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The Five Kaus: Part Four

by jacob133


Deep within the bowels of the Space Station, Commander Garoo sat upon a stolen bean bag after eating a meal of stolen goods. He was contemplating where he was and why he was here, and realized that he shouldn't be sitting on a bean bag eating space food, hidden within the confines of the Space Station. He should be upon a throne with hundreds of Mutant Grundos under his control, feasting upon the finest of foods.

      But fate, and a certain Space Faerie, had other plans for him and his master. Now he was reduced to hiding, scavenging whatever weapons and supplies he could with his meager force. But soon his master would return, and they would rise yet again to challenge Neopia. Give it another year, and they would have everything they would need. Soon...

      "Commander Garoo, sir!" said a Mutant Grundo. "News to report!"

      "What is it this time?" Garoo sighed as he stood up from his bean bag. "Another shipment of Gateaux? We already have a surplus of it."

      "A Red Kau broke into the Space Station and decimated the defenders earlier today. It continued to rampage throughout the Space Station until it disappeared. The current state of the Station is weak and perfect for the taking."

      "I appreciate your zeal, slave, but such a gamble wouldn't last; even IF the Station is in shambles, we would never be able to hold it more than a few days. Reinforcements from other outposts would come in, as would those from Neopia, and do not forget the ever hated Space Faerie. The most we can gain at this time is by doing as we have always done: Stealing from under their noses. We can gather several thousand neopoints worth of goods before the day is through. Gather a team when I'm finished with you."

      "Yes sir!"

      "I'm more interested in this Red Kau you mentioned. He caused so much destruction, and yet he suddenly disappeared. What happened to him?"

      "Reports speculate he may have crawled into one of the many ventilation entrances we use to enter the main portions of the Station."

      "...You knew we might have a breach in security and you tell me this now?"

      A fine sweat began to form on the brow of the Grundo, but before he could say anything, a ventilation vent cover flew off the wall and into his head, knocking him out. The Red Kau the Grundo spoke of jumped out of the open vent.

      "You!" said the Red Kau to Garoo, and charged right at him. Garoo quickly dodged to the side, the bean bag taking the brunt of the Kau's wrath. As it tore open the bag and spilled its contents everywhere, Garoo felt a vague sense of loss, as that bean bag was his chosen seat for the past few months. 'No matter,' thought Garoo. 'It was stolen.'

      "I have a few words for you and your master," said the Red Kau after he finished tearing apart the bean bag.

      "Really?" Garoo said as he slowly walked over to where he kept his axe. "I'll have to put in a message for you then, as even I don't know where Dr. Sloth is."

      "Fine then. Then all I got is you."

      "That you do."

      "Help me defeat Jacob!"

      "...What?" Garoo stopped moving towards his axe, as he was sure this Kau said the word "help". No, that couldn't be right. Not only that, he was sure he could place the name Jacob in some relation with Dr. Sloth.

      "Help me defeat Jacob!" the Kau continued. "My master! I wanted the help of Dr. Sloth, since he is 'supposedly' the most powerful villain in all of Neopia. I hate him too! But of all people, I hate Jacob the most."

      "The enemy or your enemy is your friend. Is that why you are here?"

      "That's exactly why I am here. So how about it? Are you going to help me out?"

      Garoo crossed his arms across his chest. He was beginning to like this Neopet. And if he was powerful enough to decimate the Space Station...

      "What's your name, Kau?"

      "The name is Metonot, and don't you EVER refer to me as a Kau! I'm a Korbat through and through. Blame my stupid master for the way I am."

      "Whatever. I agree to your proposal. Let me show you around the place. For someone of your talents, one must know all he can about his partner's abilities... partner."


      "Well, it looks like the coast is clear at this time," said Jacob after closing the abandoned barn's door. "We can hole up here for the time being, but we will have to move out soon."

      "I'm tired of running," said Blue Metonot.

      "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm having the time of my life!" laughed Yellow Metonot, hardly shaking anymore. "Having to run just for the sake of running is sure better than being paranoid."

      "But we aren't running for the sake of it," scoffed Blue Metonot. "We are running away from Faerieland's reinforcements."

      "Please leave Yellow Metonot alone, Blue," said White Metonot. "He finally feels the least bit safe and doesn't need to be reasoned with. Let him be."

      "I agree," says Jacob as he fell into a pile of hay.

      "What do we do now?" asked Blue Metonot.

      "We wait," said Jacob, his hands propped behind his head.


      "Yes. The longer we wander about in the open, the more likely we will be spotted. Plus if we wait it out, Faerieland will be able to sort out the mess they started."

      "Of course!" said White Metonot. "Faerieland's troops are non-aggressive in almost all cases they undertake. That they were so willing to attack us from the start shows there was a breach in protocol."

      "I assume it is a faerie that still has a grudge against me," sighed Jacob. "I never had many friends there. Whoever she is, hearing news that I had four 'new' Neopets gave her the chance to get back at me. She instilled fear into the Guard I was dangerous, and with the Guard defeated, she has the proof that I truly am. Now she can send in the heavy to speak."

      "But that's not fair!" whined Blue Metonot. "They attacked us! We had no choice but to defend ourselves."

      "It doesn't matter. They are the law, and no matter how much we kick and scream, they will get their way. But, as I said, I'm sure the whole situation will work itself out if we wait."

      "What makes you so sure?" asked Yellow Metonot, who was calmed by Jacob's demeanor.

      "A hunch," Jacob said, and gave a small smile.

      "I don't mean to be rude," said White Metonot, "But isn't this an abandoned barn in the middle of a field? Wouldn't this be the first spot reinforcements would look into instead of the last place?"

      All of a sudden, they heard a whooshing noise outside, as if someone was moving at incredible speed.

      "You had to jinx it, didn't you?" moaned Jacob as he got up quickly to see what it was. A quick peek outside was all it took, and he nearly fell over. 'Uh oh,' thought Jacob. 'Anyone but him.'

      "Who is it?" said Yellow Metonot, who had resumed shaking again.

      "Who leads the Defenders of Neopia?" asked Jacob with a laugh. None of them needed to answer, as they all knew, but Grey Metonot voiced the name anyways.

      "Judge Hog."

      "No! Not him!" cried Yellow Metonot. "What are we going to do?"

      Jacob quickly looked about the barn, making a plan as he made an inventory of everything inside. All he could find was a bunch of hay, rope, and a worn but usable wagon. It wasn't much, but it would work. He didn't have many options at this time.

      "Come on out Jacob!" yelled Judge Hog. "I know you are in there!"

      "White Metonot," said Jacob. "You are in charge of the rest of the Metonots. I'm going to slow down Judge Hog while you guys make a break for it. I assume you will know what to do, seeing as you are a genius."

      "...I understand, Jacob," said White Metonot.

      "What?" said Yellow Metonot. "What's going on?"

      "Don't you worry, Yellow Metonot," Jacob said as he patted Yellow on the head. "Just follow White's instructions and everything will be alright. He's probably a better planner than I am anyways. He certainly would think to do what I'm about to do."


      "This is my last warning, Jacob!" said Judge Hog. "Come out peacefully or I will be forced to take action!"

      "Alright, Judge Hog!" replied Jacob from inside the barn. "I'm coming out now! I surrender! It's no use fighting you!"

      'You got that right,' thought Judge Hog. 'To fight me would be insanity. No one can stand up to me.'

      No sooner did he finish that thought, Jacob burst through the barn doors. Not open the doors and run through the opening. He ran right THROUGH the doors and into Judge Hog. Not expecting such a sudden attack, Jacob's tackle sent the both of them tumbling away from the barn. Judge Hog kicked Jacob off of him the instant they stopped rolling. "Jacob, what is the matter with you? Do you have any idea what you are doing?"

      Jacob's reply was a punch right to Hog's snout. "I'm stopping you from taking Metonot away! That's what I'm doing! Now fight!"

To be continued...

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