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Cybunny Royalty

by anime_cybunny


I was an ordinary Cybunny, living in a small village outside of the royal castle. There were not many Cybunnies around, but the village was crowded often. The market stalls would always be full of people bartering for food. My mother and father were always away from home for some odd reason, but I learned how to care for myself at a very young age.

     Most of the Neopets living here knew me and greeted me often. I gave them the usual smile in return. The smile was small, but meant a lot to the others for another odd reason. What were these reasons, I wonder? Could they involve something to do with my future?

     I loved books. From the attention grabbing covers to the ink filled pages, I was fascinated and my eyes were glued to each one until the end. Most stories I read were about famous heroes living in a town that had about the same description as my village. I always looked forward to the library stall and the traveling library that appears every few weeks. Money was always sent to me from my parents, but I never saw the return address.

     One day, I was looking through the mail, from bills to cards. At the bottom of the pile was a box completely different. On the top, there was no return address, so I assumed that my mother and father sent it. I placed the letter aside and opened the box. It contained a very rare item - a Royal Paint Brush.

     Hold on - a Royal Paint Brush? How did my mother and father manage that? I quickly and carelessly opened the envelope and read the letter. It contained an invitation:

     King San and Queen Kiyo cordially invite you to the royal castle in the middle of Neopian Plains, on the 27th day of Eating. Please attend after painting yourself with the gift that was contained in this box.

     That explained all of my questions. My parents were the King and Queen of the royal castle. I was in shock when I found out, and carefully held up the cushioned Royal Paint Brush. The paintbrush looked magical and seemed as if it wanted to be used. Sitting on a wooden chair, I painted myself with the brush.

     An hour later, I hopped quickly over to my mirror. I had a crown and wore a fancy light purple dress. This seemed to be what royalty was really like. I was looking forward to seeing my parents, whom I haven't seen in many years.

     The 27th day of Eating came fast and I looked around for a ride. The traveling library was finishing up its sales and beginning to close. The yellow Scorchio sat in front, right behind a brown Uni. I knew that I had to get to the castle, plus the library visits the castle, so I ran quietly and quickly and hopped on the back as the library rode off.

     While the ride went on, I grabbed a book at random and peered at it for a moment. It appeared to be a diary because the pages were completely blank and there wasn't a title in sight. I sighed and placed the book back where it belonged. Sometimes, I had to hide in a pile of books because the Scorchio driver was passing out a few free copies.

     I sighed with relief after the brown Uni started up again. The library sometimes ran slowly up hills. I almost fell asleep, but the rocks on the road woke me up in a flash. Hours, sometimes ages, later I could finally see the castle that my mother and father lived in. It looked elegant with the red roof and many windows. The castle looked more like a mansion, however.

     After the brown Uni finally stopped, I quickly hopped off. I almost tripped on my dress every now and then, but managed to stop myself in time. Looking like a royal Cybunny with a muddy dress would not have been a proper first impression. The Scorchio was looking through the library to find some books so I hurried and knocked on the door.

     A maid, who was a Kau, opened the door. She was pink and noticed the traveling library behind me.

     "A representative of the traveling library? Please wait here a moment," she quickly said and ran off to the King and Queen. Even though I wasn't a representative of the traveling library, I became concerned if my mother and father thought that I worked for the traveling library.

     The Scorchio driver had a difficult time finding the books, so he asked the brown Uni to help him. I quickly sighed with relief because the two didn't notice me yet. The Kau maid came back and explained, "The King and Queen are busily waiting in the library."

     "Actually…" I hesitated for a moment. The maid finally noticed that I didn't wear the clothes of a typical library worker.

     "Who are you, Miss?" she asked. This Kau seemed to think that I was a thief of some sort.

     "I'm Princess Usagi." I smiled. "An invitation was sent to me a while ago."

     The maid looked at the invitation and felt embarrassed. "I'm sorry, Princess." She bowed. "The King and Queen will be waiting for you as well. Please follow me."

     I turned around for a moment to see that the library workers still hadn't found their books yet. I quickly stepped inside the castle with the Kau maid. Inside, there was a grand staircase in the center with two separate hallways on each side. We went up the stairs and into a bedroom.

     "Another maid will return for you," she whispered and closed the door. I sat on the bed and thought, Are my parents going to recognize me? I obviously couldn't answer that question. The room had a table, a wardrobe, an antique clock, and a private bathroom.

     About five minutes later, a red Yurble maid knocked on my door. I got up and opened it. The maid nodded her head and went quickly downstairs. I immediately became nervous, knowing that my parents were at the bottom of the stairs.

     Slowly, I walked through the hallway and carefully down the stairs. At the bottom, I saw two older royal Cybunnies - one a female and the other a male. Their clothes were more elegant and beautiful than mine. The male smiled while the female had a tear in her eye.

     "Your highnesses," the Kau maid from earlier stated, "this is Usagi, princess of the Neopian Plains Castle." The two Cybunnies came closer to the stairs as I stepped carefully down the end of the staircase.

     "Usagi…do you remember us at all?" the female asked me. Honestly, I didn't remember exactly what my parents were like. I did remember their names - San and Kiyo.

     "Your highnesses." I curtsied in front of my parents. My father sighed while my mother giggled a little and used a handkerchief to remove her tear.

     "Usagi, you can just call us Mom and Dad. Okay?" my father asked. I nodded my head slowly while I hugged both of my parents. The two maids were excused right before the main door was knocked. My parents and I went off to another room.

     While my mother, father, and I were catching up on memories, I was able to hear the conversation from the main door.

     "Hello. Traveling library, I assume?" the Kau maid asked.

     "Yes. This is my arrival for the King and Queen. Are they available at this time?"

     "They aren't at the moment. Their daughter just arrived…"

     "Oh, really? When will the King and Queen be free?"

     "I will go check for you. Hold on a moment." The maid closed the door quietly. I heard her hooves on the floor as she came to the door. She opened the door without even knocking.

     "Vera, why didn't you knock?" my father asked.

     "I'm sorry, your highness. The traveling library is here for the weekly trip."

     "They are? Kiyo and I will be with them in a minute."

     "Okay." She nodded and closed the door. My mother noticed that I did not bring anything with me.

     "Would you like to get a book as well, Usagi?" she asked. I shook my head and explained what happened earlier in the day. My mother nodded while my father went out to see the traveling library. Eventually, he returned with a pile of books.

     "Good thing for letting them know ahead of time, right?" he winked. "I will put these books on the shelf in the library."

     "Very well, dear. I'll be there in a minute," my mother replied as my father walked out. The Queen smiled at me. "The invitation did not say that that you should bring your belongings with you?" she asked.

     "No," I simply replied. "It was a usual and ordinary invitation."

     "I see," she smiled. "Don't worry, Usagi. We'll have some of the maids go to your house and pick up your things. In the meantime, the rooms in the castle will meet your needs. Your room is the one that Vera showed you earlier."

     "Okay." I nodded. I had never lived in such a huge place before. My room was at least as big as my house that I previously lived in. After my mother left, I went out to explore my new home. The castle had many rooms - enough to make the place an elegant hotel.

     I opened the back door, which leaded to the kitchen, and noticed a large circular garden. There were many flowers in many shapes and colours. I was amazed and fascinated by all of the garden's beauty. Next to it, there was a stable that looked like a miniature version of the castle. I wondered if anyone was in it.

     The door to the stable looked just like the main doors of the royal castle. I opened it quietly and noticed that it was dark. Very little light came in, so I left the door wide open. There were many things around, from books to food and water. Even though there were basic necessities around here, I was rather curious if anyone could survive in here without much light.

     At the end, I saw a moving figure. It seemed to be four legged, with ropes tied all around it. Who could have done such a thing? As I came closer, the creature was crying. Ropes surrounded its mouth and eyes. It must have been hard for the creature to open its eyes.

     I trained myself to untie rough ropes, so I carefully untied the ones that surrounded the mouth and eyes. The unhappy creature looked up at me. I had discovered a Uni.

     "Thank you for saving me, stranger Cybunny," the Uni coughed as I pulled out the bowl of water.

     "Who are you?" I asked as the Uni drank the water. It was pink with a shiny horn.

     "I'm Penelope." She sighed. I could tell that she had been mistreated a lot in her life.

     "I'm Usagi." I smiled. Penelope suddenly got up and looked at me.

     "Usagi? Princess Usagi?" she asked. I slowly nodded. The Uni suddenly became shocked and backed away from me.

     "YOU! You're the daughter of the horrible royal highnesses! I should be poking you long enough with my horn!" She suddenly became angry. From what I could tell, my mother and father injured Penelope. I carefully came closer, when suddenly, attacked by the pink Uni, I fell over in the other corner.

     My dress suddenly became dirty, but I didn't care. All I wanted to know involved Penelope.

     "Why are you like this? What's wrong with my mother and father?" I asked with tears coming down like waterfalls.

     "Your family is a very bad one, Princess. Very evil family," Penelope explained. "I'm the smartest - and seemed to be the only - Uni of the castle. You may not know this about your parents, but…"

     "But what?" I asked. "Please continue."

     "But…your parents are thieves!"

     "What was that?" I asked. "I must not have heard you correctly. Did you just say that my parents are THIEVES? Thieves that steal stuff?" Penelope sadly nodded her head. I couldn't believe what I heard. Then, I suddenly realized why I was invited to the castle and why a Royal Paint Brush was sent to me. My parents probably stole the paintbrush from somewhere!

     I started to sob. The pink Uni came over to me and now felt horrible than ever.

     "Didn't you notice? That your parents were stealing goods at night? Did you see how tired your parents looked, Usagi?" Penelope asked. I shook my head instantly.

     "You see, I just arrived at the castle an hour ago. I didn't notice much about my parents because I was nervous to see them. I hadn't seen them for so long…" I continued to cry. "Tell me, Penelope, how many items in the castle ARE stolen?"

     "I don't have a clue, sadly," she replied. "I haven't been allowed in the royal castle for a week now. At first, I thought I was going to die because the King tied me all up. Fortunately, you came along and I felt saved. Somewhat."

     I looked up quickly at Penelope. "Somewhat? Did you HAVE to add that word?" I asked stubbornly. The pink Uni sighed and looked out the stable.

     "Uh, Usagi?"

     "What is it?"

     "Your parents…they're here."

     I quickly turned around and saw my parents coming. Penelope hurried into the corner and I buried her with the ropes that she was tied up with. Then I whispered, "I'll be back for you later."

     My mother and father noticed me in my clothes and my injuries. They pulled me out of the stable and locked the door. I noticed that my left paw was badly hurt and I ached all over. The King looked disappointed at me.

     "Why were you in the stable, Usagi? You should know that it's a dangerous place," he growled at me. The Queen frowned at my father.

     "Dear, you know that Usagi is new to the royal life. Give her a break for once," she stated and winked at me. At first, I didn't believe that my mother was a thief. From the looks of my father, I had my suspicions.

     I tried to walk, but I suddenly fell. My mother lifted me up and took me upstairs to my room. I felt like a little child crying after being hurt. The Queen placed me in my bed and asked for the nurse. This time, a Poogle arrived with medical supplies. She bandaged me up and left quietly, closing the door behind her.

     For the first time in my life, I was in a bed that felt like a bed, and a room that felt like a bedroom. I recalled in my head where the kitchen and the table was. It was difficult for me to sleep with bandages all over, but I managed.

     When I woke up, I noticed a table next to me. I had less bandages on me so I got up hurriedly. The table contained a plate full of food. I assumed that it was my dinner. No one checked on me at all while I ate my food.

     Since I was well enough, I took my dishes down to the kitchen and laid them in a cabinet. It looked like a mess considering how many dishes were used per day. The kitchen maids and the other maids were eating in a regular dining area, while my mother and father were eating in a private dining room.

     I struggled at first to get to the dining room because of all the rooms lined up in the hallway. At the end of it, I found a labeled door and discovered that it was the dining room. I quietly knocked on the door.

     "Who is it?" my father yelled. I hesitated before giving my answer. When my parents noticed who it was, I opened the door. The two royal Cybunnies had just finished their meals.

     "Usagi!" My mother got up to hug me. She didn't look tired at all from what I could tell.

     "Feeling better?" my father asked with concern. I nodded my head and mentioned how amazing the food was.

     "Never less for the Princess." My mother smiled. The King got up and went to get servants to carry the many dishes back to the kitchen. I felt bad for the servants - they were overworked and very underpaid. My mother told me not to worry about the servants, and that they'd get their income eventually.

     When night arrived, my parents and I went to bed immediately. The servants had to stay up to finish the cleaning and final preparations before going to bed in a separate hall. At about midnight, I heard voices and footsteps. Were those my parents?

     I silently got up and opened the door. Somehow, I knew what was happening - my parents were making the great escape out the castle. In darkness, I made my way to the garden and the stable. Penelope was waiting for me.

     "Have your parents left yet?" she asked. I nodded slowly. The pink Uni noticed my bandages. She apologized for her fierce and painful attack earlier. I noticed my parents running toward a certain direction. I hopped on Penelope and she dashed out the stable in an instant.

     Most of the time, Penelope was quiet when galloping. She and I noticed my parents breaking into a house close by and stealing all items valuable. I couldn't believe my eyes. From what I could see, my mother looked like a sleepwalker.

     My father carried a chest and placed the stolen valuables in. He and my mother went to several homes before making their way back to the castle. I had a feeling that I would have to go to the police.

     "Penelope? Would you mind taking me to the nearest police department?" I whispered quietly.

     "Sure," she replied and galloped the opposite direction my parents were going. The pink Uni was going as fast as a speedy Poogle. Penelope finally stopped at what looked like a deserted building. My jaw suddenly dropped.

     "This is the police station?" I asked. Penelope nodded and pushed me in the door. A yellow Jetsam suddenly looked at me.

     "Yes, Usagi?" he asked. I finally remembered that he was a friend of mine back in school.

     "My parents…" I hesitated for a moment.

     "You finally found your parents? That's great!"

     "Yes, but I found them stealing valuables from other houses."

     "What did you say?" He finally stopped and grabbed a few officers. The Jetsam commanded them to follow me to the castle. I quickly left the building and once again hopped on Penelope. The pink Uni dashed off after all officers were present.

     When everyone arrived at the castle, the officers suggested to me that I would go back to bed. I nodded and took Penelope back to the stable. The back door was left open and I quickly closed it after entering the castle. I hopped quietly back to bed.

     An officer rudely knocked on the door and kicked it open. I tried to quietly sleep, while my father entered with a potion. I woke up in an instant.

     "Usagi, please go back to sleep," he grinned evilly. "A perpetual sleep, I might add."

     "Perpetual sleep?" I asked. My father grabbed me and attempted to force the potion in. Moments later, the police arrived and reached for the object. The King quickly made me gulp the potion. My head suddenly fell on the pillow.

     Penelope barged into the room. "What did you just do to Usagi?" she asked demanding an answer. My father turned around.

     "Penelope! You should be at the stable tied up!" he started to growl. The tallest officer suddenly figured it out and told the other officers what to do.

     "King San, you are under arrest! Where is the Queen anyway?" the Chia looked around. My mother quietly came into my room with tears in her eyes.

     "The King poisoned me and made me go with him to steal the items," she sobbed. "I'm so very sorry."

     "We'll need the evidence first. Half of you take the King out of here. One of you should find a doctor," an officer commanded. Some of the officers left the room. My mother went to grab the poison potion that my father stored. The shortest officer nodded.

     "Queen Kiyo, you aren't under arrest. We'll leave now," he said and the rest of the officers left the room. My mother quickly hopped to my bedside.

     "Usagi, please wake up. What happened just now is not a dream," she stated quietly and hugged me. "Please, dear Princess, wake up."

     Those were the key words that made me conscious again. I slowly opened my eyes. Penelope was on the other side of the bed.

     "Usagi! You live after all!" She smiled and squeezed me tight. I felt like a bottle being squished.

     "Yes, I do! Will you please stop the squeezing, Penelope?" I asked. The pink Uni let go of me finally. I noticed that my father was nowhere to be seen. Penelope looked up at my mother and each nodded.

     "Usagi, remember when I told you that your parents were thieves?" Penelope asked. I nodded my head and almost fell asleep again. The doctor arrived and saw that there wasn't a problem anymore and left.

     Penelope continued, "Well, your father was arrested by the police after you fell asleep." She sighed. The Queen got up.

     "Tell you what, Penelope. The stable will be gone and you shall have your own room in the castle." She smiled. Penelope suddenly became in shock.

     "Your highness, that's an honour! I would be happy to live in the castle!" the Uni exclaimed. Penelope left my mother and I alone and searched the house for goods that were stolen by the King.

     "Mom?" I asked.

     "What is it, Princess?"

     "I think I would like a cup of tea."

     "Very well, Princess." My mother nodded and fetched a servant. The servant went down to the kitchen, came immediately back to my room, and handed me my tea.

     "Thank you very much." I smiled. The servant smiled back and went to clean a room. The Queen was looking around, seeing if I was well enough to wander around the castle. She finally got up from my bed and left me alone in my room to drink tea.

     I sighed with relief, knowing that my father's gone and that I was alone for a while. The sweet scent of my beverage made me drink all of it in an instant. Finally, I got up from my bed to go to the kitchen. However, I suddenly heard a strange sound.

     What was it, I wonder? Vera came up the stairs and whispered, "There is a parade outside the castle. Why don't you attend to it?"

     "There's a parade outside?" I replied. The Kau servant nodded her head with a smile. I loved parades as much as I loved books, so I hurried down the stairs and out the giant main doors. A familiar Royal Cybunny with her proper dress was smiling with the parade, which was walking through the town. All that was simply said was:

     "Welcome home, Princess Usagi."

The End

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