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Motes and Their Uses

by shinyjewel902


Motes: the craze sweeping the Neopian nation. Motes, the little friends that help you with loads of trouble. The Battledome items that are so cute, you just want to hug them! Well, here is a tribute to our adorable, motey friend.

Why are Neopians so crazy about them? Well, silly, motes have numerous reasons to be used. Ranging from giving your pet a nice bath to keeping your food tasting good, they are very helpful. So to help you better understand the fun of motes, I’ve compiled a list of the Top Ten Motes and Their Uses*! Just because they are so cool!

10. Bubble Mote- Bubble motes are used for hours of play by fun-loving pets. They can play hide and seek with bubble motes. With the power to become temporally invisible, they will be the toughest mote to find – temporarily, of course! Bubble motes are also very effective when trying to get your baby pets to eat their daily intake of veggies. Have one float around, and they’ll have their mouths open in awe!

Interesting fact – Bubble motes are used to keep the Hidden Tower hidden!

9. Smoke Mote- Smoke motes are used by mischievous pets for quick getaways from cookie-stealing scenes. Just throw one of these down, and no one will know you did it! Besides being my first mote, these guys are really cool looking. They take the shape of whatever container they're in. Just don’t bring them to Neoschool, or else you’ll set off the smoke alarm. No one wants that to happen!

Interesting fact – Smoke motes were used by the Meerca Brothers to steal Coltzan’s crown.

8. Dust Mote- Dust motes are commonly mistaken by the neat freak owner or pet as dirt. Dust motes shouldn’t be considered dirt for one reason: What giant dust bunny has a face? None that I know of. Anyway, dust motes are commonly used to make your room look really clean compared to your brother's. Just throw a couple of them in there, and your mom will think your room is spotless.

Interesting fact – Dust motes are used by me to make my brother's room look dirty in comparison to mine.

7. Electrical Mote- These blinding motes can be used for anything. Lights, for example, make great homes for these little guys. Pets who are looking for a buddy to keep them protected in the Haunted Woods should seriously consider getting one of these. Not only do they produce a good shock, they also keep the path lighted so they can’t get lost. Also, they are such a shocking blue; they make an awesome, cheap petpet for an Electric colored pet.

Interesting fact – Electric motes keep power companies in business. They only need 1 per day to power all of Neopia!

6. Rock Mote- The direct cousin of the Rock petpet, these motes are most effective when building things. Trust me, they aren’t as gentle as their cousins are. Ukyochan had the worst experience while I was writing this article. It all started back when… *Ukyochan jumps in front of keyboard* Hehe. That’s another story folks. Anyway, these motes are best used when you are building a home in Tyrannia. They are so primitive; it’ll be all the rage with them!

Interesting fact – Rock motes can really leave a bump when you’re using them for softball practice. Really, really big bumps.

5. Lava Mote- The only sad mote. I guess being so hot has really brought them down. Motes that get chased by millions of Neopians every day because they’re just so hot deserve to be frowning. They get chased when they are feeling down, then get screamed at because they’re too hot to hold. What kind of a life is that? They also give your pet some kind of healing. I think if your woodworker gets a splinter, these motes can ease it out. Who knows? But I can find out. Oh Tracey! What was that about a splinter? *Runs off with mote in hand* EEEP! *Hurries back* that went well. I think.

Interesting fact – The hottest lava motes are extracted from the Techo Volcano.

4. Salt Mote- Give your food that salty fresh taste with this delicious mote! Just a pile of white freshness, this mote has helped me in many occasions involving my cooking. Yet again, another great story, folks! Anyway, this mote is for the cooker in the family. Being a mote, it’s got more magic than regular salt. Regular salt just makes it taste exceptional. Salt Motes make the world go round with zillions of tasty dishes.

Interesting fact – Illusen once used it as a secret ingredient in her potion. But it seriously started hurting innocent people. Then Jhudora started using it.

3. Metallic Mote- This mote is very loyal. It’ll defend you even if you don’t need it. When you’re walking down the street, these motes will attack anyone who looks at you sideways. They aren’t the best to carry around with you in a crowded street, but on the Virtupets Space station, you don’t want to be caught without one. I hear Dr. Sloth is feeling very evil around winter. And that’s no a lie. I mean, look at him! Would he really ever be happy?

Interesting fact – Metallic motes were used in the band M*YNCI’s first ever show.

2. Dung Mote- What’s so great about this mote? It’s stinky, ugly, and has its own flies. But have you ever seen a cuter pile of dung? You just want to pick it up and hug it. Then you realize it's dung. Now you are probably thinking, “Pile o’ dung? Why would I want that?” But alas! It’s not a pile of dung! It’s a dung MOTE! We all love motes! Love them! *Gets water mote thrown on her* Thanks, White Fang. Dung motes can be used to wake someone up after being hit in the head by a rock mote. Dung motes rank number two because they might be stinky, but they are cute.

Interesting fact – There are more dung motes being sold to Meridell than to any other world!

1. Snow Mote- Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow! These motes give simple schoolchildren like me hope for snow. It almost looks like soap. I wonder if you can use it to wash behind your ears…? Snow motes can be used for those little pranksters who just want to make you late by throwing some of these off the roof. But if you see snow falling off the roof in summer, DON’T BELIEVE THE SNOW! No matter how innocent they seem, these motes are actually evil. Look at their fake innocent act! *Shakes fist* Arg! And, it’s on the cover of the Mote Encyclopedia! Yay for snow motes!

Interesting fact – If it wasn’t for these playful fellows, there wouldn’t be snow on Terror Mountain.

Now that you know what the top ten motes to buy are and why, I’m sure you’ll spend all those hard earned Neopoints on them. If you are still unsure, there are books on the subject for your enjoyment, such as Know your Motes and The Mote Encyclopedia. No? You don’t want to spend your Neopoints on these great items! Shame on you!

Author's note: 1st Neopian Times article! Yes! *Note: Interesting Facts were researched by a specialized team, but nothing was found on the subjects.

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