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Pressing Your Luck with Black Pawkeet Slots

by tessd1891


After a long hard day of working at the Faerieland Employment Agency, you realize you're not making as much money as you want. Sure, you can pay the bills for your neohome, buy food for your pets, and maybe even buy some codestones to train them. But your measly savings are hardly enough for that paint brush you've always wanted. Does this sound familiar? If it does, maybe you should try your hand at the slot machines. I have won a lot of money from Black Pawkeet Slots (often I win several hundred thousand NP in one day), and I've decided it's time I pass along some tips I've learned along the way.

1. Know the terms.

Line- goes from one side of the game to the other. They can be straight across, or at angles. Press the 9 button to see, in different colors, what Lines are possible. You can bet on 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 Lines at a time.

Stake- the amount of your bet for one line. You can bet 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, or 50 NP per Line.

Total- your total bet. Multiply the number of Lines by the Stake per line to get the Total. (For example, 5 lines at 5 NP each is a total bet of 25 NP.)

Win- the number of NP you win. This is the total (added up) for all winning Lines. If you win 5 on one line and 10 on another, the Win would be 15.

Your Neopoints- the number of NP you have on hand. When you play, the Total bet is subtracted from this, and Wins are added.

Play- press this button to play the game after you have chosen the number of Lines and the Stake per Line.

Max Bet- this button automatically chooses the maximum bet- 9 lines at 50 NP each, for a Total of 450 NP.

Reel- there are five Reels. They are vertical sets of pictures.

2. Know the Pictures.

There are three different kinds of dubloons. Bronze (brown) are worth the least. Silver is next. Gold are worth the most. Next comes the picture of the ship with the plank and the clouds. Better than that are "tankards of grog" - they look like wood and metal cups. Next are the black pirate ships, then going higher up the ladder of worth are the pirate krawks, then treasure chests. The best thing to win is with the piles of gold. There are also green pawkeets, and flags with a black pawkeet.

3. How to win.

To win on a Line with dubloons, you have to have at least 3 in a row. Everything else except the pawkeets and black pawkeet flags will win something with at least two in a row. You can only win if the pictures in a row are from the left to right, starting with the first Reel.

The pawkeets and flags are special. If you get three or more green pawkeets anywhere on the board, you will win. The flags are wild cards, so they can stand in the place of any other picture. For example, if you have a Line with a gold dubloon, a flag, and another gold dubloon, all in a row, you will win because the flag acts like a gold dubloon.

The treasure chests are also special. If you are playing the max bet and get three treasure chests anywhere on the board, you will get to play a bonus game. For every chest you had on the board, you will get to choose one of 24 maps that show up. If you have 4 chests, you can choose 4 maps. Each time you pick a map you win NP or, if your lucky, a one dubloon coin will appear in your inventory!

To get the jackpot, you have to get 5 piles of gold in one Line, but you only get the jackpot if you're playing the max bet.

4. Tips From a Pro

I have never won the jackpot (yet!) but I have learned some things that might help you out:

- Don't spend too much time trying to pick "the right" maps to win big. When the map screen comes up, the NP you will win have already been added to the NP you have on hand. (To see this, before you pick any maps, refresh the page of the window that doesn't have the game in it.)

- The least you can get from a map is 150. If you get three maps that are each 150, you probably won't win much from the regular game. If you get 4 or 5 maps, or if three maps win you 250+ each, you will probably win a lot in the regular game.

- If you are winning a lot, keep playing. If you lose a lot, stop. I seem to go through big winning streaks, or big losing streaks.

- Set a limit. I start with 10k. If I lose it, I stop playing.

- Put your winnings in the bank so you're not losing what you just won. If I win big, like 12,000 or 50,000, I put all of that Win in the bank. If I win less, I wait for it to add up to a lot, then bank it.

- Learn the rules, then break them. Sometimes I lose my 10k, but I just have a hunch that I'm going to start winning soon. So I take 5k out of the bank to play some more. If I lose the 10k AND the 5k, I know it's time to call it quits. But sometimes the 5k does start me on a winning streak.

- Know when to stop. There are some days I keep winning, and others I keep losing. I have lost several hundred thousand fairly quickly because I just can't help hoping I'm going to win big soon. I have learned to stick to my 15k maximum loss rule. I can quickly win it back another day.

I hope these tips help you achieve your goal, whether it be a multi-million dollar bank account or the paint brush of your dreams. Most of all, remember to have fun!!!

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