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Twenty Terrifying Items of which to Beware

by lassie_nikki


Do you and your pets enjoy taking frightening voyages into the Haunted Woods? Are you fascinated by terrifying items? Do you want to explode every time you come across a cute, cuddly Snowbunny? If so, then you have come to the right article! This article is meant to describe and explore twenty of Neopia’s scariest items, mysterious artifacts and downright spooky Petpets. This article is not recommended for the lighthearted, for many have been known to die of fear from these creepy entries. Shall we begin our exploration of Neopia’s chilling items? I say we shall!

The number twenty scariest item on Neopia is none other than the Baraga. Known best as a tiny terror, this Petpet enjoys hiding under beds and scaring innocent pets at night. Certain pets have been known to run in circles screaming, even after the Baraga has made an escape, until finally collapsing. Those pets have since learned to sleep with their eyes open as to be aware of any tiny terrors thumping around under their bed.

Moving along to number nineteen, we have the book Ghost Stories. Could it be scarier?! These bloodcurdling tales will make you afraid to be alone. In fact, they are recommended by the Esophagor, who is one of the most menacing creatures to lurk the Haunted Woods.

Number eighteen would make any Neopian worry. Number eighteen is the Mutant Desk. Its name describes it well, considering there is a slimy, green gunk covering it along with hideously transformed drawers and handles. Many owners of said desks have been said to be swallowed alive by this inanimate object that can move itself! This is most definitely not a desk you will want in your office.

Number seventeen will give mostly young pets terrible nightmares. This brings us to discuss the Deserted Carnival Bed. This bed resembles one of the terrifying clowns that inhabit the Deserted Carnival and cause havoc. The sharp, spiky teeth on the top of the mouth are actually quite dangerous and I recommend great caution when dealing with this bed. As far as records show, no good dreams have ever been dreamt in a bed such as this.

Have you and your Neopets ever been suddenly awoken in the dead of night by a terrorizing howl? If so, there are two possible causes. One is the ever-famous Werelupe. However, since these are pretty rare in public, the second possibility is the Monocerous. This brings us to the number sixteen scariest Neopian item, the Monocerous stamp. The Monocerous is a frightening character that chills the happy hearts of blameless pets. It even paralyzes pets with its terrible bellow. No sane Neopian would dare cross the path of the Monocerous, much less buy its stamp, which seems to anger the creature.

Any experienced battle pet will have heard of the Haunted Shield, which happens to be the number fifteen scariest item in Neopia. It is great at protecting battling Neopets but an item is never called haunted with no motive! There is no real way to identify the authentic purpose of said shield. There are a number of rumors, however, one of which is that the shield possess the individual Neopet that was doomed to pick up the shield, making him win an occasional battle but cause more disaster than good. I would choose a shield that wasn’t made in the Haunted Woods, if I were you, but that’s simply me being a scaredy-Meepit.

Marshmallows. Normally, when one hears this word, they think of happy little marshmallow Grundos bouncing around and giggling. Quite the reverse, marshmallows were once a fearsome bunch that went power-crazy and attempted to invade the Virtupets Space Station. I bet you never expected that twist? Well, number fourteen proves this tale of an insane occupation of marshmallows. What could be scarier than GOOEY VILLAINS?! The book Marshmallow Invasion ranks in at number fourteen, alerting the world of the near-capture of Virtupets Space Station. Makes you wonder what hero was brave enough to stop these desperados!

Number thirteen happens to be a harmless, but spooky, plushie -- none other than the Scary Snowbunny Plushie! Many poor children have been scarred for life by this Snowbunny plushie gone wrong, including a little Lupe I gave it to at a birthday party who immediately ran screaming out of the room. Hey, it was an accident. I thought scary was the new “in” thing, ok?

Positioning itself at number twelve is the Spooky Toilet! Living up to its name, the Spooky Toilet is very disturbing. It shows off sharp spikes and attached to it is a Scary Spider. What kind of lunatic would actually sit on a toilet such as this? Owners have said to been deafened by the roar which comes with flushing. In my opinion, the Spooky Toilet should remain something for “looks” and not so much for actually use of a toilet. Illustrate extreme caution with the Spooky Toilet.

Imagine a bright, sunny day at the park. A small Usul skips along merrily to the Ice Cream stand where she wishes to purchase a delicious cone of ice cream. She hesitates moving closer when she sees the strange person behind the cart. Is it… it can’t be! The Usul walks forward to find that it is, indeed, Ssssydney the Spooky Scratchcard dealer. Despite her instinct telling her to run away, the foolish Usul walks forward and orders an ice cream cone. Sydney disappears behind the cart for a few moments and reappears, handing the poor girl a cone. Smiling mischievously, he watches as the Usul squeals in horror at the cone she was just handed. It is pink and on the very top of the cone lays a huge, slimy eyeball that moves on its own and stars intently on the figure holding the ice cream cone. This prank has been known to scare many a small Usul in Sydney’s day. It demonstrates just how terrible number eleven, the Pink Spooky Ice Cream, truly is.

Number ten is the Grobrin. This Petpet is sort of puke green and very short. However, they have tremendous speed and hundreds of minuscule razor-sharp teeth. Never attempt to pick up a Grobrin; pets have lost paws/fins to Grobrins! They are easily angered and run wild in the Haunted Woods producing mayhem! If you’re ever wandering alone in the Haunted Woods, you could be attacked at anytime by one of these creatures, so take heed.

Looking for an unbalanced, perhaps perilous breakfast? If so, the Bowl-O-Bones, which ranks in at number nine, might just be the perfect meal for you and your pet. Of course, no one knows what the true ingredients are. And there is a warning that comes along with all Spooky foods. For the Bowl-O-Bones, they are described particularly as the breakfast meal… of DOOM. Still feel like eating them for breakfast?

The warning for number eight is slightly worrisome. Number eight is the Esophagor Table. You are warned not to use this as a serving table for foods and drinks; the Esophagor does tend to get hungry after all! Perhaps letting the table eat something that tastes appalling will teach this frightful table a lesson. Or… it could send the table into a fit of rage at which time you might find yourself in shocking pain. Either way, I truthfully prefer a cute Fyora Vanity Desk but that’s silly me.

Every villain gets tired, am I right? And when they’re tired a villain requires a comfortable place to sit and rest so they can continue to scheme their awful ideas. Well, this brings us to number seven which is the Chair of Darkness. Many a villain has used this chair to format and explore malevolent plans. Who knows what dark curses it might possess?! Rumor has it that if any good-hearted Neopian were to take a seat in this artifact, it would somehow cause them utter pain. Why not give it a try if you’re feeling lucky?

The sixth scariest Neopian item is the Corrupted Pond. Its murky green waters bubble wickedly as they fall from the fountain into the stone pool. Decorated with broken branches and mutated stumps, it is will add a terribly spooky air to your garden. It makes you wonder… what might be in those foggy waters?

Number five is the one and only Hammer of DEATH. What a straightforward name! This formidable weapon will terrify your opponents in the Battledome and send them scampering away before you take one step towards them. What sort of evil creature made such a weapon?

Number four is more fearsome when in packs. The Erisim is a snake-like Petpet that slithers and cackles through the night. One is enough to send shivers up your spine but you can bet a group of them will horrify you to no end. It is assumable that they don’t make the greatest companions considering your pet would be petrified each night.

The third scariest item in Neopia is the Mummified Negg. With its parched paper coiling around the Negg, it leaves a tiny amount of space for two, crimson eyes to stare at the unfortunate winner of said Negg. Certain Neopians claim that their Negg’s eyes began moving and even glaring at the owner. Some cursed story lies behind the Mummified Negg, but will it ever be revealed?

When one says Usuki doll, an average Neopian would think of cute, cuddly little toys that are a joy to all Neopia. However, there is one creepy Usuki doll that causes hearts to freeze over in fear. Ranking in at number two is the Usuki Reaper doll. With a glare in its small eyes and a gleaming sword, this Usuki is not the doll children like to play with, much less see.

We have finally come to the number one scariest Neopian item. Numbers two through twenty have surely been chilling items, but no one can deny the fear that is introduced to their hearts when they set their eyes upon the EVIL FUZZLE! Oh… too dramatic? Sorry, I just think it deserves a proper introduction! This daunting fuzzy little creature is one of the most menacing Neopian items ever created. I believe the Electric Evil Fuzzle looks most frightening because the lightning strikes seem to add a glare to the intimidating face, but of course that is my opinion!

I hope you have enjoyed my twenty scariest Neopian items. Let’s hope none of these items ever cross your path or mine. Ultimately, beware.

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