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16 Good Things About Having A Ghost Pet

by jonathan_wong_0_0


What is a ghost pet? A ghost pet is basically a pet that is Ghost coloured.

In this article, I am going to talk about 16 good things that you might not have known about a ghost pet!

Have you ever thought of having a ghost pet? If you have never thought about it then do not bother reading this article. If you have, then just read on.

Is it worth it to spend 400k - 600k on a paint brush that makes my pet eerie?

I can tell you that it's all worth it.

How can it help? Well, this article is going to tell you how so read on.

This whole bunch of tips and suggestions below will tell you exactly why it is good to have a ghost pet.

1. When your ghost pet is low in health, feed it Magic Ghost Marshmallows and it will go back to full hit points. This is really good for Battledomers when their pets are low in health and need the fastest way to heal their pets.

2. Make friends with the Ghost Lupe so that he can growl your pet's hitpoints back to full. This is also one of the best advantages for Battledomers to heal their pets in a fast way.

3. The ghosts from the Money Tree will not be able to notice any difference about your pet and they won't steal neopoints from you. Now you don't have to worry about being robbed!

4. Your enemies in Battledome will not be able to hit your pet as the weapons would usually pass through your pet. This is the best for Battledomers! Your pet can win without getting hurt, unless your enemy is using enchanted, magical or anti-ghost weapons.

5. Going to Kreludor isn't difficult for your pet. Due to the low gravity of that planet, most neopets would be floating around or bouncing around without control but this doesn't affect a ghost pet.

6. Your pet will scare away the spammers who spam your inbox. Have you ever received a neomail saying, "hi! lyk 0ng y0u r0x0rz!" ? If not, you wouldn't know how annoying it is. If you have been spammed before, then do not worry if you had a ghost pet because your ghost pet will scare away those annoying spammers :D

7. When sneaking around Haunted Woods will not make your pet suspicious. Ever wanted to uncover the mysteries that lie beneath the caves of Haunted Woods? Well, it's not a problem if you had a ghost pet.

8. Your ghost pet is able to take shortcuts by passing through the wall. Have you ever tried walking down the street and there's a construction site in front which has never been there before and you have to take a long path just to walk to the other side? Well, if you had a ghost pet then it would be a piece of cake.

9. Your pet can sneak into Sloth's Headquarters without him knowing. (You'll probably just find him playing "The Darkest Faerie" on Playstation 2.)

10. No more worries during Halloween. You don't have to get a costume. I bet everyone has spent hours thinking of what to wear during Halloween. Well if you had a ghost pet then your pet wouldn't have to spend time thinking what costume to wear! They are the costume themselves!

11. If your ghost pet was adventurous, it could explore the whole of Neopia in and out! (Since it can pass through walls, fly around and all that)

12. Your pet is bound to win others if it plays hide and seek. If your pet were to hide, it will be very difficult to be spot. If your pet were the seeker then the other pets hiding won't be able to sense the presence of your pet. So it's either way!

13. Your ghost pet would be able to sneak into Snowager's Cave without it knowing. Even if it catches your pet, it won't be able to attack because the ice shards just go directly through your pet's body.

14. A ghost pet is able to provide light in the night. During the night, it's very dark and when you can't see a thing you might fall into a pit! Well, not if you have a ghost pet around with you! The ghost pet glows in the dark and so it can guide your way!

15. A ghost pet does not give you an avatar. Therefore, no avatar collectors would bother you to borrow your pet. I had a pet which has an avatar petpetpet and many people sent me neomails to borrow my pet. I felt so annoyed that I had to transfer my pet to somewhere else. If you have never had neomails asking to borrow your pets, then you’ll never understand the annoyance of these neomails.

16. If you have a ghost pet, you don’t have to pay Skarl’s Marrow Tax of DOOM! Sometimes Skarl’s tax collectors will knock on your door and make you pay the Marrow Tax. All your hard earned neopoints just goes to the fat king who just sits there and does nothing. Not to worry if you have a ghost pet because the tax collectors would flee in fear after they see your pet.

Once you have read the above, all of it makes you want to get a ghost pet now, eh?

Well, it’s not really hard to get one. There’s a few ways to get one. You can either adopt one if you’re lucky enough or zap your pet in the lab ray till you get it. The other way is to either buy a Ghost coloured pet morphing potion or buy a Ghost Paint Brush. There’s still one more way which is quite impossible and that is to make a wish from the Wishing Well. Make sure you donate enough!

I gladly thank you for reading my first article. I hope you appreciated my ideas :D

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