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An Interview with a Xweetok

by dark_knights_sabre


Hello there, I’m Basabre the Lupe reporter, and I bet you are wondering why you are here. NO I DIDN’T TOILET PAPER YOUR LAWN LAST NIGHT! Plus, Marthaneul made me do it. Well, hopefully the reason why you are here is because you are wondering about the newest pet, the Xweetok. Well, so was I. That’s why I went on a small and easy journey a few days ago (Actually, the day after they were first discovered, the last day of the Month of Storing, to be exact.) to find one and interview them. The first place I checked was the Chocolate Factory in the Neopian Bazaar in Neopia Central because I had been told by a friend that the Xweetoks loved chocolate. Bingo. I found more Xweetoks there than all the other pets I had ever seen combined in my life! Of course, I had to pick just one of them, so I spotted a small, chubby blue Xweetok stuffing his face full of chocolate Chias and Jetsams (I picked him because I love chocolate Chias and Jetsams, in case you are wondering). This is what happened:

Me *walks over and taps Xweetok on his shoulder*: Hi, I was just wondering if you mind me giving you an interview and maybe a few chocolate Chias?

Xweetok *takes a suspicious look at me and a long hard look at his candy*: You can give me an interview, but you’re not getting any of MY chocolate.

Me *pulls out a notebook and a pen after giving the Xweetok a half mad look*: Okay, first question: Where did you Xweetoks originate?

Xweetok *pauses for a minute to think and eat some chocolate*: Well, it matters what kind of Xweetok you are talking about. You see, we live in a bunch of tribes all over Neopia. My tribe lived in the Mystery Island forest with groups of Hissies, and we are known more for being a bit faster and smaller than other Xweetoks. The furrier and more average sized Xweetok you might find lived in underground Terror Mountain with Bori and Mountain Symols until the Bori were discovered and left the mountain. The other regular sized and usually less furry Xweetoks come from the Lost Desert and lived nearby that big river. The biggest and usually toughest Xweetoks come from the coldest and scariest side of the Haunted Woods and lived in those weird looking trees, and the last know tribe of Xweetoks comes from Kreludor and are known to have the softest fur.

Me: They even lived on Kreludor!?

Xweetok *grins broadly*: Yep.

Me *A little surprised*: Well that was a bit surprising… How do you hide from the rest of Neopia? If you live in so many places, it must be hard to keep yourselves secret.

Xweetok *frowns and shrugs*: I don’t know. I don’t think anyone has just ever really noticed us before. When I lived on Mystery Island, we lived really deep in the forest and no one really ever bothered us there.

Me *writes everything heard down in notebook*: Hmmm, second question: If you sometimes live with other secret pets, are there any pets that Xweetok tribes have lived with that people don’t know about yet?

Xweetok *grins again*: Yep!

Me: Are there any pets you might want to tell me about that are not discovered yet…?

Xweetok: No, you and anyone else who might want to know will just have to discover them on your own.

Me *grumbles a bit first*: Third Question: Do all you Xweetok really like to be chased around?

Xweetok *puts on a bit of a shocked and horrified expression*: OF COURSE NOT! Who likes to be chased? That’s just a myth people made up when we were first found. We like to be hugged though… And cuddled… And groomed… And told how cute we are…. And chocolate… And-

Me *interrupts before he can say anything else*: Okay! I get the picture! You like affection, attention, and candy. Who doesn’t?

Xweetok *slowly chews on a chocolate Chia’s head*: Well, I thought it was something that was needed to be said…

Me *doesn’t write anything in notebook*: Let’s just continue… Fourth Question: How do you feel about not being a Limited Edition pet?

Xweetok *shrugs*: I don’t really care too much about whether I’m rare or not; there are pros and cons to both. If you are a Limited Edition pet, a lot of people will comment on how cool you are, but some people will be rude and send annoying neomails with threats and stuff inside that say they will do bad things to your owner if they don’t give you up to them. If you are not Limited Edition, you will have many friends that are the same species as you, but not many people will think the same about you if you aren’t either Limited or at least painted a cool colour.

Me *writes all that down in notebook* Hmm, what a very interesting answer. I asked my Jetsam sister a similar question a while back, but it was ‘How do you feel about being a Limited Edition pet?’ She just looked at me strangely and said, ‘I am?’

Xweetok *chuckles a little*: I don’t have any sisters, just brothers. One of them is a Krawk, and he is always making sure people know how rare he is before leaving them alone.

Me *laughs a little too*: Well, I guess I better hurry up this interview. My owner Morgan expected me back home half an hour ago, so fifth and last Question: Would you mind if this got published in the Neopian Times?

Xweetok: No, go right ahead. I would feel better if all this was known about us. Would you like a chocolate Chia?

Me *smiles*: Yes! Thank you! Hey wait a minute… EWW! You already licked this!

Well, before I could ask for a different chocolate, the Xweetok was already gone. What a meanie.

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