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Having a Superlative Chomby Day

by lassie_nikki


Happy Chomby Day, everyone! The word has now spread far and wide that today is the one and only Chomby Carnival. Smell that? That, my friend, is the aroma of exquisite Chomby Day Potato Soup and Chocolate Chomby Cookies being devoured by the minute. This is a true sign of the elation that Chomby Day brings each year to sorrowful pets and their owners. If you are inexperienced with celebrating Chomby Day, perhaps my guide to showing your true appreciation of Chombies will be of assistance.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? For those of you who aren’t sure what Chombies are, worry not. Chombies are simply one of the numerous species that inhabit Neopia. Originally from the ancient land of Tyrannia, Chombies have ventured all over Neopia and now capture the hearts of owners everywhere! Chombies come in many basic colors along with dazzling colors such as Maraquan and Robot. For so long, Chombies have become one of the most adored pets around. The best part about Chombies: they are hard to obtain! Yes, these pleasant pets are Limited Edition and any owner of a Chomby is much esteemed. From what is known, Chombies enjoy frolicking through sunlit, vivid fields of flowers and playing with their devoted petpets.

As with every great Neopet species, Chombies were chosen to have a specific and particularly joyful day named after them, thus creating the Chomby Carnival celebration. What a day this is! New Chomby-related items are released into the fierce shops that are in constant business where hopefuls attempt to snatch the newest, rarest items. Merry owners bounce through the Neopian fairgrounds where festive Chomby-related items are tossed about in amusement and Chombies enjoy their one day to purely shine. In high spirits, buoyant pets hop from booth to booth playing games and receiving prizes such as Chomby Lucky Charm Bracelets. Then, clutching their newfangled bracelets, they move onto the harder games that require a great amount of luck. When their “winning streak” finally ends, they stomp somberly towards booths with friendly, smiling Chombies handing out Chomby Day Cupcakes and slices of delectable cake.

You might ask how someone could possibly NOT appreciate such an enjoyable and lovely day such as Chomby Day. Well, I have no clue. Some people are simply mad. If you are one of those foolish people, here are a few activities in which to partake that show how much you truly value the Chombies around you:

1. The simplest way to show recognition for Chombies is to merely find a Chomby, a random one if it must be, and write a short, heartfelt note telling them how much they mean to you and to all of Neopia. Perhaps attach a Minty Chomby Lolly which happens to be one of their favorite candies! Just think about how special it would make you feel to receive a note from some random person on your favorite day, knowing that they care. It sure would revive my spirits!

2. Do you drink a lot of Neocola? Have you been affected by the recent Neo-recycling program that requires you to preserve empty Neocola cans? Well, sadly, there is no recycling program but despite this, many lazy Neopians have tons and tons of Neocola cans stashed somewhere in their house. If you don’t yourself, I’m sure you could find some in your neighbor’s basement! Well, the second way to show appreciation for the uber-lovely Chombies around you is to build a Neocola Can SHRINE dedicated solely to Chombies! I know, it’s a marvelous idea. It took me quite a while to think it up but please, hold your applause. There are countless ways to arrange your cans so that they resemble either a Chomby itself or a Chomby-related item. For example, you could assemble a shrine of Neocola cans that looks like a Chomby Tail Burger. Glue them together and send it to a certain Chomby that you love just to show how much you love them!

3. Like I said earlier, the latest Chomby items are released on, none other than, Chomby Day itself. However, take a look at the numerous Chomby items that exist thus-far! You have the Chomby Tail Burger, Cherry Chomby Lolly, Shadow Chomby Plushie and much more. Why not begin collecting these items in honor of the brilliant species? A Chomby would love nothing more than to come across a gallery dedicated to them!

4. Chombies may be a carefree species that enjoys frolicking through flowers, but they are also quite intelligent. Try reading tales of valiant, scary or even angry Chombies throughout history to your curious pets and it will not only keep them entertained for hours but help to commemorate the Chombies that wrote the great books!

5. Finally, the last and best way to enjoy you and help others to enjoy themselves on Chomby Day is to adopt a Chomby yourself! You must think I’m crazy by recommending this. I’m not, just hopeful! On special pet days, Limited Edition species are usually released by the thousands at different intervals of the day and allowed to be adopted by Neopian owners all over Neopia! Take advantage of this glorious happening and attempt to adopt one; take it in as your own and love it with all your heart and ownership. Feed your Chomby and play with it daily. This, my reader, is the best and most effective way to remember and keep alive the memories of the Chomby Day Carnival! Nothing makes a Chomby more proud than finding newly adopted Chombies popping up over Neopia each day. Perhaps even plant a garden so your Chomby will have a luscious field of flowers to frolic through carelessly with their petpet as the fresh wind caresses the sky.

In conclusion, have a remarkable and lovely Chomby Day, everyone! Take every chance you get to observe and show respect towards the fun-loving species and let them know that their special day is truly unique. Pick up a Chomby Day Cupcake, devour it and continue on to frolic with your Chomby in the flowers.

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