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A Day Locked In Eliv Thade's Basement

by lady_warriors


HAUNTED WOODS - I was wandering around with my Gelert, Kale_Corruption, in the Haunted Woods on Eliv Thade day. Well, I decided I wanted to see if Eliv Thade would be in a nice mood – which he wasn’t – and let me win his little riddle game. Instead of winning a nice sum of neopoints, I found myself and my Gelert locked in his basement. Yup, we were in the basement of an undead, insane Kacheek’s basement. Then Thade came down chuckling to himself. Well, that is extremely harsh and unnecessary, right? Let’s just say that we had a nice conversation with Eliv Thade on this day... and he’s invited to supper at my house next week. Not to mention KC is friends with him. So, would you like to know some facts that KC and I uncovered? Well then, let’s share...

Fact 1: Thade’s basement is very very posh.

Explanation: Oh yes... instead of shackles and haystacks, you get comfy sofas and gourmet food. There are at least ten Luxurious sofas down there and an extremely comfy armchair for Thade. Thade admitted he’d let the upstairs of the house fall into disrepair, but he never really was up there anymore. He was tired of throwing users and pets into his yucky basement, so he used his money to repair and spruce up his basement. Well, he decided to keep the upstairs and the outside of the house looking like it was just because he lived in the Haunted Woods and had his very own game. He loves to talk to his ‘prisoners’ and enjoys the company.

Fact 2: Thade drinks tea.

Explanation: Insane undead Kacheeks don’t drink tea, right? That’s what I was thinking. He completely floored me – not to mention I embarrassed KC – when he had his servants bring him tea, Earl Grey to be exact. I thought he would drink some nasty potion or yucky concoction. Nope, it had to be tea. I just sat there with my mouth open and saying ‘bu... bu... ’ Yes, this embarrassed KC. Thade laughed, he knew what I had been thinking, and explained that potions and concoctions weren’t his style. He loved elegance in life, and still loved it in death.

Fact 3: Thade isn’t at all insane.

Explanation: He makes me wonder if I’m actually insane. He is the sanest pet I’ve ever met. No offence to arttimo, but her Darigan Zafara is kinda creepy *shudder* My friend’s Kougra still hasn’t found her ball yet. Anyway, back to the subject. Thade was perfectly civilized while we were talking and that is the most intelligent conversation I’d had in a very long time. I was completely amazed. When I asked, he explained that he did go crazy, but after his death he realized he was obsessing over something that didn’t matter. It had been his downfall, true; but, everyone had to fail in their lives sometime right?

Fact 4: Thade is filthy stinkin' rich.

Explanation: You’ve been to the Hidden Tower right? If not, you’ll find the items that are used to banish Thade in there for many, many neopoints. These are all just copies, mind you; Thade still has the originals. He made a deal with the Faerie Queen and makes a huge profit. They split fifty-fifty on the profits. And boy, is that a ton of money. KC instantly wanted a copy of the Grimoire of Thade, but I mentioned the fact that the last person made it to page two before they went insane, but then he explained that he only wanted it for my Grarrl to read. This leads into the next fact...

Fact 5: The Grimoire of Thade doesn’t make you insane.

Explanation: Thade explained to me that the book itself didn’t make you insane. Oh no. It’s the small print in the book and the boring details of it that do you in. Every possible anagram is in that book and every possible combination of mixing it up is in that book. That is why it makes a person insane. The writing is so miniscule too. He let KC and I take a look at his copy and by the end of the first two lines, my head hurt. KC just crossed his eyes and shook his head. He still wanted a copy for my Grarrl, but I shut that idea down.

Fact 6: Eliv Thade isn’t an anagram at all.

Explanation: This is a very sensitive subject with Thade. He says anybody’s name can be an anagram. He used the first part of KC’s name as an example. Kale could be made into lake and leak. I certainly didn’t intend to name my pet lake or leak. He’s still mad at me ever since he found out that I named him after a leafy veggie, but that was an accident. He expressed he would be greatly troubled if I had misspelled lake or leak for his name. Thade admitted that his first name could be vile, evil, or live and his last name could be death; but they aren’t. He is very touchy on the subject and receded into a bad mood shortly after KC asked.

Fact 7: Thade is an excellent gardener.

Explanation: If you ever come to my house, my Peophin gloats about his gardening skills. Well, this garden of Thade’s could put my poor Peophin to shame. Thade has special lights in a room in his basement and inside that room is a wonderful garden. It has Roses, Dragonbuds, and the rare Star of Paradise Flower. It was a very lovely garden and it had such a heavenly scent to it. It cheered Thade up quite a bit when we fell in love with his gardening abilities. I expressed my surprise on the Star of Paradise. He tends to these flowers every morning before his ‘guests’ arrive for the anagrams and neopoints.

Fact 8: Thade is a very lonely Kacheek.

Explanation: So, before I even told you about Thade being perfectly sane, you were thinking I was insane for inviting an insane undead Kacheek into my home. Yes, and this is exactly why he is lonely. Everyone thinks he’s insane and they don’t like him. They always say, ‘he chases you around his house and yells anagrams at you and if you don’t solve them you’ll go into his basement forever.” Well, you’re only in his basement for a day, and he’s extremely nice. KC and I left with full stomachs and knowledge by the end of the day. He explained he is a very unsocial creature, but he does like conversations. I felt sorry for him, but he and KC became instant friends. I think it has something to do with the fact that KC likes dark and shadowy places... I’m getting off track again. Where was I?

Drat, I lost my train of thought... so; it’s been about a few days since this all happened. KC now makes visits to Eliv Thade’s house and keeps him company. Sometimes, my other pets accompany him. I also invite Thade over for supper every week, since I enjoy the intelligent conversation and insights he has to offer. If I ever pick up my train of thought again, I’ll let you know some more facts that I have uncovered about his sensitive, sane, undead Kacheek. I hope you enjoyed this article! Adios!

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