesn’t exist!

8) Throw a bunch of Volcanic Rocks into the sea and create a giant bridge from Neopia Central to Mystery Island. Then gather a mob that is equally irked at Tombola for their lack-of-codestone-and-bottled-faerie-ness.

9) Take a few bottles of sand, pour out the sand, and melt it into a molten lump of melted sand-type-deal. Once it hardens you have ANOTHER BOTTLE! Isn’t that cool?!?! ....Hello? Where did everyone go?

10) Phhft. Only intelligent people use a mallet in Whack-a-Staff Member.... Volcanic Rocks can be thrown! ^-^

11) That bag of Semolina can turn into an awfully comfy pillow, you know... as long as you don’t mind the smell.

12) On a tight budget? Stifled by the hundreds of Jars of Olives? Hand them all out to your Neofriends when Christmas rolls around! Sure, they may never speak to you again, but who needs friends when you’ve got a personal private beach?

13) Take several Bottles of Sand and construct your own beach IN YOU NEOFRIEND’S NEOHOME! ^-^ Now not only will they never speak to you, but you may have a restraining order from the Chia Police as well.

14) Acting as if the sand were Faerie Dust, dash about peppering everything in sight and ‘cursing’ people unless they give you the information you need for your Brain Tree Quest.

15) Man, those Sandals sure come in handy, don’t they?

16) Training you pet? Empty out that Bottle of Sand and try to convince Fyora to climb into the bottle.

17) Use the Volcanic Rock as a tombstone when Fyora smites you.

18) Play ‘Spin the Bottle of Sand’ with Lord Darigan.

19) Use another Volcanic Rock for a tombstone when Darigan smites you.

20) If you have enough boxes of Wheat Flakes, construct a GIANT staircase to the Hidden Tower, and ask Fyora if her Ice Scorchstone is running.

21) Somehow work the GIANT Staircase of Wheat Flakes into a Lenny Conundrum.

22) Construct a castle from Bottles of Sand and give people confusing anagrams as they enter.

23) Use those Sandals to escape Eliv Thade’s wrath of copyright infringement.

24) Can’t afford that Paint Brush? Carve your own stone Neopet out of Volcanic Rock - absolutely free!

25) Why pay thousands for a REAL Pet Rock Petpet... when you could just give your pet A volcanic Rock? They’ll never know the difference...

26) Use the Bag of Semolina as a pillow to recover when your pet smites you.

27) Use that Old Neopian Times Issue 3 to Play SPLAT-A-SLOTH!

29) You know, you might also be able to use that Neopian Times to Whack-a-Kass...

30) What’s with all the violence to the villains, anyway?

31) I mean, they’re all probably just a little misunderstood...

32) I’m surprised they haven’t come out with ‘Donk-a-Darigan’ or something.

33) Well, it would be all that appropriate now, but awhile ago it might have.

34) And another thing, why - sorry, I’m rambling... *ahem* Back on topic....

35) Take several of those boring Bottles of Sand and construct a private beach strictly for misunderstood villains.

36) Chuck anything you may have at that Golden Pteri dude - just to see if he really does anything.

37) Dive into your igloo made of Volcanic Rocks as the Golden Pteri unleashes his Random-Event-Specified-Only-For-Certain-People prowess upon you.

38) Realize how spifferiffic your Volcanic Rock Igloo really is.

39) Begin your own Igloo Garage Sale with your spifferiffic Volcanic Rock Igloo.

40) Use your collapsed igloo as a tomb when Mika and Carassa smite you.

41) Use your Magical Powers ( You DO have those, don’t you? ) to revive and construct your own (enter your name here)’s Shrine, hiding in the gap at the top.

42) Instead of giving out Dubloons and food, chuck spare Volcanic Rock and Bottles of Sand at unsuspecting Neopians, all the while laughing maniacally.

43) Use the Volcanic Rock to break your fall when Coltzan smites you.

44) Ask Coltzan if he would like to play ‘Spin the Bottle of Sand’.

45) Hold out a Finger Crisp in front of a Lenny and say “Got your nose.”

46) Use the knowledge gained by reading Neopian Times Issue 3 to realize you’re the only one laughing at the above statement.

47) Honestly - you don’t think a Kadoatie can tell the difference between a Red Draik Egg and a Volcanic Rock, do you?

48) Become a recluse to your personal private beach out of shame, after being smitten - no, utterly pwned - by a cute widdle Kadoatie.

49) Use the Tiki Tack Keyring as a Voodoo Doll. Poor, poor, Tiki Tack Man.

And by far the most popular thing to do with Booby Prizes...

50) PUT THEM IN A GALLERY! ^_^ That’s right, I’ll bet you’ve never seen a gallery constructed entirely of Booby Prizes. Why, you may ask? Because everyone is too busy using them for the reasons above! So get going! You don’t want to get left behind, do you?

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