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How to: Earn 1000 NP for Every Game of Snow Wars II

by x_ryot_grrrl_x


TERROR MOUNTAIN - Snow Wars II is an action game you can find in (you guessed it!) the Action section of the Games Room. It has the rating of Hard, but do not be frightened, this guide will help you! This is a timed game with the objective of protecting 5 snowmen from Snow Beasts and Lupes. To protect these snowmen you need to build a snow fortress around them. The Snow Beasts will be aiming snowballs by catapults to destroy the walls around the snowmen. The Lupes have the duty of destroying the snowmen when there are no walls to stop them from entering. The Lupes can only do this by going next to the snowmen. You will have catapults of your own operated by Grundos after building walls around your snowmen. This guide will show you the best ways to get your neopoints and defeat the Snow Beasts and Lupes.

Now first of all, to play the game, go to the “View Game Instructions” and get familiar with it.

Round ONE:

Step One: The First Instruction tells you that you must surround one snowman with ice. The ice will come in many shapes and sizes; your job is to make them all fit around the snowmen. To rotate the shape, use the space bar.

Tip #1: Don’t just surround one snowman one at a time. Just surround all five snowmen at once, it saves you time and allows maximum catapults to be entered into the filled area. Try putting a perfect rectangle around the snowmen.

NOTE: If you think you will not be able to place a snow fortress around all the snowmen, improvise and estimate how many snowmen you CAN protect in an area surrounded by walls without the time running out. Then when the second round comes along, make another fortress with the remaining snowmen in it. ALWAYS protect the snowmen that are closest to the river FIRST because the Lupes will get to them FIRST.

NOTE: You cannot put blocks of ice on the frozen river. (That’s the weird strip of different coloured thing to the right of the snowmen) You also cannot place ice beyond your range of sight of the game and you cannot place the ice on the opponent’s side of the river. (Believe me, I tried!)

Step Two: The Instructions then tell you, you must place catapults into the filled area. (Filled areas are indicated by the blue)

Tip #2: Since you should have a perfect rectangle placed around the snowmen, try placing all catapults in a straight line diagonally or horizontally; this will save a lot of space rather than just placing them everywhere.

NOTE: You CANNOT place your catapults anywhere but the filled areas. (Believe me, I tried that too.) You also cannot place your catapults on top of any of the snowmen.

Step Three: Next, is to fire snow balls at the Snow Beasts and Lupes.

Tip #3: Aim your snow balls at the Snow Beasts first. They do the damage to the snow wall around the snowmen. To destroy the Lupes, I suggest aiming your snowballs about a square ahead of the Lupes. The Lupes move faster than the Snow Beasts and when your snowballs do reach that particular spot the Lupes move away.

NOTE: The Snow Beasts' movements are very unpredictable, so wait until they stop moving to aim the snowballs at them.

NOTE: The Lupes usually move leftwards towards the snowmen, but at times they will move upwards or downwards. Follow your instincts and aim the snowballs to where you think they will go next. Most of the time, there are patterns to how they move. Ex. Up one, left one, up one, left one and so on.

NOTE: Sometimes the Lupes will bunch together at the start of the round so it will look like you will have less of them to destroy. DO NOT be fooled; they will separate. Also, the snowballs that you do aim at them will only destroy one Lupe at a time.

NOTE: Sometimes one Lupe will be at the same spot with a snowbeast, one snowball will not destroy both of them.

NOTE: There are also times when one Lupe moves out of the picture (out of your range, so you can not do anything about it); they will come back after the next round or so. Don’t forget about them.

Round TWO:

Step One: After you destroy all the possible Snow Beasts and Lupes in the required time, you move on to the next round. The first step in this round is to fix your snow fortress; if you do not, the Lupes may enter through the gaps and eat your snowmen.

Tip #4: After completing your snow fortress, with the extra time and space try building another fortress with no snowmen in them. The Snow Beasts are not very smart and they will aim snowballs at that snow fortress. This tip will help minimize any damage you get to the first snow fortress with all the snowmen.

NOTE: Place these “pretend” fortresses in any blank space NOT in the filled area. You can also fill in the fortresses with ice if you are really bored.

NOTE: Another way to get rid of any stray Lupes that you didn’t get to finish off before is to place ice around it. I highly suggest you don’t do this because the Lupes tend to move faster than you can place ice around them. But, by chance, if one or two Lupes do get into one of your fortresses, by all means, fix the ice around them and the Lupes will disappear.

Repeat steps two and three from round one. This goes the same for Round three, four and so on.

Final Notes:

I highly suggest trying to finish off ALL of the Lupes and snow beasts in each round because once they add up, they can get very overwhelming.

Since this game has the neopoint ratio of 125 NP per 100pts scored, do the math; you only need about 800 points in the game to get your 1000 NP.

Happy Gaming!

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