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The Secret Princess: Part Three

by knuckles_1_fan


Rin was in the library thinking about what she could do.

      "I don't know what I should do now. I'm no match for them," cried Rin silently, "but I do wonder what I did. Why did I glow blue? And where did that power that I had come from?"

      She looked at the dusty books on the shelves. One book caught her eye, though. It was dusty but it seemed to have a silver cover. It was on the lowest shelf in the corner. Rin quickly ran over to it and picked it up and read it.

      After thirty minutes Rin was done with it.

      "This can't be," whispered Rin as she looked at her necklace, "but it is. I'm the princess. The one that holds the Hyper Nova stone is the one who is the princess. The princess was missing since she was kidnapped by the enemy when her kingdom was under attack. Like my dream! It was a lost memory!"

      She put the book away.

      "And the princess had a secret power, which must have been what I used. The water, but how come Sama glowed red and used fire?" asked Rin to herself.

      "Because he isn't the only one with powers," said a familiar voice.

      Rin looked behind her.

      It was Volts but she looked very weak and hurt.

      "Volts? Is that really you?" asked Rin, astonished to see her friend still alive, right in front of her.

      "The one and the only," said Volts, bowing.

      "But I thought they captured you," said Rin, confused.

      "Name one dungeon that can hold me," said Volts, smiling. Rin hugged Volts.

      "Oh, I'm so glad you're here! It's been so hard without you!" said Rin happily, "but what did you mean by he's not the only one who has powers?"

      "Why do you I'm the champion of fighting? Besides me being fast I have powers as well. I have electricity powers," said Volts while making her wings pure electricity. "Now, your Highness, we must save the others and all the faeries."

      "But how?" sighed Rin.

      "Trust me. I'll find a way. Let's go," said Volts as she took Rin's hand and flew out the door.

      Volts took Rin to a dark palace in the sky.

      "This is where I escaped," said Volts as she landed a mile away from the castle.

      "Are you ok?" asked Rin as she looked at Volts who looked very tired.

      "I guess escaping a dungeon and fighting an army takes a lot out of you," said Volts, trying to smile, "but I'll be fine."

      "Are you sure?" asked Rin, worried.

      "Yeah, come on," said Volts as she started to run off.

      Rin kept close behind her feeling more safe that Volts was around even though she was in a bad condition to fight. Being around Volts, though, gave Rin more courage and as they approached the palace Rin's necklace glowed blue and the glow grew brighter and brighter and brighter.

      "We're almost there," whispered Volts as she took Rin's hand and flew over the palace walls.

      She landed near a doorway.

      "Through here?" asked Rin.

      "Yep, let's go. They should be down here, in the dungeon," said Volts as she walked into the doorway that led to stairs.

      Rin followed Volts feeling uneasy. Her necklace was glowing blue more than ever.

      So much had happened to her and her friends. She used to be a regular Kacheek until she met Sama. Her life had changed so much since then.

      "Over here!" said Volts as she dragged Rin over to the wall, letting a guard pass them. When the guard left Volts continued to walk on. Volts wasn't the kind of Shoyru that gets scared. She was very brave and always seems to know what to do.

      Rin and Volts walked into a room that had faeries locked up and their friends.

      "You get Sama and Jelly while I'll free the faeries and Lila," commanded Volts as she went over Lila's cage.

      Rin nodded and headed over to Sama's cage first. She looked into the cage. Sama was there, shivering and looked very pale.

      "Sama, are you alright?" asked Rin softly.

      "Rin? Is that you?" asked Sama as he walked over to the edge of the cage where Rin was.

      "Yes and I have come to free you," said Rin while glowing blue.

      She made the lock freeze and then slashed at it. It shattered into pieces, like glass. She stopped glowing and felt dizzy. Sama opened the cage door.

      "I didn't know you could do that," said Sama, surprised.

      "Believe me, neither did I," smiled Rin, happy to see her friend.

      "I'm sorry for lying to you," sighed Sama.

      Rin hugged him.

      "It doesn't matter. You're my friend, my best friend," said Rin.

      Sama smiled.

      "Thanks," said Sama.

      Rin was about to say something but something had happened first.

      "Rin! Sama! Run!" shouted Volts from across the room. Gerald was fighting her.

      "Volts!" shouted Rin.

      "I will get you, you little firefly!" said Gerald as he waved a shadow sword at Volts.

      She was dodging all the attacks but she was getting tired. "We have to do something," said Rin to Sama.

      "Say no more," said Sama while glowing a deep red.

      He eyed Gerald and charged at him with full force. Gerald didn't see Sama coming so he was pushed into the wall.

      "You will pay for what you have done!" growled Sama as he was about to strike.

      "No! Don't do it!" shouted Rin.

      Sama paused and looked at Rin.

      "Don't let your anger get the best of you. Let Gerald live," said Rin, close to tears, "Please."

      Sama looked at Gerald who was scared out of his wits and sighed.

      "Fine but I will finish the job if you strike again!" said Sama looking at Gerald.

      "I promise that I'll leave you, the princess, and the knight alone and of course the faeries!" cried Gerald.

      Sama let him go. Gerald ran off at full speed.

      "That takes care of that," said Volts feeling happy that her friends were unharmed but wishing she could say the same for herself.

      "You can rest now, Volts," said Sama as he began to let all the faeries out.

      "Thanks," said Volts almost fainting as she sat down.

      After Sama and Rin helped all the faeries out and after they all left Rin started to ask Lila questions.

      "Am I really a princess?" asked Rin.

      Lila nodded.

      "Yes and a powerful one. And Sama is a prince if you didn't know that. He is from a neighboring kingdom and you two were destined to be king and queen of this very castle. For it is your castle and old home, your Highness," said Lila bowing.

      Rin looked at Sama.

      "Do you want to help me rule this castle?" asked Rin, curious.

      "Of course," said Sama.

      "And Volts, your father was the commander of the knights here at the castle. So, do you want to take his place?" asked Lila.

      "Of course," smiled Volts.

      "Hey, what about me?" asked Jelly.

      "Well, your mother was a healer and you didn't know it. She too lived in this castle and with your power it should be easy," laughed Lila.

      "What?! You have a power?" asked Sama and Rin together. Jelly blushed and nodded.

      He glowed green and flowers around him appeared.

      "I was sort of embarrassed to show you," said Jelly.

      "And yet you told me," laughed Volts.

      "Why do we have powers anyways?" asked Rin.

      Everyone looked at Lila thinking of the same question. "Because everything that lived in this castle and the neighboring kingdom was blessed with a power and those powers were past down to each and every one of you. Volts with electricity, Jelly with plants, Sama with fire, and Rin with water. Your parents had them and now you have discovered them," explained Lila, "but Rin and Sama have the greatest power. Sama?"

      Lila looked at Sama. He nodded and took something off his wing. It was a necklace that had a red stone that looked like the Dark Nova and it was on a gold chain.

      "Wow," said the three neopets.

      "You two have the powers of combat, healing, and courage. These two items mean that you're royalty," said Lila.

      Rin held her necklace near Sama's necklace. The necklaces both glowed and there was a blinding light. The light traveled around the castle making everything sparkle and everything looked nicer instead of dark looking. The castle was restored to the way Rin had seen it in her dream before the blazing fires.

      When the light was gone Rin was sitting on a throne with a blue crown and Sama was sitting next to her wearing a similar crown but it was much bigger and it was red. Volts and Jelly stepped into the room. Volts was wearing a knight's armor that was silver plated and Jelly was wearing a brown healing robe. They both bowed in front of the new king and queen.

      "Your Majesties, your people that were gone have returned. Is there anything you wish to have?" asked Volts, smiling.

      Rin looked at Sama and they stared at each other and smiled. They were in charge, they were in command.

      "Throw a party, a feast perhaps. Anything welcoming," laughed Sama.

      "As you wish, your Majesty," said Jelly as he left the room to prepare.

      "Vol-I mean General Volts, at the party ask around for knights to join an army. Just in case we have intruders," said Rin.

      Volts smiled.

      "Of course your Highness," she said as she got up and left the room.

      "Sama, you do know what this means, right? You know about us being king and queen," asked Rin.

      Sama smiled.

      "I know, that we're going to be rulers of this castle and be happy in our new and our permanent home," smiled Sama.

      Rin stared at Sama and smiled as well. Their necklaces that they had around their necks began to glow brightly and then all they heard were their people outside having a blast at the party being held out there.

      "Shall we?" asked Sama as he got off his throne.

      "Yes, we shall," said Rin as she got up from her throne.

      The two walked out of the room towards their new kingdom and their new homeā€¦

The End     

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