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Is There Really Only One Moon In Neopia?

by sithlord__vader


I have been exploring Neopia for some time now, and I happened to notice that there appeared to be at least two moons orbiting Neopia. If you will notice on the world map you can see the moon Kreludor, which is supposedly the only moon here, but if you go to Meridell and go to Darigan's floating city, you see a second moon floating in the distance. For the sake of my discovery let's say the greatest possibility is that this is in fact a moon and try to disprove any other possibilities. I have some very decisive evidence and some scepticism that seems logical.

Now if this is Kreludor, where are the settlements? Could they be on the other side of the moon? The problem I see with this is the settlements would be very dark and most likely frozen. This could be Kreludor, and the settlements could be very visible but very reflective, so, it could be that they don't hinder the light. The problem with this hypothesis is that the the surface of Kreludor is very dark and settlers would most likely be blinded by the extremely bright light. And in order to mine you can't be blind, and seeing as Kreludor is mainly used for mining I seriously doubt they would allow for the miners to be blind.

Now another possibility is that this moon is not Kreludor and is in fact a completely different moon. Now if this is the case this is a very big scientific blunder, how do you not notice a second moon orbiting your planet? Could they have possibly missed it because Darigan was building it? Could it be some kind of super weapon just poised to strike at any given moment? Could it be that Darigan is just trying to help? Well since that last idea is totally ludicrous, I still believe I have found a second moon. Now it could just be that this moon is in a constant orbit above Darigan's Citadel, or that it is not in constant connection with its light source and is usually not visible, or maybe someone just got confused and mixed it up with Kreludor. When questioned a few Kreludonians told this reporter, and I quote, " I haven't seen any floating city on Neopia, all I see are scary trees and sand," which lead this reporter to believe that they can only see the Haunted Woods and The Lost Desert.

Or could this "moon" possibly be some sort of illusion? Possibly put up by Darigan to send some Neopians into confusion, or to be used as a hypnotic ray to gather up troops for a coming attack? I noticed while I was looking, pondering this moon, that I was feeling some anti-Meridell thoughts. Now if you have noticed any odd feelings when you have seen this moon, run away from Meridell. Now if it is a hypnotic ray why would it only work gradually? There is the main flaw with that hypothesis.

This moon could also possibly be a hovering watch tower and be used to over look the prison there. It could be used to eliminate any escaped prisoners. Now I have yet to hear of any escaped prisoners but that could be because this so called "moon" has wiped them all out. In which case it could also be used as a weapons platform to attack any spot on Neopia. But if that were the case, since it is obviously completed, why would Darigan not strike? If it were not completed, why give advanced warning by letting anyone see it? And if it is completed it would be a bad strategy not to strike as fast as possible.

What if this is some sort of spotlight used to watch things happening around our hemisphere of Neopia? That could explain this mysterious light source since we have yet to see a sun. Now I read an article before that was looking for an explanation to why there is light on Neopia if there is no sun. I may have found the answer to that by raising this question. If you look at this moon it is very bright and not hindered by clouds. It could spread light all over Neopia.

Could this bright orb in the sky possibly be what's producing all the new neopets? Stranger things have happened, but if that were so, wouldn't we see an increase in spacecraft activity? And why wouldn't our new pets be telling us about this place outside of our planet? Do they not remember it? Are their memories erased? That doesn't seem fair. Is it too horrible of a place to mention? Could it be that our pets are actually far superior to us and are gradually moving in to take over Neopia? I don't find this likely since so many good pets gave their lives fighting Darigan and any other challenges that popped up. I still believe this to be nothing more than a second moon that has yet to be discovered for some very strange reason. That reason is still unknown.

My final possibility, which is really out there, is that this moon could in fact be a small sun, possibly a white dwarf. But if this were the case why would the sky in Darigan's Citadel be dark? If it were a sun it would produce heat, but it is always cold in Darigan's Citadel. If it were a type of sun it would be very hard to miss because it would make a bright ring around the floating city, and that takes us back to why the city would be dark. It is not feasible that this moon is a sun, a weapons platform, a spotlight, a watch tower, or Kreludor. If this is in fact a second moon, I would like to submit a name for it and I would like to name it Kradonia.

I am completely open to suggestions. If you have any thoughts on this matter please contact the author and give your suggestions. I may post your ideas in a later follow up report.

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