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The Top Nine Easiest Trophies to Get

by danman111111


Whether you have a collection of 100+ trophies or only a couple of them, if you are missing any of the trophies listed here then your collection is completely incomplete! With a little guidance from yours truly you can have all of these in no time at all! This guide should help you getting started but in no way should be where you stop your collection. You should always be on the lookout for more shiny trophies for your cabinet.

The trophies are listed in alphabetical order. They are NOT in order by difficulty.

Armada- Armada is one of the three monthly, multiplayer, games that real Neopians can compete for. This one is a game where you are supposed to build up your fleet of ships. You do this by clicking on an already existing ship then clicking on an empty square that is touching the existing ship. One mistake that some people make that ends them up in a weak situation is making one line of ships going their opponents fleet instead of one thick mob of ships. If you do the line technique you will end up losing all the ships in the line to your opponent. Apart from that just enter every month and eventually you will either beat your opponents (at least two in a month to get a Bronze) or you will have someone not make a move and you can win by default after 48 hours.

Beating Punchbag Bob- This is definitely the easiest trophy to get because there is no skill whatsoever involved in getting it. All you need is any pet, any multiple use weapons and a lot of patience. A good weapon to use is a Scarab Ring. Get two of them and you’ll be on your way to a new trophy! They are cheap and pretty good for novice to intermediate battlers. Just equip both of them to the pet you wish to battle with then go to the One Player area of the Battledome. Select the pet you equipped the Scarab Rings to from the drop-down menu then select Punching Bag Bob from the list of challengers and start pummeling him with your Scarab Rings; always use Fierce Attack (unless you have Berserk, then you can use that).

Better Than You- This game is a game of luck. The only thing you need for this trophy is a game that you are absolutely awesome at (any game apart from Luck & Chance) and a lot of patience. All you have to do is check the New Features every Thursday and when your game finally comes up you go for it! The important thing is to be fast. If you take your time you might not do as well as you otherwise could. Only the first 10 people to get the assigned score get GOLD, the 11-50 placed people get Silver, 51-500 get a Bronze then 501-5,000 get a wimpy runner-up medal and you definitely don’t want that so move fast! I personally have NEVER seen all 5,000 chances to place used up. There just isn’t enough time in the week given, so if you can’t be around on Thursday then you can always get on another day during the week and if it is a game you are good at then just go play and get your avatar and runner up medal.

Cellblock- Cellblock is a patience game. There are many guides in many of Neopia’s petpages that will give you an almost guaranteed win every time until you get to the higher levels, then you’re on your own. Another plus to this game is if you do very well you might even get a spiffy avatar for your collection! As far as I know, no one has yet confirmed the exact way to get the Cellblock avatar but many people get it while playing so you too have a good chance of getting it if you play up to level twelve or higher.

Cheat- To get this trophy all you need is patience (you may need to play each level multiple times). Always try to make a real play whenever possible and only Cheat when absolutely necessary. That’s all you really need to know about this one.

Geos- In this monthly multiplayer game the goal is to complete 4 shapes. You will need to complete a circle, square, rectangle, and a triangle. The trick is you are building on these shapes in the same space your opponent is. If you have a partially completed shape and your opponent puts one of their piece in that same space then your piece is ‘bombed’ and both your opponent’s and your piece in that position disappear. After this happens you can play another piece in that same place or you can build in another place, it’s all up to you. Whoever completes all four shapes first wins the game. This in my opinion is the easiest multiplayer game and the only one I have a GOLD trophy in so far but you may well be better at one of the other games. It all depends on your talents.

Go! Go! Go!- This game has got to be the easiest GOLD trophy I have ever gotten. It probably took me less than 3 hours to get gold without really even trying. The only thing that makes it slightly difficult and the reason I didn’t play it for ages is that it is quite confusing but if you read the rules over a few times you’ll get it. I strongly suggest going for this one!

Invasion of Meridell- This particular trophy is actually a runner-up medal. To get an actual trophy you have to get onto the high score list, which although possible is not easy. In this game you are commanding a group of farmers from Meridell, fending off the evil Darigan army who want to sack your villages. This is definitely a strategy game and takes practice to do well in. If you fail a level, you can restart without being penalized, so you can keep trying until you get the medal. This one might take a little more time commitment than some of the others but if you complete each level up to the medal without having to try it again, it shouldn’t take more than 3 hours max.

Kacheekers- This monthly, multiplayer game is Checkers with a different name. There are a few rule changes in there but basically it is just Checkers. One rule that has been changed and may make a difference in your strategy is what I like to call the ‘Jumping Rule’. If you are in a position to jump your opponent but don’t want to you don’t have to. This used to throw me off so just keep that in mind when playing. This game is also quite a bit harder than the other monthly multiplayer games because everyone knows how to play but with practice (you can practice in real life with checkers) you will be able to get at least a Bronze in it.

Well I hope that will help all of you in getting a nice collection of trophies started but don’t let that be the end of your collection! There are many more for you to get. You have to stick with it. Good luck collecting all the trophies that Neopia has to offer!

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