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What Sort of Avatar Collector Are You?

by yellowbanana5490


NEOBOARDS - Avatars. 50 x 50 pixel bundles of joy. These microsized forms of self-expression are the stars of countless fan sites, featured on hundreds upon hundreds of pet pages, and are on the forefront of the thoughts of many Neopians. Maybe you, the reader, have even caught yourself hunting down an elusive item just for that that new, sparkly, animated avatar to belong to you. Or maybe you’ve spent hours refreshing a page in hopes of “Something has happened!” appearing. You might even just accidentally stumble across avatars here and there as you make your way across Neopia. You could possibly be one of the few Neopians left who does not collect avatars at all!

Either way, you have probably stopped to think, “Just what kind of avatar collector am I exactly?” Well friend, I am here to solve that mystery! Answer the questions below and you will be well on your way to learning about your true self.

1.) Approximately how many avatars have you collected?

a. 250+. I even have the Avatar Collector avatar!

b. Around 100 or so. I’m working on it!

c. Just about 50, I think. I’m not sure though. I do not really keep track.

d. Huh? How do you “collect” avatars? I thought they were default…

2.) Why do you play the games provided in the Games Room?

a. In hopes of getting a High Score. I’ve already reached the avatar scores.

b. For the avatars, duh! Why else would I play games?

c. I play for neopoints, but like to at least try to reach an avatar score.

d. I play for fun. They are super cute.

3.) How many items are in your Safety Deposit Box?

a. 200 or so. I sold my Pack Rat items for neopoints to buy more avatar items.

b. 896. Please donate to my Pack Rat fund because I am just so close!

c. About 300. I just put whatever I do not sell in it. I will reach my goal eventually.

d. Maybe 20. I only store food and toys for my neopets in my Safety Deposit Box.

4.) Have you ever painted one of your Neopets?

a. Of course, many times. You can not have a plain pet for many avatars.

b. A few times. I’m saving for a grey paint brush right now. *sigh*

c. I have a Christmas pet because I received a paint brush from the Advent Calendar a few years ago.

d. Sure! I used one of the cool starter paint brushes! My neopet is blue now.

5.) Have you ever had a pet change its species?

a. Yes, the Lab Ray does wonders.

b. I’m saving for map pieces right now! I need a Kacheek to…

c. Yeah, once. I got a morphing potion from the Wheel of Excitement once.

d. No. I did not know that they could do that! Does it happen randomly?

6.) Have you ever won any contests such as the Random Contest or a Caption Contest?

a. A few of them. I wish they would come out with a Mystery Pic avatar, though.

b. Not yet! I enter every week though in hopes of at least getting runner up!

c. I guessed “Red Scorchio Tail” on that Mystery Pic a few days ago. Very funny.

d. No, but I vote on the Caption Contest a whole lot. It is just so funny.

7.) Has your neopet ever had a Petpet?

a. Of course! How would I ever have these avatars if he or she had not?

b. I am currently aging a Petpet. My neopets each have different ones. I switch them out a lot.

c. My neopets have their favorite Petpets. They keep these on. I think it is mean to attach a Petpet and take it away after a certain number of days.

d. My new account came with a cool paper Petpet for my neopet, so yeah!


And the results are in...

If you answered with mostly A:

You are an avatar enthusiast! You have tons of avatars and are probably in some elite guild or something. Not only do you have the simple clickable avatars, you have the rare ones and the ones that require insanely high scores on games. While it’s great that you have a passion for something, try to remember that Neopia offers much more than avatars.

If you answered with mostly B:

You are an avatar collector! You might not have the most avatars in all of Neopia but you sure are trying! You put your pets at risk in front of the Lab Ray in hopes that maybe you will have one transformed into an avatar pet. You have a very good work effort. Do not be discouraged by the fact that many of the elite guilds turn up their noses at your “low” avatar count. Keep trying!

If you answered with mostly C:

You are a casual collector! You do not go out and hunt for items or work towards high scores just to get an avatar. You enjoy the finer things of Neopia, possibly art or reading this lovely newspaper, the Neopian Times. You do not get stressed out if you lose just before the avatar score on Ice Cream Machine or if the Wheel of Excitement stops right next to the 10,000 neopoint slot. You are easy going and take things as they come.

If you answered with mostly D:

You have been living on Terror Mountain for the past three years. Just kidding! You have obviously been out of it, though. Or maybe you have just started Neopets. Either way, you are not an avatar collector at all. I would be surprised if you even knew what an avatar was. For your information, avatars are little pictures that go next to your posts at the message boards and are shown when a user searches for your username. Get to hunting if you ever want to catch up! Good luck to starting an avatar collection!

Well, I sure hope that you enjoyed taking this quiz as much as I enjoyed creating it. Hopefully, you have also learned a little about your style of avatar collecting. Bye for now and happy collecting!

Note: If you are wondering, I answered with mostly B, heh.

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