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Undercover Stories: Is Sloth the Happiness Faerie?

by accidence


These are the recordings of a brave soul who went to discover the truth and never returned. May her thoughts always rest in peace, for her mission was never complete.


9th Day in the Month of Storing, around 5-6 o’clock

A new hero has been found, and many questions have arisen about her. They call her “The Happiness Faerie” and she has wings of cardboard and a smiley-face pin that screams ‘happy’. However, she strangely resembles a villain we all know as the evil Dr. Sloth. It is my duty as a reporter to find the truth!

10th Day in the Month of Storing

Today my task was simple, find everything similar between the two.

Things the Same:

-Chicken head

-Green skin

-Black cloak




-Happy-face pin

-Neck covering


To some, it means nothing, but to me, even one similarity is worth looking into. I need to research some more.

12th Day in the Month of Storing 12:00NST

I have spent the last day finding as much as I could about this ‘Happiness Faerie’. Apparently she hasn’t been spotted anywhere yet, nor has she been heard of before the article appeared. I, however, have devised a trap so I can snare her and force her to do an interview. I have placed large smiley face balloons full of a stench so merry, that she’ll have to come.

-hour later-

I captured her, believe it or not, but it was only after I shouted that Number 6 lost his asparagus. This is very suspicious, because if that happened, Neopia would be open to attack.

HF: Well, what do you want?

Me: I wanted to ask you a few questions, ma’am.

HF: Never! You can’t take me, coppers!

Me: Just a few questions! Sheesh. Okay, my first question is, why don’t you zap yourself out of the trap?

HF: Uh.. um…. –nervous look- Because that would be rude! Yes... rude.

Me: Okay then! Have you ever be in contact with a Dr. Sloth?

HF: OF COURSE NOT! Why would you ask such a thing! -shifty eyes-

Me: Oh, nothing… Why don’t you have real wings?

HF: I uh… donated them to the poor.

Crowd: Awww!

Me: Yeah, whatever. My last one is why do you look so much like Dr. Sloth?

HF: -in unusual deep voice- Why you little-!

Me: Eek! –releases ‘her’-

That was a close one! I think she knows I’m onto her though…

1st Day in The Month of Celebrating

Since my last post, I have been kicked off the case by my employer, who was informed (more like, sued) by the Happiness Faerie about our last meeting.

That will not stop me from completing my mission though, Neopia deserves to know the truth! Of course, now that I have to keep it hidden, there may be some difficulties now that I have to keep my research secret.

What I do know, though, is I have never spotted the Happiness Faerie and Sloth in the same place, so that will obviously be my next experiment.

If they prove to be in the same room together, then I will drop my investigation once and for all; if they can’t be, then I will investigate Dr. Sloth’s own laboratory!

4th Day in The Month of Celebrating

My plan is going into progress. I have invited the Happiness Faerie and Dr. Sloth to a Gallery of Evil/Hero mixes gala. I’m going to hope that only one is there at the same time.. I have undercover spies there as well. Fyora was glad to help, and believe it or not, so was Jhudora!

(Later in the day)

I am undercover as Lisha, who couldn’t make it today because of... some sort of injury. (Hehe –nervous look-) I’m pretty convincing, since Jeran’s even fooled.

Oh! Shh… Sloth’s here...!

Me: Fyora, any sign of the Happiness Faerie?

FY: No... wait... here she is!

However, I couldn't find Sloth afterwards...

Me: Jhudora, where’d Dr. Sloth go?

JH: He went to the bathroom, I think.

Ah-hah! I’m onto you, Sloth!

31st Day in The Month of Celebration

Ah, New Year’s eve, a time to rejoice and start with a clean slate. Too bad that’s not what I’m doing this year! I’m meeting with a team of secret agents who can get me into Dr. Frank Sloth’s lair. I need dirt, and I need to find the mole-hole to get it!

Necko the Techo: I can climb up the outer wall, and disable the security system.

Me: Brilliant! From then on, I think Robbi-o the Scorchio can burn the door open.

Robbi-o: Sure thing!

Cyconni the Cybunny: I can move into the main chamber and disable all of the alarms, which will get you in the home stretch.

Me: Great! And from there I move into his idea lab, and can view all of his plans, from costume to how he got into The Gallery of Heroes… provided of course, that he really is the Happiness Faerie.. When can we start?

Cyconni: In a month.

ME: -jaw drop- That long?!

Necko: We need to train and get our equipment.

Me: Oh. Right.

The meeting went well, and I shall only continue investigation until then if something urgent happens.

14th Day in The Month of Sleeping (Sloth Appreciation Day)

Something very strange happened today!

Happiness Faerie plushies were released on Sloth’s holiday. I can’t get a straight answer as to why, except for some slightly brainwashed people who say it is his favorite faerie.

I bought myself one of these dolls, and it came with a strange string on its back. Once pulled, it said, “You will OBEY –cough- I mean –high pitched- may all of your dreams come true!”

Something’s going on..

31st Day in The Month of Sleeping

I'm preparing to embark on my journey, and hopefully I'll make it in without turning into sludge. The Happiness Faerie has gone missing from the Gallery of Heroes, and I need to know more! Updates will come later.. if I'm still alive.


Operation: Get into Lair went perfectly, and I’m currently looking around Sloth’s laboratory… I seem to have come across… a box with a giant smiley face on it. Is this what I’m looking for?

-rattling noises-

Darn! It’s locked. But I can guess the combination.


Duh! Yes. I see... cardboard wings... and a paper that’s says ‘Dr. Sloth i-’

-background voice- I hope you weren’t expecting to get past me.. Muhahaha!




Those were the last known records of Accidence, one of our top reporters. Her task, unfortunately will never be fulfilled, and we will always be left with an unanswered question.

Is Dr. Frank Sloth the Happiness Faerie? Many of us will never know, and those that do won’t live to tell the tale.

Yay... one of my articles finally got in! -bows- Feel free to send me fan/hate mail!

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