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It's in the Stars

by basantii


THE SKIES OF NEOPIA - Welcome young one. I am Madame Fortuna, the foresight Faerie. You perhaps may not have heard of me before, for I am the only Faerie of my kind hiding away in the clouds of Faerieland. I do not like to garner attention like my other sisters Illusen, Fyora and Jhudora. For years I have lived in my hidden sanctuary, gazing upon the stars which lay so close to me. I saw many things, both great and terrible, and this new information stayed deep within me. I foresaw the many evil actions of Sloth upon the Neopets, the ghastly invasion of Meridell, and I foresee many things that are still yet to come. Haven’t you ever wondered who put the “Coming Soon” information in the Worlds Page? Hiding this knowledge within me is a burden I wish not to have anymore, so after thousand of years I have descended from my highest cloud to inform the people and Neopets of Neopia of their fate. I write what I see in my journal and have sent this information to the great communicator, the Neopian Times.

Through the years I have charted many constellations within our Neopian heavens, so the following “horoscopes” as they are popularly called are based on the position and shape of these constellations throughout the year. I warn you however, once you have read what I have foreseen...there is no turning back.

Slothicorn (The Month of Sleeping/January)

There have been times when you have needed help, but your pride has come in the way of seeking it. The time has come to push away your pride, and accept that ignorance of certain aspects of Neopets is normal, and should be dealt with by humbling asking other players.

Amourius (The Month Awakening/February)

The alignments of stars do not reveal a good week for quests, especially for voluntary quests such as Illusen, Edna, Snow Faerie etc. Be quite wary of them and avoid them completely if possible. If however you do try to attempt them, the majority of the results will be quite disappointing.

Verterra (The Month of Running/March)

Too often you are giving away gifts to Neofriends with a subconscious thought that this generosity will come back to you in perhaps a bigger way. You need to change your mindset and your hidden greedy motives and give for the sake of giving, and not to receive. You will feel much better once you start.

Balatries (The Month of Eating/April)

The position of Balatries in the sky in relation to Kreludor as well as the strong Neopian market has made it a good time to invest in the stock market. Do not fret over daily losses and gains; it is the long term investments and progresses that you should be concerned about.

Laurus (The Month of Hunting/May)

You mental capacity is at its peak this week, so you might find yourself doing better at Puzzle and mind games then usual. Try your hand at Cellblock, Codebreakers or the Lenny Conundrum, and watch your personal best scores rise, a trophy might just be in sight.

Fyorini (The Month of Relaxing/June)

One-on-one Neomail can be dangerous for the next week. What you say you mean could be interpreted in a totally different way to the receiver, endangering any friends, and creating any potential enemies. Stick to boards for the time being.

Fluito (The Month of Swimming/July)

The time is ripe for guildless Neopians to finally settle down with the Guild of their dreams. You might feel discouraged at first and have stopped the search, but the guild you have been waiting for is just around the corner. Define what you are looking for in a guild, check out the guild boards and maintain your perseverance.

Celoeo (The Month of Hiding/August)

As your month matures and the summer fades away, it is time to realize that you have worked long enough, hard enough. You should do something enjoyable; buy something for you or your pet that you will be proud of. Splurge on something you have been eyeing for a long time. It will be worth it.

Faerigo (The Month of Gathering/September)

Though some of your friends might be true blue, you need to start questioning the intentions and hidden motives of others. Carefully examine your Neofriend list and only keep those of whom in your gut you know you can trust. If you have doubt in others, delete them immediately.

Hauntra (The Month of Collecting/October)

It is time for Hauntras to embrace the month you are born and live up to your name. Begin a collection. Beginning a collection will refocus your goals on Neopets and give you a new meaning. Collections and/or starting a gallery will give you a worthwhile feeling of accomplishment. Some suggestions are: Avatar collecting, item-themed gallery, collectable cards, Usukis etc.

Edo (The Month of Storing/November)

Edos are a dedicated group of Neopians who often play Neopets intensively in hopes to dominate the game. But what needs to be remembered is that Neopets IS A GAME. Ease off in the competitive play and learn to enjoy the game for what it is, and don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it.

Borovonitarius (The Month of Celebrating/December)

Botovonitarius’ often get caught up in maintaining their neo-ego. Spending NP on gifts you know you can’t afford, or splurging on paintbrushes for your pets in an effort to look “upstanding” or “elite” will come to no avail for you in the long run. Concentrating on making YOU happy, before you try to please others.

That is it for the horoscopes. Please heed my warnings; if you choose not to follow these horoscopes, the results can be quite saddening. Due to my already time-stricken schedule however I will unfortunately not be able to hold private appointments for your individual horoscopes, so please use your general one as a guide for the next couple of weeks. This is the Foresight Faerie, Madam Fortuna heading back up to her cloud to gaze at the stars.

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