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Jubble Bubble Guide

by annie737


MARAQUA - "A new game!" you exclaim. As excited as you are to play the new game called Jubble Bubble, you race to try it out. But first, you decide to see how many points you need for a trophy. So you see those adorable little Maraquan Jubjub trophies for Jubble Bubble but next to them you see those amazingly high scores. "How can I ever score enough points for a trophy?!?" you yell. So you try your best, struggling, playing for hours and hours and hours and hours and... okay you get the point but hours of scoring incredibly low scores like 300, 200, and maybe even 100 points! "The frustration!" you scream. Maybe you bang your head on your keyboard once or twice, scream a little, whatever you do to deal with such great frustration, feeling unhappy as you think about how you can never win the trophy. Now that frustration you were screaming about will all be over. Just read on and all your Jubble Bubble problems will be solved.

Although it is very new, Jubble Bubble is now one of my favorite games. It is also a great game for earning Neopoints and maybe even a shiny new trophy. That is why I have decided to create a guide for great success in this game.

What could be more fun than catching those adorable Maraquan Jubjubs in a bubble? Catching those adorable Jubjubs in a bubble and winning Neopoints and cute new trophies. But first you must know the object of the game.

When you start the game you will control the Maraquan Shoyru. The Jubjubs fall from the top of the screen and now it is your job to protect them from hitting the ground as they fall! Give each Jubjub a cushion bubble by positioning yourself under the Jubjub and holding down the left mouse button and then release it to send off a bubble. The longer you hold it down, the longer the distance the bubble will travel. So now you have created a bubble and it is floating up by the Jubjub. Look, it is now inside the bubble and smiling! Good job! You have now caught the falling Jubjub. Now just wait for it to float back down to the ground and you will receive ten points. But remember that you only have three lives so make sure you catch as many as possible.

You have now learned the basics of the game. Now you must learn that Maraquan Jubjubs are not the only things that float down from the top of your screen. The two other objects are the white shells and the dubloons. First I am going to tell you about the dubloons. If you see something round and bronze you know it is a dubloon. To receive extra points from it, all you have to do is catch it in a bubble as if it were a Jubjub. Now, let me tell you about the white shells. These shells also fall from the top of your screen. If you catch them you will receive a few more points. But be careful, unlike the dubloon, if you get hit by one the Maraquan Shoyru can't move for a few seconds. This is very bad because when you are far into the game, the Jubjubs come down faster.

Okay, so you have learned all about the game, but you still don't know the scoring. So here is a list of the objects and their value if you catch them in a bubble:

Maraquan Jubjub: 10 points

Dubloon: 25 points

White shell: 5 points

But keep in mind that this game never ends, so you can earn a whole lot of points.

Now you know about Jubble Bubble, but it is time to learn a few tips to make your high score go way up.

Tip #1: Always pay attention. You never know when a Jubjub will come speeding down your screen.

Tip #2: When far into the game, make sure that the Shoyru is in the middle of the screen. This helps because if you are on one side of the screen it is harder to get to the other side if a Jubjub is falling.

Tip #3: Also when far into the game, if you see a Jubjub and a dubloon, make sure you get the Jubjub before the dubloon, because if the dubloon falls it won't make you lose a life.

Tip #4: The last tip about being far into the game is to try and avoid the white shells as much as possible.

Tip #5: Always remain calm and keep a positive attitude. If you stay calm you can relax and have fun with the game and maybe even do better.

Tip #6: Always go for every Jubjub you see, even if it looks low. Chances are if you try you can catch it. If I did not use this tip, then I would not have my trophy.

Congratulations! You have just learned all the tips to Jubble Bubble. Now you can win tons of Neopoints and maybe, with a little practice, you may even win a trophy! It does not matter if it is bronze, silver, or gold. No matter what trophy you have it still feels like a big accomplishment. Also this game helps me earn 3,000 Neopoints a day. I am sure that you can make that many too now that you have read this guide and learned everything you need to know. But with 3,000 Neopoints a day just from Jubble Bubble you could finally earn enough Neopoints for that faerie doll, or a Darigan Paint Brush, or... nevermind, you get the point once again, or any other item you have always wanted!

Overall I find this game very fun and cute. I hope you now feel the same way too and you feel that you are ready to go back and go for those trophies one more time! I really do think that you can win one, so good luck to you!

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