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10 Ways to Get Items From the Neocola Machine

by cheesechart


So, you're just walking through Kreludor (Well, really you're not walking, 'cause there isn't really any gravity, so maybe bouncing?) and you see the Neocola Machine. Most people would probably run because of the bad, doomy things they hear about it.


How could a Neocola machine be evil? But anyway, do you have one of those Neocola tokens? If you do, go waste it on the machine! You don't have one? Well, don't fret, there’s nine more ways to get prizes from the Neocola Machine. :)

1. The ever so famous way - A Neocola Token, duh! What else is it good for? You can find Neocola Tokens in other Neopian's Shops (But I don't know why they won't waste them on the Neocola Machine) for about 5-10k each. If you want a real bargain, then there are also some in stock at the Space Weaponry shop at the Space Station. Put the Neocola token in the slot - and Ta-Da! You get your prize (Just hope it's not a Bag full of Doom).

2. Stuff a Meepit in the Machine. Hey, they like getting into trouble, so why not let them get you a little snack. It's quite easy really, just stuff the Meepit where the Neocola comes out, Meepit climbs up, grabs prize, and then comes back down. Simple, eh? But, there is also a downside to this one. The Meepit could both get stuck and never come out, or whoever (or whatever) is in the Machine might keep your Meepit as their own...

3. Push all the buttons at once. You know that dang Neocola machine is badly built; if you just push one button something will come out. Although, if you want to do this step, press the Neocola button that looks the most colorful; that's what I always do. But you can do whatever you like. One button, three buttons, all the buttons, they will all give you different items.

4. Here is the one most everyone has done at least once - kick it. Now, don't you dare tell me that you never kicked a machine before - or never kicked the Neocola one. That thing can make someone have a bad day if it just eats their Neocola Token. This one kinda refers to number three, when I say it's badly built. When you kick it, all the loose items (which is practically everything) come falling, and you get your prizes. ^^

5. Don't have a Neocola Token? Use a Nerkmid! Do you really think that thing knows the difference between a Nerkmid and a Neocola token? That's what I thought. The Nerkmid may be a little bigger, but I know for a fact that you can fit it in there. I know what you're thinking. "I'm not wasting 60,000 neopoints, so that some machine can explode!" Well, you never know what will happen if you use something other than a Neocola token.

6. One of my personal favorites - make it explode. Yep, you heard me, blow the machine up! I mean, Sloth or whoever invented it is gonna rebuild it. Besides, when it does explode, you get ALL of the items, all the ones that aren't scorched, that is. Another good thing about this one is that along with the items, you get the Neocola tokens that go along with it ;).

7. Use Super gadget tools to unlock the Neocola Machine. Sure, this one is a little childish, but hey! You'll get to have some fun with it. I suggest that you use a wrench. It's not a Super Gadget one, but it will still do wonders if you just smack the machine with it a couple times. Sloth always does it when he's fixing it...

8. Get Sloth to buy one for you. He's always sitting on his lazy bum, thinking of ways to destroy and/or take over Neopia. It's time that he does something nice for the citizens of Neopia, more importantly you, and start giving them free Neocola tokens =P.

9. Throw Evil Fuzzles at the machine. What good are Evil Fuzzles except for the Evil Fuzzles: Beyond the Stars game? If you throw them at the Neocola Machine, their razor-sharp teeth will bite right through the Machine, getting to the prizes. Just hope they will stop before they get to the prizes, or you just got bitten in the hands one hundred times for nothing.

10. And our last one, just use neopoints to get something. Like I said, that thing doesn't know a Kougra from a Wocky. Neopoints work the best out of the three (Nerkmids, Neopoints, Neocola Tokens) because you can just put in, like, one neopoint and it will give you 47 things. Also like I said before, maybe something even better will happen with a neopoint, rather than a Neocola Token.

Well, I hope you liked my ideas on how to get stuff from the Neocola Machine, but unfortunately it is over. I know, you loved it so much you want it to fill up an entire issue of the Neopian Times XD. There are of course more ways, I just named a few. You must have a creative mind to know how to get prizes from the Neocola machine. Bye!

Wow, you must really like this a lot if you’re still reading this...

You know what, for being so nice, and interested in what I wrote, I'll give you one more way to get items from the Neocola Machine.

11. Scream. That machine acts like glass; it's so fragile and so badly built. If you or a friend has a high-pitched scream, your items are guaranteed (Hey, I made a rhyme =o). Just remember to bring earmuffs. CAUTION: MAKING HIGH-PITCHED SCREAMS MAY CAUSE MEEPITS TO ATTACK AND IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY.

Well, are you happy now? I must be on my way. Also, I hope you liked my last tip. Have fun getting items!


No really, I'm done now. Please go now, unless you wanna spend the rest of your life waiting for another 10 ways to get stuff from the Neocola Machine...

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