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The Secret Princess: Part One

by knuckles_1_fan


A light faerie came into the room, soaking wet. She had an Eyrie following her who was also soaking wet. He was ruby red and looked very strong for his young age. He made his way to the back of the room not even looking at the others that were present in the room at the time.

      "I found him a few blocks away and he will be staying with us for a while. I hope you don't mind," said the light faerie. She had short yellow hair with blue wings and a yellow skirt with a yellow shirt. She also had sapphire eyes which wasn't common when being a light faerie. "His name is Sama. Please make him feel welcome. So, be nice to him and don't pester him. I'll be back with some more food and more supplies," said the faerie as she began to leave.

      "Wait, Lila! Can I come with you? Please? I'm so bored!" asked a yellow Shoyru that was very eager and excited.

      "Sure, come on," said Lila, the faerie, as she waited for the bright yellow Shoyru. The yellow Shoyru jumped for joy and followed Lila out of the house.

      The house was big enough for her and the four neopets who now lived in the house. It was made of bricks and was very strong even in bad weather conditions like the ones going on now.

      For about an hour Sama just laid down without saying anything to the others. He was in no mood to talk to anyone at the moment. A green Techo and a blue Kacheek watched him. "He seems so sad and down. We should cheer him up and when I say that I mean we actually cheer him up and not make him feel bad with your mean jokes," said the Kacheek. The Kacheek was small for her age but she never really minded it even if everyone teased her about it but Lila.

      "Aw, man, but it's fun. Okay, though. Besides it's not that fun to make jokes while Volts is out. She would really love them," laughed the Techo.

      "I don't know what we'll do with you, Jelly," whispered the Kacheek as she walked over to Sama. Sama saw her but didn't say anything. "Hi there, my name's Rin Rin the Kacheek but just call me Rin for short. This is J.B. or Jelly Belly or we like to call him Jelly the Techo. Be careful; he might make fun of you. He always does to newcomers like he did when I first came here. The Shoyru that just left was Volts. She is nice but she is full of herself a lot but a loyal friend and one of the toughest fighters around. She is a Battledome champion," said Rin as she sat near Sama. "Where is here anyways?" mumbled Sama.

      "This place is in Neopia Central for neopets that have been dropped onto the streets or aren't wanted or maybe too young to survive on their own. Lila is a light faerie who helps pets like me and Jelly. Volts, though, has been with Lila for a long time. I think Lila is taking care of Volts ever since she was born since I know her mother left her when she was a year old and her father disappeared. So that's why she likes to go with Lila everywhere," explained Rin. Sama was quiet. "Where are you from? Jelly's from his poor father who was a comedian but he couldn't keep Jelly because he barely made enough money for himself so he gave him to Lila to take care of since Jelly is so young and can't be on his own. That's why Jelly likes jokes and is a little spaced out sometimes…I mean all the time," laughed Rin.

      "And what about your last home?" asked Sama, in a way interested as he looked at Rin.

      She was silent. "I don't know. I don't really remember. All I do remember is being left on the streets and that's when Lila found me. I don't really remember though," sighed Rin.

      "Join the club," whispered Sama.

      "You mean you don't know where you came from?" asked Rin surprised, "I'm finally not alone."

      Sama nodded slightly and smiled. For once in his life he had someone to talk to about not knowing where they were from.

      Jelly was watching the rain coming down since he was in no mood to talk to Sama and Rin since he always felt like he didn't belong with the little group here. He liked to be with Volts since she was always so fun to be with and she would join in Jelly's jokes, unlike Rin who said he should have a new hobby.

      Jelly sighed. "Please Volts, come back soon. Even an hour without you here, I can go nuts. I really want to tell a joke now!" said Jelly to himself as he watched the weather getting worse by the second. He watched the flashes of lightning and heard the wind howl. "It's weird. The forecast didn't say that it would rain but I guess this weather rained on their parade! Ha, ha, ha! Oh, that's a good one. I'll tell Volts that one when she gets back, which is hopefully soon," laughed Jelly softly so Rin and Sama couldn't hear him make jokes.

      Another hour passed. Rin and Sama talked and had a good time talking to each other and feeling happy. They exchanged stories that they made up or Rin would tell Sama some good times that happened at the house.

      "So, you don't know where you are from and you have nothing from where you were from?" asked Sama as he looked at Rin who was leaning on his left wing.

      Rin looked up into Sama's eyes and shook her head. She got up and ran across the room to a box that was wedged in a corner. She opened it and took out a beautiful necklace. The string looked like fine silver and there was a blue stone that looked like a Nova. She walked back to Sama while holding it.

      "No way!" said Sama.

      Rin blushed and nodded. "Lila said that I had this around my neck when she found me. It has some ancient writing on it. I have been studying from books that I read but this type of writing hasn't appeared in the books," explained Rin as she put the necklace around her neck.

      Sama looked at the necklace. "It's from Faerieland. The writing…I have seen it many times before. I can't really read it, though," said Sama as he kept staring at the necklace.

      "What? You could read it?" said Rin in excitement.

      Sama nodded. Rin took the necklace off and gave it to Sama to examine it.

      "It's very old, that's for sure. I think it says…" began Sama but he was interrupted by Jelly.

      "Guys! Look at this!" he shouted from the window.

      Rin and Sama walked over to him. They looked outside. The weather was getting even worse and they could see fire in the town that Lila and Volts had gone to.

      "What's going on?" asked Rin as she looked at Jelly. He shook his head.

      "I don't know but Volts has to be in trouble and Lila too," he said.

      Rin nodded. "What can we do?" she asked, worried.

      Then suddenly the door was broken down by something that had flown right through it. It hit the wall hard and then fell. The three Neopets just looked at what had hit the wall. When they could see it perfectly, Volts was on the floor very hurt and burnt on her left wing. Jelly rushed to her side.

      "Volts! What happened?! Where's Lila?" asked Jelly as he picked her up so she could sit up.

      "They came out of nowhere. They captured Lila and all faeries in Faerieland. They're after the princess," said Volts struggling to get to her feet, "Rin, you need to take your necklace and flee. I'll keep them busy. Sama, go with her and Jelly go with them. Protect Rin from anything."

      "You mean that I'm a," began Rin.

      "I don't know but they're after anyone with a Nova necklace. So, get out of here!" said Volts before Rin could finish.

      "We can't leave you here on your own even if you are the toughest Shoyru around," protested Jelly, "I don't want you to get hurt."

      "That's very kind of you but I can take care of myself. We'll meet again. Rin, go to Terror Mountain. They won't even dream of going there," said Volts as she started to fly off.

      "Okay," whispered Rin as she watched her friend fly off into battle.

      "This way," said Jelly as he led Sama and Rin out the back door and into the forest where the three of them would leave their one and only home that they have known. And they kept thinking that maybe they lost a friend as well.

      Now, why do they have to leave? Exactly who could be this Princess that someone is looking for? And more importantly who is driving them away from their home? Only the future can tell on the icy slopes of Terror Mountain where more answers come but more questions appear…

To be continued...

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