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65 Reasons: Why Sloth ISN'T Evil

by meridell_army_dude


We all know how Dr. Sloth gets a bad reputation around Neopia, right? You try to take over the world ONCE and all of a sudden you are evil? This doesn’t seem right to me. Lord Darigan tried to take over Neopia once and now he’s some big hero. Why isn’t Sloth treated the same way? These are 65 reasons why Sloth ISN’T evil…

1. His name is SLOTH, not exactly maniacal.

2. He saved those poor Grundos from having to spend a lifetime on a moon with no gravity.

3. He is green, everyone loves green.

4. He must love trees, since he’s green.

5. He’s a scientist. He built the first Neopian Space Station.

6. He’s a DOCTOR. Doctor’s help people.

7. He likes vacationing on Mystery Island. (Shopkeeper image)

8. He introduced the fine cuisine at Grundos Cafe.

9. He’s a pioneer in Space Travel.

10. He buys tacky clothes so others don’t have to wear them.

11. He made way for the discovery of Kreludor.

12. He only tried to take Brucey Bs coin because he felt it would corrupt his mind.

13. His Space Station is home to everyone’s favorite game… GORMBALL.

14. And everyone’s second favorite… EVIL FUZZLES FROM BEYOND THE STARS.

15. The Virtupets Space Station is where everyone can redeem their rare item codes.

16. His Space Station allows everyone to adopt their very own Grundos.

17. The Best petpets are available on his space station..

18. The discovery of Kreludor has made way for new games such as…




22. He has so far stopped the Virtupets from destroying Neopia.

23. He never sleeps, he is always trying to help Neopia. (Bloodshot eyes)

24. He stopped those fluffy “wuv” things from destroying Neopia.

25. His failed attempts to destroy Neopia caused other villains not to try.

26. He keeps to himself so others can’t see how ugly he is.

27. He’s allergic to flowers. What kind of villain is allergic to flowers?

28. Virtupet Space Station Weaponry is top-of-the-line.

29. He has created a new collection for stamp collectors everywhere.

30. His numerous shop blogs make Neopian Shops more flavorful.

31. He provides every Neopian with complimentary Piles Of Sludge.

32. The Virtupets Message Board is everyone’s favorite.

33. He DIDN’T have to threaten me to write this article.

34. He ISN’T holding me hostage this very moment.

35. I’m NOT typing this from a prison cell.

36. He is NOT yelling at me for letting out his hostage plan.

37. I’m NOT telling him that I won’t do it anymore.

38. HE LOVES CHRISTMAS!!!! (Green & Red)

39. His Greenness supports the environment.

40. He loves us and wants to give us all a BIG hug!!!

41. He’s always smiling.

42. Want kind of evil villain always smiles?

43. It just doesn’t make sense.

44. And he’s NOT forcing me to go into detail about him smiling.

45. He DIDN’T just hit me for saying that.

46. That button he’s pushing in his shopkeeper image is the “World Peace To All” Button.

47. He has liberated so many grundos that TNT decided to make a holiday for the occasion.

48. His attack on the Lost Desert made it more popular.

49. He looks like Frankenstein, who we all know is just misunderstood.

50. His Lost Desert plot made for healthy competition.

51. Sloth stopped Neopet V2.

52. Sloth saved those poor Neopets trapped inside that elevator.

53. He didn’t brag about doing so.

54. He was so modest about it, that I’m the only one who knows.

55. He is our favorite pickle-like creature…

56. He is an inspiration to young villains around Neopia.

57. He supports senior Neopians since he is one himself.

58. He enjoys various activities such as cooking, cleaning, and cheese.

59. He wears fluffy red socks.

60. He made the Space Faerie look really good.

61. He probably likes vegetables like Adam.

62. He’s NOT finally letting me go.

63. I’m NOT yelling and screaming in happiness.

64. I DIDN’T just run into a wall.

65. He is my good friend.

Now we will review and highlight my point of view. As you can now see, you new favorite resident of Neopia is in no way evil. The Virtupets Space Station has produced lots of shops which helps out everyone. He MUST love vegetables since he looks so much like one himself. Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday on Neopia, even Dr. Sloth’s. Kreludor is the theme for so many new games which give Neopoints out to Neopian citizens, which boosts the economy. His dedication to society, space travel, and even to take over Neopia has inspired us all.

I love Dr. Sloth, and so should you. If there is anyone on this round planet of Neopia that deserves a better reputation, it’s Dr. Frank Sloth. Imagine living a life doing good deeds and then having everyone think that you are evil. That wouldn’t be much fun, would it? No. Sloth has had to outlast this kind of torture his entire life. We can’t let this go on. I say we should all band together to help make Sloth more popular, and spread the word of his good deeds to the Virtupets Space Station, Kreludor, and Neopia.

Year Six Sloth Inc. All Rights Reserved. “65 Reasons: Why Sloth Isn’t Evil” and all related titles, articles and logos, are the property of Sloth Inc. No Neopets were harmed in the making of this article. Dr. Sloth has not and will not ever promote taking hostages. 100% recycled paper was used to write this article. No animal testing was used in the process of writing this article. The writer of this article wrote it without any help by Dr. Frank Sloth or his administration in any amount. All proceeds for this article will go to the “Dr. Frank Sloth For President” Fund. This article has been paid for by the “Dr. Frank Sloth For President” Fund.

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