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High-End Guild Dos and Don'ts

by notmylife


So, you want that awesome guild that people are begging to join? Well, that’s where I come in, showing you the dos and don'ts of a guild. This includes the names that are attracting, choosing good requirements (here-on reqs), getting members, and more.

Starting Off - The Name

Choosing a name is probably the hardest part of making a guild. You want something that catches the eye and is sophisticated. Some guilds have the 'in' thing going on... How do they do this? Well, it’s simple, when you’re in a guild. It will show, *rank* in *guild name* -- and with this 'in' thing, it would be something like.... *rank* in credible. Now if you don't like that, don't worry, there are plenty more. You can also use a vocabulary word you just learned in school, or a name of an exotic science word. Now, the don'ts, which are very simple: don't make a guild with some first-grade word like 'book' or 'car' or worst of all 'dung'.

Step Two - Picking Requirements

This area is probably the most important part of the guild. You don’t want something too low, or something too high. And in order to get members you want to meet all the reqs and then some. Now, your theme of the guild is what the reqs are based on. Below is more information:

Battledome Guild – This basically depends on your pet statistics. You want to have more than average to start a guild. And what should you go by? A good guild is usually 25-30% off the leader’s (you) stats. So, if you total 100, then the reqs should be around 70-75. Also a Battledome Set requirement is always a good thing to add for people who care more about their set.

Avatar Guild – Now, avatar guilds are pretty tricky. You want to have at least 60-80% of all avatars for a requirement. Now, this is the key part… Your account must be at least 10% higher than the requirements.

Game Guild – Simply set a mild trophy count req. A good one should be 4-5 rows of trophies. But note, you must have more than the req (4-5 rows, etc). If you don’t simply make a ‘Grand Master Score’ score req, 20+ is a good set one.

Writers Guild – Have them simply write a short paragraph, and judge it for ‘spelling’, ‘vocabulary’, and ‘grammar’.

Combined Guilds – Feel free to combine a little bit of everything.

Just remember you must meet every req you set by a good amount.

Step Three –Layout And Logo

First the layout. You need to pick a theme, whether it's Maraqua or Terror Mountain, you need one. Now make the layout; you want something that looks really good. And the logo, make sure it matches the layout. You don’t want a book with a Maraquan layout. And no, not a Maraquan book either :P A good logo can be a 100x100 image of the layout image. And a great place to get a layout image, go to the neopets backgrounds. If you need help getting to it, click ‘stuff’ on the sidebar, scroll down, and click ‘backgrounds’. Downloading them will make them bigger.

Step Four – The Opening

Once you have all the basic stuff covered feel free to get it opened. And, no, that doesn’t mean make it unprivate. The guild should stay private at all times. After you have completed everything above, start advertising.

Step Five – Advertising

Now, first of all, Advertising is old, Recruiting is in. Using the word ‘recruit’ instead of ‘advertising’ makes your guild sound a lot more professional. Now time to make the board. Please, please, please, make the board in the right board. Don’t make an avatar guild recruit board in the Battledome chat. So now you picked the right board according to your guild, you need to type the title. Simply make it ‘*guild name* - Giving out invites. Reqs inside.’ You might want to add a little Chia or Grundo to the front of the board title, but don’t do something too big, for example the warf! Now on the main message, put the guild reqs, and ‘Post for invites.’ Now ask a friend to come and chat with you on the board, keep it active, instead of just posting spam. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, no chat speak. Chat Speak makes the guild look immature. When they post, simply look at their account and check for the reqs. If they don’t meet it, don’t give them an invite, and if they do, give them an invite; you get the point, right? Good.

Step Six – Guild Etiquette

This is pretty simple, use the BBBU. Be kind, be helpful, be active, and use proper words; no chat speak.

Final Step – Keeping the Members

This is by far the easiest step if you followed everything already. If your guild is active, you are going to be strong. But if you lack activity, err, you might not, err, make it. Also you might want to add some additional things. *pokes below*

Additional Features

Have a guild website – No, you don’t need a hosted one. Simply use petpages! Make a layout (and no this doesn’t need to match your guild one), and make sure you have a column for links. Now, in the link column have members write guides on the games that they are good at and link them. This is always a plus; members love to have guides that help them with avatar games and just regular games.

Setting a limit on members – This is probably the best way to get people to want to join your guild. You might want to pick 50 or 100, or 25 if you really want to be exclusive. Also, with a limit on members, have a waiting list. If someone leaves, simply invite the next person on the list.

Guild Activities – Here is the tricky part. You should know that the neopets images are property of Neopets; hence, you cannot call the graphics you made your own. But, if you follow that rule, you should have no problem.

I hope this guide helped you create your high-end guild, but just keep in mind it takes time to get to an extremely high status.

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