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A Guide to Mastering Those Ice Caves: Levels 1-10

by gkskis



Level One: Hannah

This level is simplistic use Hannah to jump over the spikes, grab the treasure underwater and on land, and head back to the exit. Switch to Armin and go to the exit.

Level Two: Armin

Immediately switch to Armin, press the down and left keys to dig through the snow. When you arrive at the other side, you might have to do a bit of walking before you see an ice skeleton walking around. These can be destroyed by running towards them while they are facing you, or by you jumping on top of them (though it is riskier). Anyway, destroy the ice skeleton, there are no differences that I have noticed about the species of ice skeletons in the game. Grab the treasure, head back to the exit, and switch to Hannah to get her in front of the exit too.

Level Three: Icy Boulders

If you are careful and don’t make a mistake, this level is simplistic.

First use the ledges to jump onto the small ledge above near where you start to get the piece of treasure up there, then go from ledge to ledge, avoiding the mist monster, collecting treasure, and pushing the boulders towards the direction of the spike pit. Armin cannot jump over two spikes at a time, and not over a bigger gap than three spaces because on a big jump on a later level you will need to time your jump so you jump as you are just falling off the ledge. Once you get all the treasure and boulders into the pit, get Hannah to the exit, then switch to Armin who just has to jump over the two spikes.

Level Four: Volley of Arrows

Easy level… take Hannah, and set off the arrows as you head left and stop in front of the exit. Now with Armin, notice the discoloration of the wall? This is a secret area and most secret areas look list this, but there are a select few that don’t, though I will cover those when I get to them. Crawl through the secret area, and set off the arrows to get the rest of the treasure, but be careful with the one in the very middle, it is a trap, an arrow will fly back at you!

Level Five: It’s Dynamite!

This is the first level with an extra life case. These have red hearts on them and are just like wooden boxes.

Anyway, from the get go, destroy the dynamite wall with the wooden dynamite crate. This will set loose a couple boulders… don’t panic just let them fall and then with Armin destroy the icy skeleton and when you get to the exit keep crawling into the secret area.

Keep crawling with Armin, across the metal dynamite and into the next secret area. Get the heart case, and head back to the exit. Now with Hannah, go to the exit, hit the arrow nearby, grab the treasure that falls, and crawl through the secret area, and jump on the ledge. Remember now to WALK rightwards into the arrow, not jump, because if you jump on top of it, you will hit the spikes above. Grab the treasure, and go to the exit.

Level Six: Warm Up

Finally a level with a gem! Gems have a reddish gem symbol on them.

First head right to the ladder, avoiding the enemy and grabbing the treasure.

When you get to the top of the ladder, turn rightwards and jump up and rightwards into the discolored secret area. Go right and grab the gem, then go out of the secret area, and avoiding the two enemies, collecting the rest of the treasure, then drop down to the exit. Now, switch to your Bori, dig through the snow as you go to the exit.

Level Seven: Snow Beast Attack

This level is where most people trip up for their first time, it can be quite difficult if you aren’t careful. There is also another gem here.

First keep jumping up with Hannah, to the point with the down-pointing arrow. Set this off, and switch back to Armin when you are near, but not too close to the dynamite.

With Armin, climb the stone and go down the ladder you find, dig for the treasure, and go back up. Keep heading right until you get to the ladder. Climb it, go to the left, set off the arrow, and return to where the top of the ladder is.

Now take Hannah, jump to the very top of the level is, and set off the arrow and keep heading right, collecting treasure as you go. When you see the exit go downwards towards the ladder and down to the area with water. Collect the two treasure pieces in sight, and head left. You will need to time your jumps to be precise to jump over one of two snow beasts to get the treasure, and back over the snow beast to the water area. Just practice in this area, that’s all I can say.

Now head with Armin to the ladder that heads to the water area, don’t fall in the gaps as you go. Now halfway down the ladder, head into the wall rightwards, and go right, digging to the gem. Now go with Hannah and Armin to the exit, Armin first so he can destroy the one icy skeleton.

Level Eight: Frosty Caves

This is a very simple level except for near the very end. First, head through the different passages with Hannah, grabbing the treasure by setting off the arrows on the dynamite. Make sure that the mist enemies aren’t near the arrows when you set them off!

When you get to the chamber with the exit, you need to not worry that the arrow is not pointing to the dynamite. Simply crawl through the secret area under the dynamite, collect the treasure, and bring both characters to the exit.

Level Nine: Nothing but Nothing

This level is very simple, head with Hannah to the left, jump the snow beast, and set off the arrow above the exit. The boulders that will fall will crush the snow beast and now with Armin, head right collecting treasure and go to the exit. When you swim with Armin, make sure his head is above water at all times.

Level Ten: The Glacier of Doom

Simply be very careful with your jumps with Hannah. Basically Hannah goes right collecting treasure, jumps over the snow beast, and the keeps heading right, collecting a heart box on the very right if you want, and jumping down a wide tunnel to near where the exit is. Armin heads left and then digs to the right, collecting treasure, destroying icy skeletons, etc. to get to the exit.

That’s all for this week, the next part will be on levels 11-20!


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