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The Darkest Faerie Rises: Part One

by ewagon


"You all know why you have been summoned here. You are here because you are talented, and what we are doing is no small task, but it can be accomplished. To take over Faerieland is our goal, and we may finally pursue it."

      She was a young dark faerie who hated who she was. She did not want to be evil or cruel; she thought that it was not fair that she could not decide what kind of faerie she was to be. To her, earth faeries were graceful, water faeries were majestic, light faeries were brilliant, and dark faeries were the cruelest creatures there were. Even Lord Darigan paled in comparison to some of the dark faeries she knew.

      The young faerie's name was unknown to everybody except for the dark faerie council. Everybody called her Drakar, but the council knew her as the darkest faerie.

      You see, Drakar was born as just another dark faerie, but when she was introduced to the council, as all dark faeries were upon birth, she started to turn purple. Every bit of her flesh and clothes turned the darkest shade of purple ever imaginable. The council looked at each other and whispered amongst themselves. A long time ago, they were told that if this ever happened, then the child was destined to be the darkest faerie that would ever exist. And she would be involved in a great battle for Faerieland, but they did not find out if the faerie would win. It was happening now, and they wished more than ever that they knew if the dark faeries would finally prevail and conquer Faerieland. Now they were stuck right in the middle of it even though many of them would have been happy if the darkest faerie was not born for a long time. Although they were proud, they were also worried about the power that this young faerie would one day possess, or the power that she currently possessed. For the longer it was until the darkest faerie was born, then the longer it was that they could retain the power they had kept for generations.

      As the years passed, the young faerie continued to grow and learn, but there was something different about her. The council gave her everything she ever asked for, whether it seemed reasonable or sensible or not. At first the council thought she was not trying to be a dark faerie because it was so easy for her and that it came to her naturally, but they learned it was really because she did not want to be a dark faerie at all and that she was fighting it with all she had, for she certainly did not want to be the darkest faerie to ever exist. This greatly disturbed the council, so, in an attempt to start her on her path to being truly dark, they decided to have her privately tutored by one of the darkest faeries they knew. Jhudora.

      Drakar stared down at the ground passing beneath her. She felt the spray from the healing springs as she passed it on her way to Jhudora's cloud. Jhudora was to be her teacher, and Jhudora was instructed to teach Drakar, or as she now knew her as the darkest faerie, in the ways of the dark faeries. Drakar trudged past the healing springs and arrived at the huge gates to Jhudora's home and lair. She was so unhappy. She wanted to run away and beg to be taken in by some kind faerie, maybe an air faerie or a water faerie, but she knew the council would punish her greatly if she did. She wanted to stand up to them, but what could she do? Until she proved that they had a reason to fear her, they never would, and she never was able to expect them to, but she daily wished that they would fear her, if for no reason other than that if they feared her, that meant that she would be free to live apart from the other dark faeries, to live like she wanted.

     Huge, black vines twisted around the numerous pillars that helped support the gate of Jhudora's lair. Everything was black, dark purple, and a sickening green that were the symbols of Jhudora, for she favored the colors purple and green, and no dark faerie would be complete without enough black to cover everything in sight. Drakar shivered when she thought that this might pale in comparison to the extravagant and powerful life she was told that she would live.

      Drakar sighed as she approached the gate and used the knocker to hail her arrival. She heard a loud cackling noise and she shivered again. Jhudora appeared in a huge swirly column of green smoke. Jhudora looked down at the little faerie. She seemed unhappy and scared; this one would be a challenge. Jhudora approached Drakar and asked her what she wanted most in the world. Drakar, thinking that Jhudora would give her anything, excitedly asked to be able to choose what kind of faerie she wanted to be.

      Hearing this, Jhudora snarled and beckoned the young child closer, digging her nails into Drakar. She hissed, "No dark faerie, I repeat NO dark faerie has reason to want to be any other kind of faerie; you shall not be the first. And the darkest faerie will most DEFINITELY not be the first dark faerie to wish otherwise. I will see to it."

      Jhudora now knew why she was chosen to mentor the child; the council must have known all along. After all, the darkest faerie to ever exist not wanting to be a dark faerie was a disturbing thing. The council would obviously settle for no less than the best available. Jhudora proudly scoffed at the other dark faeries though, for she had been chosen because she was the best, and she would do anything to prove the council right, especially on a matter as important as this one. After all, for a case this bad, the council would have had no choice but to use the best, and Jhudora was indeed the best.

      Jhudora sighed and spoke soothingly to the girl. "I know that you do not want to be a dark faerie, but consider the possibilities. We do kind things for others, we are beautiful, and we are powerful."

     Drakar looked up at her and spoke, "Yes, but your gifts are not as good as they seem. All faeries are beautiful, and there are some very powerful faeries; dark faeries are not the only ones with power."

      Jhudora rolled her eyes at how naïve this faerie was; not many faeries could be that naïve, and she never expected the darkest one of them all to be so unknowing. "Yes, but why not be a dark faerie? After all, there are all kinds of faeries. And if there were not dark faeries, Neopia would not be what it is now. Think about all those other faeries; what would they do if they had nobody to argue with. It may seem like they are always nice, but we give them an outlet for their aggression. We make Neopia a better place; it would not be what it is now."

      Drakar muttered, "Yes, it would be better."

      If looks could kill, the young faerie would be defenseless, but Jhudora knew that she was chosen for this task, and she would do it. "Yes, child, but you can very rarely find good without bad. That is just the way it is, and you will have to accept that, whether you like it or not."

      "Well I certainly do not like it. Look at me! I do not want this, I never did, and I never will! I do not care if they say I am the darkest faerie ever, I am not and I never will be!!"

      Jhudora cackled softly, "One day you will, one day soon."

      Drakar replied, "I doubt it will happen, and it certainly will not be soon. I am a lot more stubborn than you think."

      Jhudora merely replied menacingly, "You would be surprised at what can happen, young child."

      Drakar replied icily, "Indeed I would be."

      "You have a lot to learn, and based on the little time I have spent with you, respect is one of them."

      Drakar practically spat, "What do dark faeries know about respect?! Or kindness?! Or anything else that is really important?!"

      Jhudora glared at this child with a glare that tore her apart. "We know a lot more than you think, and you have a large mouth, do not you? We will soon change that. Just because you are the most special dark faerie ever does not mean I will be nice to you. You will receive the same treatment as any other dark faerie that I would tutor."

      Jhudora looked straight into Drakar's face, "And child, we know what is most important, and I can tell you right now that it is not something silly like kindness. In fact, it is almost the exact opposite."

      "And what is that?"

      "How to consume others with fear."

      "You are not scaring me."

      "No, but would you like me to?" asked Jhudora as she floated menacingly on a column of swirly green smoke.

      "They say that I am to be the darkest faerie, so why should I fear you? One day I am destined to surpass you. Shouldn't YOU be afraid of ME?"

      Jhudora merely laughed. "It is finally beginning."

To be continued...

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