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Illusen and Jhudora - Just Why Do They Need Those Items

by keiran_halcyon89


Many articles, reports, and even just plain gossip center on this topic, yet one thing is quite certain; Illusen and Jhudora need items for something. Many believe they need it for some colossal spell or potion. Yet others think that they are building up their own little colonies under their places of residence. Some just think that the two faeries are insane.

Personally, I think that one possibility everyone is overlooking, is that the two faeries are not, for the most part, using items that are magical in nature. Of course spells don’t have to be made using magic items, but it would seem that they could be fabricating something else. No one has even considered the fact that Illusen and Jhudora could be a pair of superweapon aficionados.

Well, Jhudora more than Illusen. I have nothing against either faerie, but Jhudora is quite obviously the more violent. Consider this scenario; Jhudora begins to build some massive 28

superweapon, Illusen gets word of it through her network of spies, and begins to create a superweapon of her own to combat Jhudora’s. Possible, don’t you think?

So, with the help of my own Valin79, we decided to interview each faerie in their own homes.

--Valin79’s visit to Illusen--

Valin79: So, Lady Illusen, I was wondering if I could ask you some questions for an article in the Neopian Times. Would that be okay?

Illusen: Of course. But I am quite busy right now, so I only have time for a few.

Valin79: Would four be all right?

Illusen: Yes, I think I can spare that much time. Go on ahead and ask. Although, I can’t answer all the questions you might ask, and for that I do apologize.

Valin79: Thanks. For what purpose have you been collecting items?

Illusen: Oh, you know... Just for this and that... I can’t really say more, dear. I’m sorry,

Valin79: No biggie. Now, what is your position on superweaponry?

Illusen: *chuckles* Superweaponry? Kiddo, I don’t like weapons of any kind. Although, I suppose they could be useful if used for good.

(At this point she managed a smile, although there was an underlying sense of pain that was fairly well hidden)

Valin79: Why do you and Jhudora hate each other with such vehemence?

Illusen: (her smile is replaced with a quick grimace at hearing Jhudora’s name, followed by a small scowl) We’ve been fighting for a long time, little one. Most pets weren’t even born when we began our feud... Don’t worry about it, Valin.

Valin79: *snickers* You’re quite good at giving politician answers, you know. So, anyway, where do you get all the items you use to reward people? Surely you don’t make all of them?

Illusen: *smiles again* Actually, I do make most of them. Some of them are items I found when I traveled over Neopia in my youth. Others were things other questers gave me. Oh, dear me, look at the time. I have a quester due here in a few minutes! I’m afraid that’s all I can answer today.

Valin79: Of course. Thanks for your time, Lady Illusen!

As you can see, Illusen shied away from answering the big questions, and only gave a hint of an answer when questioned about superweapons.

---Valin’s visit with Jhudora---

Valin: Excuse me, Lady Jhudora?

Jhudora: What do you want?

Valin: I-I was just w-w-wondering if I c-c-c-could ask you some questions?

Jhudora: Fine. Do it quickly, you hear! I haven’t time, or patience for petty questioning!

Valin: Of course, Lady Jhudora. D-do you feel any particular way about superweapons?

Jhudora: *cackles* Of course I do! I love them! I may not have them, or the means to build them, but who wouldn’t want a superweapon! All that raw power at your command...

Valin: *under his breath* I wouldn’t *clears throat, then speaks again* Why d-do you n-n-need all the items you have people bring you?

Jhudora: *scowling* I’ve been asked that before, you whelp! Go look it up! Now get out of my sight!

Apart from the fact that Jhudora told us to leave (and we would have been happy to oblige) she felt it necessary to use some sort of spell to forcefully evict us. Not exactly the nicest faerie, huh? Well, I suppose secretly taking part in almost every evil deed in Neopia can stress even a faerie.

As you can see, our visit with Jhudora was less than fruitful. Not even answering with a non answer, as Lady Illusen had, she merely sent us away. Yes, Jhudora has been asked why she needed the items before, although no one has gotten an answer, so as you can see, we couldn’t very well ‘look it up’.

So, should we be worried? Probably. Paranoid? Most likely. Building up defenses and spending mass amounts of money on weapons, armor, training, and NeoHome security? Perhaps. Running around screaming with cardboard signs that read: “The end is near! Buy HELT now!!”? No, not really, no.

What many Neopians forgot during the Kass crisis was that we’re all bound together, one way or another. Regardless of what happens, it will affect you. Yes, you, mister rich Neopian who lives in Happy Valley. Illusen lives in the biggest food producing area of Neopia. Jhudora lives in the home of the faeries. A full scale war between the two would be catastrophic.

Think of Meridell, they’re still recovering from the war. And Brightvale, so young a country that it has no real military force to speak of. And of the Darigan citadel! Even if they decide to come to the aide of Meridell, they were even more completely decimated in the war than Meridell’s forces were.

In short, only one thing is certain, and unfortunately, it has been all along. Both faeries are plotting something. No one knows what. No one knows how. No one even really knows why. But everyone knows they are.

What does it mean? I have no idea really. No one really does. I just hope Neopia will survive the clash that is inevitably coming... As things progress, and new theories are thought of, I hope to return as a writer to chronicle them. Good day, Neopia, and thanks for reading.

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