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Café a la Faeries: a Restaurant of Beauty

by gustking15


FAERIELAND - Past Fyora Lane, in Downtown Faerie City, Faerieland, in the middle of Broadwing Street, there is a restaurant dedicated to Faerieland’s gorgeous cuisine. Alluring and charming music is played by a pet with a violin next to a fountain with enchanting blue water. Some listen, others don’t. That is what two friends, each having one of their pets, and I, having a pet of my own, saw while we traveled to Café a la Faeries.

We sat down, Kaity first, for she and her pet Angel hadn’t eaten in days, and then me. Kittie was last because she was chatting with a waitress about how pleased she was to be here. After about five minutes, a waitress came to us and our starving pets. “My name is Andréa and I will be your waitress this evening,” she said, grinning sweetly. She quickly passed out our menus and said, “I will be back in five minutes. Please choose what you want.” She then left. I looked around to see the friendly atmosphere, everyone was happy. It wasn’t like Kelp; everyone was more polite and mannered.

She came back and we ordered our meals. Once she had returned with our orders, which were appetizers, I took note of them and had a nibble of each.

Celestial Salad

Beautiful it was, sitting there, untouched yet. The waitress had just set it there and no one had even thought of eating it yet. Although, I decided to take a few bites. It seemed to not even fill me one bit, as it was very light. However, it was rather healthy and very tasty, and it kept my taste buds content. Ah, I wiped my mouth with a napkin. “Is it any good?” I heard. It was coming from Kittie’s mouth. I looked up at her, and replied, “Yes. You should definitely try it.” So, she took a bite and shook her head up and down. “It’s good,” she told us.

Recommended: For ones who must diet. That means you, King Skarl.

Rating: 8.7/10

Taste: Hard to explain the taste, but it was very soft and sweet.

Sparkling Faerie Porridge

Yes, it was an appetizer. Kittie was doing something while Kaity stole the dish and chomped it all down her throat. I got a small taste, but I had to sneak it and get it before Angel got it. Thankfully, I did! When you look at the appetizer, it does sparkle, but don’t look at it for too long, as the light given off from the sparkles is bright and may result in some eye injury. I did enjoy it very well, but this one was far too… filling. After Kaity finished it, she thought she would eat no more. However, the waitress didn’t come until about an hour later and she had regained her appetite by then.

Recommended: For people who go long periods without eating.

Rating: 7.2/10

Taste: Warm and sweet, but somewhat overpowering and the sparkles taste… not so good.

After around an hour, Andréa came back. She offered us the Specialty of the Day and took our orders. Once we finished ordering, it wasn’t three minutes after she left that she came back. She gave us our drinks and headed back to the kitchen. I got a sip of Kittie’s drink…

Fyora Day Fizz

I didn’t quite understand what was in this drink, but I was prepared to say that that was a secret. Personally, I didn’t care all that much either. Anyway, once I took a sip, a strange magic-type occurrence happened and I suddenly became wide awake. To tell you the truth, I could barely sleep that night. The drink is truly fizzy and tasty. I also have a warning that Andréa told us; never shake it! She said that if you shake or move it too much, the drink would fizz exceedingly, and too much would result in… a kaboom.

Recommended: For people who never wish to sleep.

Rating: 9.4/10

Taste: To tell you the truth, it is some fruit taste that is unknown to me, although, I believe I know too much already.

Delicious Faerie Bubbles

I did love this drink, as it was just more pop. This soda I thought made it easier to burp, but it did not fizz as much. It was delicious, but I did not like how you had to drink it carefully because if you didn’t, you would belch all day long. I could tell what it was made from, wasn’t it obvious enough? It was made of the Faerie Bubbles able to be bought in the Faerie Foods Shop in Halville, Faerieland, right outside of Faerie City. The taste rapidly changed in the soda; once a lemon taste was now an orange taste.

Recommended: For Neopians who enjoy belching.

Rating: 6.9/10

Taste: The taste changes from one fruit taste to the next and is very sweet.

At last, our food was here. Andréa handed us our respective meals, bowed, and then told us, “Bon Appetite.” We stared at the food for a minute, trying to taste each other’s food with our eyes. Then we and our pets started eating.

Vegetarian Fyora Day Taco and Baked Faerie Corn

Kittie wanted vegetables that day for a reason she did not even know. However, she ordered whatever she had a craving for. Thus, she did so. The taco was made with cheddar, Queen Lettuce, Faerie Celery, and was topped off with a rich cheese sauce. The taco shell was soft and easy to chew. It was great, but did taste somewhat cheap… Next, I took a bite of the corn. The golden yellow maize quickly reacted to my taste buds in a funny fashion, and was full of strong taste and juice. Kittie slowly ate it, as it was the smallest of the three meals.

Recommended: For Neopians with a craving for vegetables.

Rating: 7.5/10

Taste: The meal is quite flavorful and healthy, but is also not as tasty as some of the others.

Heavenly Roast Turkey with Faerie Asparagus

It was a giant and beautiful turkey, but only Kaity and her pet, Angel, ate it. Unlike the porridge, Kaity actually would stop eating to breathe once in a while. Her hunger ached her, but she ignored it. Heavenly Roast Turkey is made from only the fattest of the Faerie Turkeys across Faerieland. Believe it or not, in very northern Faerieland, there is a giant Faerie Ranch settled on a rather large cloud. Once the turkeys are shipped, they are sent to numerous restaurants; Café a la Faeries being one of them. The turkeys are then slow-cooked in an oven for five hours. Once done, the plate is decorated with a pink cloud for the food to sit on. The turkey is then sprinkled with twelve Faerie Spices, including Heaven Pepper and Magical Paprika. When that is finished, the turkey will have a special gravy poured over it; invisible to the naked eye. Faerie Asparagus is grown in Faerie Gardens, and is plentiful in the autumn. The garden locations are unknown to most, and they are picked from the Flying Asparagus Trees. Amazingly, the meal was spectacular, although Kaity was full until the day after the next day. Yes, it was that long.

Recommended: For hungry Neopians with hungry pets and Neopians who don’t care how much their friends have to pay.

Rating: 8.6/10

Taste: Heavenly and rich in flavor but the taste doesn’t linger that long. However, it does taste luxurious and somewhat spicy.

Three Faerie Fried Eggs, Two Slices of Faerie Toast with Butter, and Fluffy Faerie Pancakes

I wanted breakfast for dinner that day. Surprisingly, the aroma was very nice, and looked as scrumptious as it tasted. The eggs were sparkled with Faerie Dust and Heaven Pepper, and went well when the toast was dipped in the yolk. The butter of the toast was smooth and soft, and seemed easy to melt. However, it did not seem as first-class as I had wanted it. The pancakes were, as the title says, rather fluffy. They were also filled with vanilla extract and covered with Faerie Sugarpowder, the soft butter, and sparkled with some cinnamon-type substance. Overall, it was truly delicious.

Recommended: For weird Neopians who like to eat breakfast for dinner.

Rating: 8.2/10

Taste: The meal tastes like a very rich and delicious egg and toast combination with a pastry-like stack of pancakes.

Before we were finished and ready to leave, Andréa came, asking us if we wanted dessert. Of course, we did. I have to tell you this though; Café a la Faeries’ best food is the dessert. Only Kaity and I had a true dessert, as Kittie had decided to only take a few fresh-baked cookies.

Faerie Bonbons

I took a bite of the first bonbon, and I was amazed by the sugar’s taste and by the sugar’s sweetness. The bread was filled with cinnamon, sugars, and jam. Once I looked at the giant bowl of dessert, my senses heightened just to have every aspect about the bonbons permanently stuck in my mind. The smell, amazing, the sight, a small bread pastry, was great, the feeling, tender and fluffy, it was simply… marvelous.

Recommended: For ones who prefer to be amazed.

Rating: 9.7/10

Taste: Divine, somewhat sweet, but mostly divine was the bowl of dessert.

Deluxe Fyora Day Cake

Kaity was full, so she only had about two slices of the cake. I had one slice of the cake, and I loved it. The icing is a cream sauce made with cream, butter, cinnamon, pink cream, and two other ingredients I knew nothing about. This cake is definitely the food to get at Café a la Faeries, so I would highly recommend you get the cake. The cake was very moist and filled with a creamy icing. Thankfully, we got to take the cake with us on our next trip and eat it along the way.

Recommended: For everyone.

Rating: 9.9/10

Taste: The taste is perfect, not too sweet, not too moist, not too hard; the taste and texture is absolutely perfect.

I nearly choked on my bonbon when I saw the bill. At least I had the money, but… I shall rate the restaurant 9.1/10. The food is great, but it’s mostly just the dessert, which is too hard to ignore. Otherwise, the restaurant is charming and eye-catching, just like the outside environment. The bill, however… Let’s just say the bill is never that nice.

Note: I’d like to give another thanks to neoitems, and I’d also like to say that this is my second submission, if you’re reading this. Yay! Comments are welcome.

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