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The Search for Petpet World: Part Three

by darkfaerie700


The Sapphire

Today all three Petpets woke up with a start. First Jobo the Boween woke up. He is the one that started the whole quest thing. Next Ted the Miamouse woke up. Jobo had met Ted on the quest. Lastly Okley the Barabat woke up. Jobo and Ted had just recently met Okley. The three Petpets were on a quest to find a Petpet world. They had to find an amethyst, emerald, diamond, ruby and sapphire. So far they had the amethyst and diamond. Today they would be heading back to Mystery Island for another scroll. The scrolls help them find the gems. So the three musketeers set off to Mystery Island in the buggy. It took them several minutes to reach the Wise Ones hut, but when they did, they again immediately saw the wise one.

     "Welcome! So found the diamond? I expect you did. Did you come back for some more scrolls? Come right in," said the Whoot. He led them to a room and said: "So, have you found the diamond?" Jobo nodded. "Good," said the Wise one. "Here is another scroll." The Whoot handed them a blue scroll. Jobo quickly opened it up. It said:




      Jobo rolled the scroll up and looked at the side. It said: SCROLL FOR SAPPHIRE. So now the gang knew that the "S" in the riddle was. Now next they would have to find out what "F" means.

     "Favorite?" guessed Okley. Ted shook his head.

     "The "F" stands for Faerieland. And so if "F" stands for Faerieland-" said Ted.

     "Then QF must stand for Queen Fyora!" exclaimed Jobo.

     "We are heading to Faerieland!" cried Okley.

      * * *

     They had reached Faerieland and the three of them were discussing about how they were going to find Queen Fyoras Hidden Tower. But then Ted said:

     "Why would we need to find Fyoras Hidden Tower? The scroll only said that we had to figure out Fyoras riddle. So that means all we have to do is go to Fyoras castle, ask her to give us her riddle. Then we answer it right, she tells us where the sapphire is, we find and then move on!" said Ted. Jobo and Okley stared at him.

     "Did you work that out?" Okley asked. Ted nodded. Then Jobo smiled and said:

     "You know, I am glad you are helping us find the Petpet world!" Ted smiled. Then they drove off, heading into the path, which leads to Fyoras castle.

      *knock-knock-knock* Queen Fyora stood up and flew to the door and opened it. She looked around and saw nobody was there. She thought it was just a trick. She shook her head. She was about to close the door when she heard a voice. She looked down to see three faerie petpets. There was a Boween, Miamouse and a Barabat. The three were waving their hands and then the Boween said: "Queen Fyora, your Majesty. My name is Jobo. We three have come for your riddle and favor. We are looking for the Petpet world. Please give us the riddle and if we answer it right you must tell us where the sapphire is." Fyora smile and said:

     "I will be delighted to give you the riddle. But first you must do the favor for me." Fyora whispered the favor into Jobos ear. Jobo agreed to do the favor for Fyora. Jobo told the gang about the favor. Queen Fyora said that if they succeeded, they would prove them selves worthy to hear the riddle. And then, with that, the three of them headed towards Jhudoras Cloud.


     The gang decided to rest before they do Fyoras favor. The favor was to go to Jhudoras Cloud, take at least one of her potions without getting in trouble, then return the potion to Fyora. If Fyora says it is good, then she will tell us the riddle and give the potion back to Jhudora. If the potion is fake and they try to fake the potion, Fyora will demand for them to give the potion back to Jhudora face to face. So the gang decided to take a rest and discuss how they could take the potion.

     "Maybe we could actually talk to her?" suggested Ted.

     "Are you insane? She will just cackle turn into frogs and turn us into Queen Fyora! I think we just go in, take a potion and go! Just that easy!" said Jobo. Ted shook his head.

     "It is NOT that easy! You think everything is easy when it is NOT! We will go in, make sure Jhudora cannot see or hear us. Then, Okley, you keep Jhudora busy. Jobo and I will take a potion. We will go and put it in the buggy then we will signal you to come. Then we give the potion to Fyora, she gives it back, tells us where the sapphire is then we go! Sound good? " said Ted. Jobo sighed and nodded and then he turned to Okley.

     "What do you think?" asked Jobo. Okley thought it was a good plan, although he didn't like the part when Ted said he would have to keep Jhudora busy.

     "Can someone else keep Jhudora busy? How come I have to do it? Is Jhudora not always busy with all the Neopians asking her for quests?" whined Okley. "Is there not?" Ted shook his head and said:

     " You have to keep Jhudora busy- ONLY if no Neopians are talking to her. Deal?"

     "Okay," said Okley shaking hands with Ted.

     "Now," said Ted, "We all have to get a good sleep so that hen we wake up we will be energetic and we will be able to run around in case anybody wants to catch us." Jobo frowned and said:

     "But why can't we take the buggy in?" he asked.

     "Because it will make too much noise and it will attract Neopians," said Ted.

      "Oh yeah," said Jobo. So after talking a while, the three of them fell asleep.

     In the morning all of them woke up and Jobo gave them food to eat. When they were done eating, they all hopped into the buggy and Jobo drove them to Jhudoras Cloud.

     Luckily, the three Petpets were not the only ones there. Many Neopians were lining up for Jhudora to give them quests.

     "Now, Okley you just wait at the side of the line until no more are in the line and no one is coming. You just talk about boring things. Okay?" Okley nodded." Now me and Jobo will try and be quick. When we are done then we will give you a signal. Come on then! Lets go!" said Ted. They drove right outside of Jhudoras and parked in a good spot.

     "Ready?" asked Okley. Ted and Jobo nodded. "Lets go!" They headed in making sure that nobody heard them.

     "Okay, Okley, Jhudora is over there. Lucky for you, Jhudora has customers. So you know what to do if she runs out of them," said Ted. Okley nodded. "We will try to be as quick as we can. Okay?" he said. So Okley stayed in a corner making sure he could still see Jhudora. Jobo and Ted headed off deeper into Jhudoras " lair " to find some potions. Soon, Jobo had found some small, Petpet-sized potions. But they were up high and it would take hours for Jobo and Ted to get up there.

     "How are we ever going to get up there?" moaned Jobo.

     "Get up where?" said a voice. Ted and Jobo turned around to see a Bartumus behind them.

     "Get up where?" asked the Bartumus again. Jobo pointed to the potions up top.

     "We need to get one of those potions. We WILL give them back I swear-" Jobo said.

     "No need to explain," the Bartumus cut off. "Queen Fyora already told me about your little plan. Brave Petpets you are. I can get up there but you must give me something in return." Ted looked at Jobo.

     "We have to talk," Ted said. The Bartumus nodded. Ted pulled Jobo off to the side.

     "What do you think we should give the Bartumus?" asked Ted.

     "I do think this is a great opportunity . . . . I know! We can chip off a piece of a diamond or the amethyst to pay him!" said Jobo.

     "Great idea! But how are we supposed to get the chip off one of the gems?" asked Ted. Ted looked around. Then he spotted a piece of metal. Ted ran and took the metal. "Give me the biggest gem!" he cried. Jobo gave Ted the amethyst. Ted put the amethyst on the ground and whacked it right in the middle. It split in half. Jobo took the bigger half and then Ted took the rest. "Okay!" he said. He walked over to the Bartumus and gave him the amethyst half. "Is this good enough?" he asked. The Bartumus nodded. He took the amethyst half and flew to the high shelf, that Ted and Jobo could not reach. The Bartumus took a potion and flew back down. He gave them potion to Ted. "Thanks!" said Ted. He heard no reply. The Bartumus had gone. Jobo shrugged and they walked off to find Okley. They found him talking to Jhudora. But Jhudora had fallen asleep. Ted signaled to Okley and he cut his speech off and then he joined Jobo and Ted. They hopped into the buggy and drove off to Fyoras Palace.

      * * *

     * Knock-knock-knock * Fyoras servants rushed to get the door but Fyora stopped them and told them she wanted to get the door. She stood up and flew to the door. Fyora opened the doors and looked down at her feet. She saw A Boween, a Miamouse and a Barabat. She smiled and let them jump onto her hand. Then she flew to her private room to talk to them.

     " So did you get the potion?" she asked. Jobo nodded and handed it to her. She inspected it for several minutes that seemed to be like hours. Fyora put the potion on her table and nodded indicating that the potion was correct. Jobo sighed in relief.

     "Okay," she said. " For the sapphire I can give you either three easy riddles, two medium riddles or one hard riddle. Which choice do you want?"

     "Let's talk first," said Ted. Fyora nodded a yes and they ran over to a spot in the room. "Okay," said Ted. "Which one do you think is the best choice? Personally I think that the second choice is the best."

     "I think the three easy ones are the best," said Okley. Jobo shook his head.

     " The three ones will take too long. The one hardest is the best. It will take a shorter time," said Jobo. Now it was Teds turn to make a point.

     "Quiet! If you two do not agree I will decide. I think the two mediums are the best because it will take only a short time because I am good at riddles. The one hard is definitely out because I cannot do hard ones. And if I cannot do it, you cannot. The three easy ones are too easy that they are hard. Its a thing that I cannot explain. So lets do the two mediums. Okay?" said Ted. Ted has made his point, so Okley and Jobo nodded. They walked over to Queen Fyora and then Jobo said:

     "We all choose to do the two medium riddles!" he said loudly. Fyora nodded.

     "Here is the first one. What goes around a garden but never moves?" she asked. Jobo and Okley were thinking hard but Ted already had the answer.

     "Ha! You consider that medium? I would consider that one preschool work! The answer is a fence!" said Ted. Fyora nodded. Jobo and Okley cheered.

     "The next one is . . . . . A hill full, a hole full you cannot catch a bowl full," she said. The same as last time, Jobo and Okley were thinking hard but Ted already had the answer.

     "That one is easy too! The answer is mist or fog!" exclaimed Ted. Fyora nodded again.

     "You three have proved yourselves worthy. I will get the sapphire and mark your intelligence on it to show to the Petpet government," said Queen Fyora. She went to a shelf, rummaged through and gave them a sapphire. When the three walked out of the castle, they had 4 gems in their hands.

To be continued...

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