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12 Pains of Christmas

by brymax406


There are many good things about Christmas. The wreaths, the Christmas trees, the carolers (okay, they’re just plain awful), and other stuff too. Now, what about some PAINS? Like waiting in lines? Well, my dear reader, this is a quick article on 12 Pains of Christmas.

Pain 1: waiting in Lines

Alright! You just got your gifts for your neopets! Whoot! Let’s get in line…. BUMP! As soon as you turn around, you bump into someone! Before this becomes a Neo Adventure, waiting in lines is one of the biggest pains. You get a present, then you must wait in a 10 hour line. When it’s finally your turn, the store closes! Man! Don’t you just HATE that? I know I do. Dung happens, man. Dung happens. So what’s a pain about this? That extra cool gift you get for your neopets all goes to waste.

Pain 2: What to Buy

See, another pain besides waiting in lines. What to buy. You have all those neopoints; you just don’t know what gifts for your neopets to spend it on! This is a short pain about Christmas, so I’ll move on to a nice big one, I promise.

Pain 3: Your Neopet Not Liking the Gift You Get For It

Alright, you get a gift! You give it to your neopets on Christmas morning. They open it up. They hate the gift! All those precious neopoints go to waste when your neopets don’t like their gifts and throw it away. Now you’ve got to discard it! Or donate it. Or do…. something with it! Listen, I know this isn’t a big pain, but I promise I’ll make one. I promise. =)

Pain 4: Gifts that are Sold Out

Okay, yet another pain about gifts. You find the perfect gift for your pet finally! Only to learn that it’s sold out! It might be a popular gift, or maybe they were just…. cancelled. So there you go, another pain about Christmas!

Pain 5: Putting up your Tree

Alright, a pain that DOESN’T involve gifts! You have to go find a tree. It can be hard, no places around you that have them maybe! Then there are the decorations. You can’t find them in stores! Alright, now the painful part. Putting up that tree. You put it up in your house, and then it might fall! Then you set it up again. It falls! Then you set it up AGAIN. It falls AGAIN! Then you set it up… no, I’m not trying to boost the word count so I can match the word limit for an article! Okay, back to the article. Once you’ve finally set up the Christmas tree, it’s time to put up the decorations. So you put them out. Then you realize you put up too much decorations, and the Christmas tree, guess what, falls! You know, this might be the big pain part I promised, since this is kind of long.

Pain 6: Carolers

URGH! Don’t even go there! Okay, so carolers. They go door to door singing. When you open up that door, they sing right away! No! Sometimes they’re like violins, nice and great, but sometimes they’re like nails-on-a-chalkboard horrible! So, what do you do? Do what I do, slam that door! If they continue singing, just look around your Neohome for random objects to throw at them!

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This is not supposed to offend people whom go caroling. This is only here in this article for your enjoyment. So no hatemail please!

Pain 7: Cold Weather

Not really Christmassy, but man, I hate cold weather! It’s like when you go outside, you automatically get surrounded in a block of ice! Be sure to be bundled up when you go outside, you just might get trapped into an ice block yourself! To avoid this, have a warm bowl of soup. It warms me up, so it would warm you up, am I right?

Pain 8: Getting Snowed in

Okay, it snows, right? What if it snowed mega hard, and you were snowed in? I would scream like a little girl and cower. So, getting snowed in is bad. You can’t leave your Neohome. Stinks, right?

Pain 9: Everyone Acting Nice

Okay, so that’s kind of good, actually. But sometimes, they’re just goofy happy. Like they smile like idiots and act so sickeningly sweet. You just want to have a Watch Bearog go after them. You’ll have to be nice, which is great! But don’t smile like a goof. And act sickeningly sweet.

Pain 10: Making an article like this

Christmas themed articles, comics, short stories, series, continued series, and maybe an editorial too in the Neopian Times. But it’s just so hard for me to come up with articles like this! And reach the word limit too, but still. At least you read something! Your intelligence just increased! Yay!

Pain 11: Christmas Themed Foods

Christmas themed foods are okay, but it’s just that they’re almost EVERYWHERE! Christmas cookies are one thing. Those are just darn popular!

Pain 12: Idiotic People on the Neoboards

Before you know it, people will be begging for gifts on the Neoboards! There would be boards like “OnGZ caN I hav ur NP??//?/?/???/? Ill giv it bahk!!!11!!oneone” and “Giv me a P/b!!!11!oneonelevenmoose.” So yes, it’s just plain horrible for those smart Neopians out there!

Well, this is it. There you have it. 12 Pains of Christmas. Now, I must catch up on my Tyrannian Golf time! I gave up that time just for this article. You should be thankful! But wait, being thankful is only necessary on Thanksgiving, not Christmas! Boy, I’m wasting even more time on my Tyrannian Golf time! I need to catch up on those 18 holes, front 9 holes, and the back 9 holes!

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR AGAIN: I am deeply sorry if this article offended anybody. I have made this article for, obviously, your entertainment. So why am I putting this note here? Just to say that I’m sorry if I offended anybody. In some other unrelated news, if you’re reading this, you’re a person who actually reads these boring notes! Hooray! You win absolutely nothing at all! Congratulations! Oh yes, another part of this note is that I love Christmas. I just needed to come up with an original article about Christmas for that issue! Okay? Okay. End of note.

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