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Petpetsitter: the Art of Petpetsitting

by xynto


A somewhat long awaited guide. Annoyed with Petpetsitter and those pesky little petpets? Fear not as this guide can help you out heavily.

Let me introduce all the petpets first.

GX-4 Oscillabot - The round orange-yellow robot that walks funny.

Roaderie 1000 - The red robot on a black wheel.

Gruslen - Similar to the image of a "tiger".

Babaa - Similar to the image of a "sheep".

Noil - Similar to the image of a "lion".

Feepit - The blue colored petpet with white speckled polka dots scattered throughout its body.

- - - - - - - - - -

Now that the petpets have all been introduced, I can now tell you what different things the petpets may do during game play.

Robot petpets (GX-4 Oscillabot and Roaderie 1000) - These two petpets are the only two petpets out of the 6 that will need to be dragged into the garage (Top Middle).

Drag the petpets that you see that have "ZzZ" hovering about their little heads into the bedroom (Top Right) where they can rest for a short while.

Any petpets that you see acting energetic (wagging their tail, jumping for joy, shaking their ears) would like to play and therefore should be dragged outside (Top Left) where they can stretch a bit and get some fresh air.

Petpets seen licking their lips need to grab a bite of food and should be dragged into the kitchen (Middle Left) where they can be fed.

Last but not least, if you see any petpet crying or having water sprouting from them, they should immediately be taken to the bathroom (Middle Right) before they wet themselves.

- - - - - - - - - -

I've found a useful trick in the game. Most probably you may already know this but in case you don't you should learn to use this simple tool which will greatly affect how you fair in the game.

I'm talking about cranking up the volume and listening with your "ears". Yes, that's right, listening with your ears. With this simple and yet useful tactic, you can learn to recognize what individual sound each petpet creates, which will trigger something in your head that automatically allows you to know which petpet needs to go where.

For example: A loud irritating growling noise. If you've played this long enough and have recognized that when you hear this sound that a petpet (specifically the Gruslen) needs to be dragged to the kitchen, you will save time and quickly find the petpet and then drag it to its desired place.

Also, listen very carefully. If the noises that the petpet(s) make are louder on the right speaker, this means that the petpet that needs your attention is on the right side of the game screen. If the irritating noise is on the left, however, you can assume that the petpet(s) is/are waiting for you to notice them on the left side of the game screen.

- - - - - - - - - -

As hard as this may seem, Petpetsitter is probably the easiest game around. Yes, it's a little boring as you continue to progress through the game, but it pays off. I can honestly that this game is easy, but all you really need to do is smooth the rough edges. By "smooth the rough edges" I really mean that you need to focus and notice where you are weak and have difficulty in the game itself. For me, it is in the earlier part of the game where there are no more than 10 - 15 petpets in the game.

The game is a lot more difficult towards the beginning as there are less petpets on the screen and possibly most if not all of will need your attention. Also, it doesn't help at all having 5 - 8 petpets that desire something all at once. It is hard to keep track and you will almost always definitely panic and end up losing anything from 1 - 3 lives. Just stay cool and relax. Remember to notice petpets that have a "red" number and aim for those petpets before any other. If none are red, however, aim for the petpets that are farther from their desired destination (Example: A sleepy Gruslen is centimeters away from the kitchen and it needs to go all the way to the other side of the room in order for it to reach its destination) Do these petpets first before any other.

- - - - - - - - - -

The Mop Trick

Most people do not know the mop trick. I, however, am being kind and revealing the secret of this great mop.

As you may or may have not yet noticed, there is a map located at the bottom bar of Petpetsitter (on the left of the "end game" button). It is very useful as it will clean up any mess in the room. Spilled milk, fallen-over water bucket, tipped-over flowers, oil spots, and also wet spots (wet spots and oil spots are only made when you have failed to drag either a robot or a petpet who needed to go to the bathroom to their proper destination in the given time).

10 points are given for each mess that you have cleared up. You lose 5 points whenever milk is spilled, the bucket of water has fallen over, or the flower has been tipped over. Still not getting the trick? Well, look at the numbers. You get "10" per mess you clean up and only lose "5" per mess caused by a petpet. Hence, by doing this "trick," you gain 5 points each time you use the mop.

3/5ths of my final game score is based on the "mop trick." So, yes, it is reliable and very helpful.

- - - - - - - - - -


Each time you manage to drag the correct petpet to its proper destination, you earn exactly 10 points. Dragging a petpet to the wrong destination, however, deducts 5 points from your score.

Failure to drag the picky petpet to its correct destination in the given time results in a loss of 1 life. To be honest, I would rather lose 5 or more points than lose a whole life. So be sure to get most if not all the petpets to their proper destination.

- - - - - - - - - -

Well that's the end of this guide. I hope that you have liked it and that you have learned new things from it and especially that it has helped you and taught you how you could obtain enough points for that elusive avatar easily.

Have fun and hope that I have helped you get a new trophy and maybe even a new avatar.

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