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The Search for Petpet World: Part Four

by darkfaerie700


The Ruby

Today the three musketeers would be, again heading off to Mystery Island for another scroll. The reached there in several minutes but when they arrived, the Wise One was waiting at the dock for them.

     "I thought you would be coming," said the Whoot. "I assume you have the sapphire?" he asked. Jobo nodded. The Whoot beckoned them into his hut.

     "So," he said. "Come for another scroll?" Ted nodded. He went to the back and searched for another scroll. "Here you go," said the Wise One giving them a scroll. They all bowed and left the Wise Ones hut. Jobo looked at the side. It said: SCROLL FOR R. He opened the scroll up. It said:






     "So we know that R is ruby, but what is M?" asked Ted.

     "Mystery Island?" suggested Okley.

     "Nah. That would be too easy because we got the scroll at Mystery Island," said Jobo. They thought for a few minutes when Ted exclaimed:

     " Maraqua! M stands for Maraqua!" he said. "Now we need to find out what LD is. We already know that F is Faerieland." They again, thought for a few minutes and then Okley got the answer.

     "LD stands for Lost Desert!" he exclaimed. They all nodded. "We still have to find out what KL means," Ted pointed out. They thought for a while and then it came to Jobo.

     "KL is Kiko Lake! Now all we have to do is go to Maraqua and get the ruby!" said Jobo.

     "Or we could go to Kiko Lake FIRST then go to Maraqua! We probably need lots of air supplies for underwater because we probably have to look down there a lot to find the ruby," said Okley. They all agreed.

     "I want to check the map to see where Maraqua is," said Ted. He opened up the map and said, "If Faerieland was here and the Lost Desert was here then Maraqua would be . . . . . right about here," he said checking it off. So it was set. They were heading off to Kiko Lake to find some supplies and then heading off to find the ruby in Maraqua!

      * * *

Jobo, Ted and Okley had taken many stops through the islands in Neopia. When they reached finally Kiko Lake, they parked the buggy and got off to eat lunch.

     "Can we have some fun?" whined Okley. "I have been so energetic and I have not been able to use it all up. So can we PLEASE take a break? PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE????????" Ted and Jobo thought about it. Ted thought that it was a good idea. Jobo agreed so they all had a little fun before getting back to adventure. They found the edge of the lake so they all decided to have lunch there. After lunch Jobo found a few beach things in the back of the car. There were towels, umbrellas, sunglasses, and floaties. Okley was delighted and quickly put on the floaties.

     "Bunzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!" he yelled jumping into the water. When he did all the water splashed on Ted and Jobo which in that case were sun tanning. They both sat there drenched in Lake Water.

     "I WILL get you for that!!!!!" screamed Jobo.

     "Count me in!" cried Ted. They both ran into the water splashing Okley with water. He quickly turned away yelling:

     "Water fight!!!!!!!!!" The three of them went splashing away at each other. In a while they were all worn out, panting like Lupes. They all swam to shore and on their backs, they all rested. After awhile and they decided to head up to the Kiko Lake supply shop for Petpets. So they packed their things up and headed off to the supply shop.

     When they reached the shop, and was in the shop, they noticed that everything in the shop was for swimming. There were no fishing rods, or gears nothing. Nothing but swim stuff.

     Swimming suits, scuba gear, flippers, and much more. They went to the shop counter and found a Weewoo shopkeeper.

     "Welcome to Kiko Lake and the Kiko Lake Supply Store . . . .for Petpets. How may I help you?" the Weewoo said politely.

     "We are looking for long lasting gear for swimming," said Jobo. The Weewoo nodded and led them to a part of the shop.

     "Shop till you drop!" the Weewoo said happily. Then she walked back to the counter to help another customer. The three of them each took three things. Scuba gear, a swimsuit, and an oxygen tank. They took the stuff and once again went to the counter.

     "We want all of this," said Ted politely. "How much will it cost?" he asked. The Weewoo added everything on the cashier and said:

     "It will cost you 365 NP," she replied. Jobo and Okley gasped but Ted smiled. He took the sapphire out broke off a piece and gave it to the Weewoo.

     "Will this be enough?" he asked. The Weewoo nodded in awe. She took the sapphire and gave them their stuff. "Thank you," said Ted. Then he and the two others walked out leaving the Weewoo in great amazement.


The three musketeers were about to leave the island when Jobo saw a little thing floating in the lake.

     "Wait a minute. Look. What's that thing over there?" he asked. Jobo hopped off the buggy and went to look. "Its one of those bottle things that have letters in them!" Jobo cried. He brought it to the buggy and took the letter out of the bottle. It said:


     Jobo shrugged at what it said, put it in the back of the buggy and soon after the bottle was forgotten.

     It was evening and the three of them were going to camp out in Faerieland. They had almost reached when suddenly a big wave appeared throwing them of course. They rode in the suddenly terrible weather for about a half an hour when they reached were blown up onto a tree.

     "We have terrible weather, we are thrown off course and we are stuck on a tree! What else can go wrong?" moaned Okley. BOOM! The branch that they were on had snapped and they had fallen.

     "You and your big mouth," complained Jobo, rubbing his back. It was night now and not much light could be seen. The gang slowly drove the buggy forward and then it hit Okley.

     "We are in the Haunted Wood!" he whispered.

     "How do you know?" asked Jobo.

     "It dark and scary, there is a tower over there and I can hear screams," replied Okley.

     "Good enough for me," said Jobo shuddering at a breeze that blew by. It was quiet and all they could hear was crumbling of the dead leaves and the moaning winds.

     "This is creepy!" whispered Okley. Ted patted Okley's back.

     "You will be alright," he said. They finally found a good place to camp and so they did. The tent was not warm but it would do. The gang one by one fell asleep with Jobo the last with worries on his mind.

     The next day they all woke up and they all had crumbs of burnt food for breakfast. Although it was burnt, it still tasted good! In a few minutes the gang was in the buggy and on the road again! They were driving along when it struck Jobo this time.

     "STOP!" he yelled. The buggy screeched to a halt. "You guys do you remember the letter inside the bottle?" They all nodded. "Well, the part that said: "a short cut to M" means a short cut to Maraqua!" Okley gasped.

     "But then what does HW mean?" Ted asked.

     "I figured that one out too! HW means Haunted Woods!" said Jobo. He quickly took the bottle out.

     "And that's where we are!" cried Okley.

     "Exactly!" said Jobo. "See?!" Jobo showed them the scroll. Ted nodded.

     "But then if we take the short cut, where will we put the buggy?" asked Ted.

     "We will take with us," said Jobo. Ted shook his head.

     "But the short cut must be in water," argued Ted, "So if the buggy does NOT go underwater then we have to go to Maraqua without the buggy!" Jobo understood.

     "And I know just who to talk to!" he said smiling. He told the gang and they agreed.

     They drove up to Petpet shop. They went to the back of the shop where they found a Meepit and a Sludgy.

     "Can you two take care of this buggy when we are gone? We will probably be back by the evening. What do you say?" asked Jobo. The Meepit spoke up.

     "We can . . . . . . . if you pay us," said the Meepit. Now, nobody was confused about how to pay anyone. Jobo took out a diamond and broke a piece off.

     "This is probably enough right?" asked Jobo smirking. The Sludgy and Meepit nodded. We will park the buggy there," Jobo pointing to a corner, "And when we come back we should better see everything there!" Ted and Okley took all the diving stuff and Jobo handed them the diamond and they walked to the edge of the Haunted Woods.

     "So, we will put our stuff on and then we will dive in. We will stay side by side, me in the middle. Okay?" said Ted. They all nodded. They put on their stuff and on the count of three, they all jumped in. * gloop * * gloop * They fell down about 1 meter when Ted asked them to follow him. Ted led the way until Okley saw something shiny.

     "Look there!" cried Okley. He and the others swam toward the light. They hid behind a rock and watched the light.

     "That's the ruby!" said Okley. A water faerie was swimming around, clutching the ruby in her hands.

     "How are we going to get it from her?" whispered Jobo.

     "I can talk to her," said Ted. Jobo nodded. "I will give you a signal if I need your help!" said Ted. Ted swam off to the water faerie.

     "Um . . . . . . .-" started Ted. But when the faerie saw Ted she swam off, taking the ruby with her. Ted signaled to the rest and they charged out and chased after the water faerie. It was very is to know where she is because she swam so fast that she left a stream of bubbles following behind her. The gang had a hard time following her because she swam so fast. Suddenly, the bubbles disappeared and the water faerie was no where in sight.

     "Where did she go?' asked Jobo. They looked around some more. Then they heard a giggle, coming from a cave a few meters away from them.

     "THERE!" cried Okley swimming to the cave. They all swam to the cave that ended up as a big, long tunnel. When they were at the end of the tunnel, Ted saw a few bubbles in front of them. He looked down.

     "FOLLOW HER!" Ted screamed pointing to the Faerie. The faerie laughed and quickly swam to the side. They followed the faerie, twisting and turning. Then suddenly, again, the faerie vanished. And this time, for good. They looked around again and then Jobo saw a current, which at the side said:


Ted led the way into the current and they went flying in the current until they reached a warp where they teleported to Maraqua. The gang swam a few meters when Ted saw a statue. It was a statue of a Water Faerie. And clasped in its hand was a ruby. Okley, Jobo and Ted swam down and then Jobo took the ruby from the statues hand. The three of them swam back to the current and when they reached the Haunted Woods edge, they had 5 gems in their power.

To be continued...

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