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The Search for Petpet World: Part Six

by darkfaerie700


Today the three of them would be going back to Mystery Island to get the last scroll. As usual, the three of them woke up, hopped into the buggy and flew off to Mystery Island. After a while they reached Mystery Island and they saw the Wise one, the Whoot. The Wise One greeted them and they went to the Wise One's hut.

     "So you ready for the last scroll?" asked the Wise One. Jobo and the others nodded. "Okay, here you go," said the Whoot giving them the last scroll. Jobo thanked the Wise One and the Whoot wished them good luck. Jobo waved goodbye and they all jumped into the buggy.

     "Well open it already!" cried Okley. Jobo opened the scroll. It said:





      THE GEMS.

     "Well finally a scroll with out letters by themselves!" exclaimed Okley.

     Jobo laughed and said, "Okay enough joking! So if we want to find the Petpet world then we have to go to NW."

     "But where is NW? Maybe we can use the map," said Ted. Jobo nodded. He took it out and looked at it closely. After a while he said:

     "NW is probably . . . . . here," said Jobo pointing to Kreludor.

     "Kreludor?" asked Ted. "Isnt Kreludor in outer space?" Jobo nodded.

     "All we have to do is fly up there. I find it will be very easy with this gear," said Jobo reaching to the back of the buggy pulling out some space gear. "I just found this at the back," said Jobo.

     "WOW!" exclaimed Okley. "Space suits, air tanks and everything!" Jobo nodded.

     "So lets head off to Kreludor!" exclaimed Jobo.

      * * *

      All of them had reached Kreludor and had put on their space suits.

     "So where are we going to find this "statue"?" asked Okley.

     "We just have to look around until we find it," replied Jobo. Okley nodded and they all went to look for the statue. Few minutes past and they still had not found the statue.

     "This is hard!" panted Okley.

     "I know. But we will just have to keep on looking," said Jobo. As he said this Jobo accidentally dropped the scroll that led them the Petpet world!

     "NOOOOOO!" cried Jobo. The scroll landed in a puddle of water. "Come on! Give me a break!" he said picking the scroll up shaking it dry. Suddenly something caught his eye. The NW on the scroll had peeled off. In its place were two letters. They were SE.

     "Guys come look at this!" cried Jobo in amazement. The two of them went over to Jobo. "Look at this," said Jobo pointing to the letters SE. "This means that we went the wrong way! Instead of going SE we went NW!"

     "So then this means that the statue is in another place?" asked Okley. Jobo nodded. "Thats why we could not find the statue here. Wait, if we are not in the correct place then where is the right place?" asked Okley. Jobo shrugged and pulled out the map.

     "I do not know where the statue is! I have an idea! I know something that can tell us where the statue is! All we have to do is go to Terror Mountain. Are you with me?" asked Jobo. Okley and Ted nodded. So lets head on off to Terror Mountain!


     The three of them reached Terror Mountain within several minutes without many difficulties.

     "Okay, anyone here have any sugar?" Jobo asked. Ted looked at him suspiciously and handed him a bit of sugar. "Great! Now, all we have to do is lure the Snowager-"

     "Ha! I knew it! I knew it! You want to lure the Snowager out so you can put him in a trance. Then you will ask him where the statue is. Then he will give you something and then you will be satisfied. Am I correct?" asked Ted. Jobo just looked at him in amazement.

     "How did you know that?" asked Jobo. Ted just smiled and said:

     "Its my little secret!" Ted laughed at Jobo's astonishment. "So are we putting the plan in action or what?" asked Ted.

     "Alright!" cheered Jobo. They drove off to the Snowagers lair ready and prepared.

      When they reached the Snowagers lair Jobo took a deep breath, took a step to the lair and spread the sugar out in front of the lair. Jobo quickly ran back to the buggy. Then the menacing looking Snowager slid out from lair and looked directly and Jobo. All of them could feel the Snowagers cold breath, breathing on them. Jobo took a deep breath and said:

     "Great Snowager, we have come for your great intelligence. We all want to know where the great statue for the Petpet world is. Please could you give us something that could help us find this great statue?" said Jobo. They felt again a cold breath of the Snowager. Then they heard a great menacing voice saying:

     "Brave Petpets. Come to my lair when I was awake. It does not matter anyway. I of course can give you something that can lead you to the great statue. But of course why should I give it to you when I have nothing in return?" the Snowager asked in a booming voice.

     "Well we could give you something. We could give you a half of a ruby?" said Jobo. The Snowager thought about it and agreed. He went back to his lair and got an amulet that would lead the three of them to the great statue.

     "Here you go," said the Snowager loudly. "Now where is my ruby?" Jobo quickly took the ruby and broke in half.

     "Here you go!" Jobo happily handing the Snowager the ruby and receiving a magic amulet. Jobo and the others bowed and drove off. The Snowager slunk back inside his lair.

     "That was great!" said Okley to Jobo. Jobo blushed and thanked Okley.

     "Now how does this amulet work?" asked Jobo.

     "All you do is hold it up in the air let the sun shine on it and then put it on the ground. Then it will turn in the direction the statue is. But of course you have to say loudly and clearly what you are looking for," said Ted. Okley and Jobo stared at him in amazement.

     "You know, you always amaze me," said Jobo patting Ted on the back. "Let's go!"

     Jobo held the amulet high in the sky and let the sun shine on it for 5 seconds. Then he put it on the ground. It spun wildly in circles and then stopped, with one side pointing to the Snowagers lair and the other pointing towards the direction of the buggy.

     "I think we have to jump in the buggy and drive toward Happy Valley," said Jobo.

     "Yeah I agree," said Okely. Ted also agreed by nodding his head. So they all jumped in the car and Jobo drove them to where the amulet was pointing. They kept on following the amulet when the amulet started to spin wildly. Jobo screeched the buggy to a stop.

     "I think we are going the wrong way," said Jobo. Jobo took the amulet and held up to the sun. Then he put the amulet in his hands. The amulet spun around and around and finally it stopped. It pointed in a different direction. Jobo started the car again and went the direction the amulet was pointing. Jobo followed this procedure for about half an hour when Jobo realized the amulet was pointing towards Mystery Island.

     "Why do you think the amulet is bringing us back to Mystery Island?" asked Jobo.

     "Maybe the statue is somewhere in the Wise One's hut!" cried Okley.

     "Nah! We would have seen it when we were there!," said Jobo. "Oh well. We might as well just follow where the amulet tells us to go," said Jobo. When they had reached Mystery Island, (as Jobo predicted) the amulet kept on going. But, instead of leading them to the Wise Ones hut, (as Okley predicted would happen) the amulet led them to the volcano.

     "I wonder why the amulet brought us here," said Okley. Ted rolled his eyes and said:

     "Duh! The Techo that was carved on the volcano is the statue! So just to check if I am right, Jobo could you do that little thing with the amulet?" asked Ted. Jobo nodded and he lifted the amulet high in the sky then put it on the ground. It spun round and round and then stopped, and it was pointing to the volcano. "So I am right," said Ted. "So now all we have to do is find out what the big circle means," he said. They all thought for a few minutes and then it hit Jobo.

     "I have got it! The big circle is the Techo's mouth!" Jobo cried. Ted nodded. "So all we have to do is climb up there and knock inside of the Techos mouth," said Jobo.

     "But how are we going to get up there?" asked Ted. Jobo glanced at some vines and then looked at Okley and Ted. Then they all smiled and charged to get some vines.

     The three of them had tied some vines to the top of the Techo and tied some of the vine to them. "Ready?" asked Ted to everyone. They all nodded. "Go!" said Ted. The three of them started to climb the volcano all of them determined to get to the top. They were all half way to the Techos mouth when- SNAP! A bit of the Ted's vine snapped.

     "Whoa!" said Ted swinging his hands round and round.

     "Ted, you okay?" asked Jobo. Ted nodded. "I think it is too risky. We have to go down!" shouted Jobo to Ted. Ted thought for a moment. SNAP! Another part of Ted's vine snapped.

     "I will go back down now!" said Ted uneasily. Jobo nodded and said to Okley:

     "We will have to go down now! Ted's vine is snapping and I don't think that we can come back!" Jobo shouted. Okley nodded. They all lowered down back to the ground, and luckily for Ted, he lowered right to the ground before the vine snapped.

     "Ouch, that hurt. Oh well. Hey Jobo, do you have another idea? Because I do not," said Ted. Jobo shook his head.

     "Oh, oh I have an idea! We can do this: All we have to get is one strong plank of wood, and two rocks. One big sized rock and one medium sized rock. Can you find all that for me?" asked Okley.

     "If we worked together we probably can find all of that!" said Jobo.

     "Then lets get started!" cried Okley. They all split up in the jungle, but not too far away from the Techos head. After a while they came back, with Ted holding a medium sized rock, Okley holding a plank of wood, and Jobo in the buggy with a big sized rock.

     "Now, Jobo, put the big rock on the ground right here," said Okley. Jobo nodded and rolled the rock with some help from Ted to the place Okley had said to put it. "Good," said Okley. "Now I put this plank of wood over top of the big rock-"

     "I know what you're doing!" exclaimed Ted. "And its a good plan! What you are doing is simple. You are making a seesaw. Then one Petpet stands on one side of the seesaw when someone drops it from high. Wait how is that going to work? Nothing can lift the rock high enough so it can bounce one of us to the Techo's head. What can we do?"

     They all thought about it, when suddenly Jobo had a plan.

     "I have got it! Remember that creature when we were trying to get the diamond? Well, he gave us the whistle and said that if anything happened and they needed help, we would just blow on the whistle. So I am going to blow on the whistle for help," said Jobo. He went to the buggy and looked for the whistle. Finally, he found the whistle and blew.

     EEEEEEeeeEEEEEEEeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeEEEEEEEE! It went like that and they all had to cover their ears. After a few minutes, a big creature soared over their heads and landed right next to the volcano.

     "Hello! I heard someone needed some help!" said the creature. Jobo nodded.

     "We need you to take that rock and take all the way up there," said Jobo pointing to the top of the Techo's head. The creature took the rock to where Jobo had pointed to. Jobo looked through the buggy and found some rope. He stood on a half of the seesaw and said:

     "Now, drop the rock carefully on the other half of the seesaw!" yelled Jobo. The creature nodded and dropped the rock on the other half of the seesaw. Jobo flew into the air and then went SMACK on the top of the Techos head.

     "Ouch," muttered Jobo. He stood up and lowered himself to the mouth of the Techo and lowered the rope to the ground. "You guys, hold on to the rope and I will pull you up!" yelled Jobo. The two nodded and held on. The creature helped Jobo. Finally they got up and Ted said:

     "So now where is the opening to the Petpet World?"

     "Right heresssss," said a voice. At the back of the mouth, a window opened and Wadjet eyes filled the window. "Welcome vissssitorssss," said the Wadjet. "Now where isssss your gemssss?" Jobo ran to the Wadjet and gave her the bag of gems. "Goodssssss. Now who isssssssss coming to the Petpet worldssssss?" Jobo pointed at Ted and Okley. The Wadjet nodded. "You maysssss come inssssssss," she hissed. She opened up a door and the three of them walked in. Suddenly, Jobo stopped.

     "What about you?" he asked the creature. "If you are going away then take my buggy with you. I will not use it anymore." The creature smiled and flew away saying their good-byes. Jobo smiled and then with his two friends, he entered the fantastic Petpet world.

The End

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