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Sweet and Lovable?

by foamysfinalresort

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Venturing Into Jhudora's Cloud
Finally, here at last! That rumored Jhudora's Cloud, with all its hidden traps and dangers for those who dared to enter...

Also by precious_katuch14

by shadowcristal


Playing Hookie
*smiles innocently*

Also by hello5346

by richnangela005


The Treasured Diary: Part One
Nearly every night there were grand balls full of his loyal subjects who did everything in their power to make sure they kissed up to him as much as possible. He shook his head in bemusement. Oh yes, being a prince was just terrible.

by twirlsncurls5


Does Sloth Wear Shoes?
To have a response to this difficult question, I have interviewed several Neopians, and have gotten a number of different and much exaggerated responses.

by priastonic

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