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Sweet and Lovable?

by foamysfinalresort

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The Neopian Investigators: Case of the Missing Neopoint
As he was halfway down the alley, a figure leapt out behind him, and began to follow...

by spoonguardonline


Just Plain Strange
Some things are just too easy to misunderstand.

by sparkleunister


Jhudora: Naughty or Nice?
That’s right, I’m at Jhudora’s home in Faerieland, and I’m here to investigate the mystery that’s on everyone’s mind: is Jhudora really evil?

by dan4884


A Lupe's Tale
"Deep in the dark, cold mountains of Tyrannia, there live Neopets unlike any other..." And so begins one Lupe's story...

by darkwolf__untamed

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