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10 Traditional Gifts For Valentine’s Day

by shadowcristal


SOMEWHERE IN NEOPIA – Once again, it is the Month of Awakening, and you know what day it is… Yes! The lovely Valentine’s Day which may be bad and getting worse for some people (like me, a grouchy hermit) or simply sublime for those who love shopping (not me). For those of you who do not like shopping, or more importantly, who haven’t got any idea what you’ll get all your acquaintances (but would like something more traditional), then you’ve stumbled upon the right article!

You’ll be introduced to a couple gifts, all of them 100% (more or less) traditional. Not all of them are dazzling and sparkly. Some are quite simple and plain, and some are showier, depending on the receiver. All right, I’ll admit that I really enjoyed doing my flowery article last year, but this year it’s different. You see, as opposed to last year, we’ll jump right to the heart of tradition. As usual, I’ll be giving you tips on who to give the items to and the price tag (as of right now). Note that the prices may fluctuate with time, and that the receiver is not guaranteed to be happy (but hopefully will be). That’s it for the warning stuff… Are you ready? All right, let’s start off with the most traditional gift!

Valentines Bouquet

This mixed bunch of different-colored flowers with that cute ribbon has to be the most traditional gift, and it can be given to just about anyone. I recommend you to give it to somebody who deserves your respect, or someone you appreciate a lot (note that I don’t say love here). A person who really deserves this bouquet should get it, like a kind teacher, your mom or that nice lady across the street. SW (short for shop wizard) price: About 12k.

Gold Valentines Ring

Here is something really fancy! Sparkly and gold, this ring with its three inlaid stones is quite a delightful gift. Rather expensive, but well worth it if you want someone’s attention. Give this to somebody who really loves extravagant things; it’d be wasted on a plain person. I’m sure you know someone who appreciates this kind of gesture and believes that it is not only the thought that counts… SW price: 80k would be at the lower end of the spectrum.

Silver Valentines Ring

Not as sparkly as the golden ring, but its lovely heart-shaped stone is a lot bigger. This ring is perfect for someone who’s cute and adorable, perhaps a friend or a sweetheart. Giving it to people who like Emo Usukis and depressing music is not recommended. I’m sure this will be cherished forever, like the description says. Just remember that if you have a scary reputation (like Sloth), you might not want to be caught buying it. Strangely enough it’s more expensive than the gold ring; it’s an unbuyable! 110k on the Trading Post is on the cheaper end, if you’re lucky.

Valentines Negg

Something more edible than hard, cold rings… Why not give away a negg? A very traditional item with that typical heart (and those lovely laces) and the pinkish color. The big heart could symbolize lots of love, which means this item is perfect for someone you really love. Recommended for your whole family, your sweetheart or a close friend who happens to be an obsessed negg collector. SW price: about 28k.

Valentines Cookies

A couple of rather plain chocolate chip cookies… This is the typical gift to get your friends, for those who dislike the notion of something utterly extravagant or fancy. The perfect gift for a down-to-earth and no-nonsense practical friend. Another option would be to give these cookies to friends who like sweets. Sometimes simplicity is best. SW price: around 8k.

Valentines Chocolate Selection

A rather delicious mix of the finest chocolates around, just for Valentine’s! This would be a good gift to give to anyone who really likes sweets, or a connoisseur of chocolate. The sweetness of this gift can really be felt (if not only tasted). If you’re throwing a party on Valentine’s, why not get a couple of boxes for the guests? SW price: 26k average.

Valentines Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

Even better than the chocolate selection, here’s a heart-shaped box for chocolate lovers and those with a sweet tooth! Note the lovely rose designs on the cover, which loudly scream that this is a box for your sweetheart (if she or he happens to like chocolates). Very good in combination with A Mysterious Valentine Card, creating that suspenseful air if you want to be a little bit mysterious. SW price: around 70k.

Valentines Muffin

The last edible gift of this article, this muffin is quite appropriate for your companion. Anyone would love to bite into a satisfying bit of yummyness with just the right touch of vanilla icing and strawberries. A perfect gift for two, just imagine sharing it under the same umbrella or in the same boat. Makes a great gift to just about everyone, but sharing the happiness doubles it. SW price: just below 11k.

Valentines Earrings

Forget the rings and give away a pair of earrings instead! Unfortunately only girls can be receivers, but doubtlessly that special girl will come to like the clear, pink hearts and the yellowness of it all. Only for that special someone, but if you’re a girl it might be okay for other girl friends. SW price: 25k on the cheap side.

Valentines Day Ring

And the final, grandest gift of them all… The great Valentines Day Ring with its sparkly gem and golden touch! What better way to say ‘be mine’ than to give away this item? Be careful, though, as pretty as it is, it might burn a large hole in your wallet. Yes, it is an unbuyable and the most expensive item mentioned in this article. A whole whopping 350k (average)! If you’re quite the dedicated person, this’ll be a good gift to give. If not, take a look at the other ones…

And that’s it for the 10 special gifts in this article. Aren’t they lovely? Hopefully the confused and confounded shopper now knows what gifts to give, and if you’re too cheap, perhaps a card would do. Do remember that it is the thought that counts, and you do not necessarily have to be traditional (sometimes it’s good, though).

Happy Valentine’s!

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