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LD Attacks!

by yellowsugardog


"Goodbye! Take good care of LD!"

     Emilee pressed her ear up to the door. "We will! She is going to have so much fun!"

     Emilee became very curious. She whispered, "Who is LD?"

     Suddenly a door flew open. A little Doglefox rushed into the room.

     "There is a Doglefox in my room?"

     "Yip, yip, ruff!"

     "Ahhhh, the Doglefox is going to get me!"

      Emilee ran as fast as she could upstairs. She panted. For a pink Angelpuss, she was fast. When her breathing got back to normal, she started to think up a plan in the dark, but open wardrobe that she was hiding in. She had to get downstairs somehow. Maybe Sugar, a Dua, could help. Emilee tiptoed to the stairs. Emilee ran downstairs at the speed of light. She looked around. The coast was clear. She ran to the back door. She opened it up a tiny bit.

     "What's wrong, Emilee?"

     "Have you noticed that there is a Doglefox in my house and it is going to get me?" Emilee said in one breath.

     Sugar smiled. "If you thought that I did not notice it, you must be deaf. Secondly, that Doglefox is barely bigger than you are. Also, why are you talking to me, Emilee?"

     Emilee suddenly remembered her promise that she would never be friends with that filthy outdoor Dua. She hissed.

     "Let me guess. You need help with a plan. What is your plan?"

     Emilee looked embarrassed. "I was hoping you would have a plan."

     "You were going to ask me to help you think up a plan?"

     Emilee looked extremely embarrassed now. "No, I was not. You are a filthy Dua. Anyways, is LD going to stay here forever?"

     Sugar sighed. She was such a good sister to Emilee, and this was all she got. "Maybe she will. Fine, be that way. However, I do have a plan."

     Emilee's eyes got big. Sugar was a good sister at times. "What is your plan?"

     "Well, we could get LD to go somewhere else."

     "Why do you care?"

     It was Sugar's turn to look embarrassed. She played with her Jeweled Collar as she spoke. "To tell you the truth, that Doglefox makes me so jealous. She is a princess. She gets to go indoors and outdoors sometimes! She gets to sleep inside of the house. It is not fair!" Sugar was an outdoor Dua. She lived in a bamboo room. Her owner's owner would not let her go in the main house. Her owner thought that she would make a mess.

     "Look at little Sugar! She is jealous!"

     Sugar growled. "Don't forget that I am five times your size and that I am a 'mean, scary, Dua!'"

      Emilee ran. Sugar's growling had scared her. She ran upstairs. She got out a pencil and paper. She took everything into the wardrobe. She had heard LD running. Since she could see in the dark, she started to draw a plan. After thirty minutes, she had a plan.

     "Sugar, can you help me with this?"

     Sugar walked over. "Sure; explain it."

     Emilee sat down on the rug. "Okay. First, you pull this rope. That makes a balloon drop. It is full of water. Doglefoxes do not like water. Then, after the balloon drops, a loud barking noise starts up. You are going to bark as loud as you can. That will scare her. Sugar, this is going to be perfect. She will be gone tomorrow for sure!"

     "I do not know about this… we could get in trouble… then we would be the ones outside of this house…"

     "Sugar, you are an outdoor Dua already."

     "Do not make me growl again."

      Emilee and Sugar set up the trap. The placed it right over LD's bed. She was going to be in for a surprise.

     "We will complete the plan tomorrow." Emilee was tired; she usually slept all day.


     "Sugar is…"

     "Stop that…"

     "Not jealous?"

     Sugar smiled. "That version sounds much better. Goodnight."


      Emilee woke up when the sun rose. She stretched and walked downstairs.

     "When I yell, 'now' you are to bark."


      Emilee tiptoed into the wardrobe. She opened it up a tiny bit. She sat down. She looked out of the wardrobe. She had the rope in her paws. When LD walked near the trap, she pulled on the rope.

      The invention was working wonderfully. She commanded Sugar to bark. The balloon rolled out… and… IT WAS FULL OF UMMAGINE JUICE! The balloon hit the floor. Pop! The carpet was now a shade of purple. In addition, Sugar was barking at the top of her lungs. That was great. They would blame Emilee. Her owner's owner would get so mad. At that moment, her owner walked in.

     "Emilee, WHAT DID YOU DO?"

     Emilee was in trouble now.

      Emilee had to sleep outside that night. She had to sleep in the backyard.

     "Well, Emilee…"

     "Do not say 'I told you so!'"

     "I warned you!"

     "I said not to say that!"

     "No you did not!"

      Sugar and Emilee fought all night. Emilee got the most sleep. She slept for 15 seconds. Then Sugar started arguing about something else. Emilee was miserable. Sugar would not even let her come in her room. Emilee had to sleep in Sugar's garden, on the grass, under a tree. Sugar's garden was the only one with a tree.

      In the morning, Emilee was furious at LD. She had to get her to go away. Emilee snuck back into the house. She got more paper and pencils. She walked up to Sugar's room and knocked on the door.

     "Come in."

     Emilee walked into Sugar's room and instantly began talking. "We need to think up a new plan!"

     "Did you see what happened last time?"

     "Duh. I was the victim."

     "You really want to try again?"


     "Fine, I will help."

     "Little Sugar is…"

     "I said I would help!"

     "Okay, let's think up a plan."

      By noon the next day, the next plan was ready. Emilee had spent all of the previous day planning. She was confident that this plan would work. She set up the trap at seven in the morning. She was next to the wardrobe. She had the rope in her hands. When LD turned around the corner, Emilee pulled on the rope. A blanket fell from the sky. It was a Baby Security Blanket. Baby Security Blankets are special because they hold on to whatever they fall on. The plan was to get the blanket to catch LD. It did not work. The blanket fell down… and… the blanket was on their owner's favorite trophy! Emilee tried to pull it off, but she heard a noise. Crack! There was a crack in the trophy! When Emilee ran out of the room, her owner ran in. That night Emilee was back in the garden.

     "It just is not fair! Why do you not get into trouble?"

     "I am already outside. If that is her way of punishing us, then I am safe."

     "We need a new plan."

     "I have one last plan."

     "Let's do it!"

      This final plan was going to be perfect! Every afternoon at 12:30, LD would bark at the front door. Emilee and Sugar were going to place Magic Goop above the door. When she got to the right place, she would bump into a string. The string would then send the Magic Goop flying towards LD. That would make her beg to go home. They set up the trap. At 12:25, they sat near the door just to watch.

      At 12:30, LD walked up to the door and barked. She still was a few feet away from the string. To Sugar and Emilee's surprise, the door flew open. Standing there was their owner and another familiar pet. The Magic Goop fell on them as they walked in.

     "Well, that was unsuspected, but now I am healed!" The pet seemed to be pleased.

     Sugar and Emilee ran for their lives. They were in big trouble now. Not only did they stain the carpet, but they also got goop all over a guest's shirt.

     "Knock, knock." Sugar and Emilee were now in Sugar's room. When they heard the knocking, they both looked at each other.

     "Should we open the door?"

     "We will get into more trouble if we do not."

     They opened the door. Standing there was LD. "Bye. I am leaving now. That was my owner that you spilled goop on."

     Emilee ran to the other side of the room. "Go away!"

     LD smiled. "Emilee, I have never been out to get you. You always ran away from me."

     "How did you know that I said that you were out to get me?"

     "For one thing, you yelled it when I first came. Also, I heard you talking to Sugar."

     "How did you avoid our traps?" Emilee was feeling a lot braver.

     "I overheard all of the plans."

     "So you were spying on us?" Sugar was surprised.


     "So… you heard what I said?"

     "Yes, Sugar. I was not trying to make you jealous. I was just trying to survive with you attacking me all of the time. When your owners went on vacation, Sugar, I let you come in the house. I did not get jealous when you came in. I just was friendly and kind."

     Sugar was looking embarrassed again. "I forgot about that. Sorry."

     "When I was in the house, I just used my special face." LD put on this I-am-starving-and-I-need-table-scraps-now face.

     They all laughed.

     "Well, I will see you soon."

     "Bye, LD."

      LD walked out of the backyard.

      That night, both pets were sitting in Sugar's room. The owner punished Emilee again. Sugar and Emilee got into their corners of the room. They said goodnight, and both of them fell asleep. When Sugar woke up at 5:00 AM, she smiled. Then she remembered that she woke up because of a noise. Sugar heard the noise again. She sat up and looked at Emilee across the room.

     "I know everything is back to normal when you chase your tail."

      Sugar meant it. If you had looked over, you would have seen an Angelpuss chasing her tail, at light speed, at five in the morning.

The End

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