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Fetch! an Unofficial Guide

by kyo_chan


Fetch! is one of the lesser known games. It can be found in the Haunted Woods, or under puzzles in the Games section. The rules for this game are quite simple: you, a mutant Blumaroo, start out in a hedge-maze where you must find a certain ingredient for your master, and then get to the exit of the maze before your health runs out.

Of course, if you want a high score, you need a little more knowledge about the game than just that – which is why I made this guide.

First off, there are five levels for this game, each one harder than the former. At first, you can only choose to play from three of the levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. To unlock the Fiendish level (the next level), you need to finish Hard level twice, consecutively. For the Insane level, you need to do the same for the Fiendish level.

Each of the levels gives you a certain amount of points when you make it out of the maze with the ingredient. The ingredients themselves do not matter; if you want, you can change what ingredient you want to fetch by refreshing the page after you choose your level. You don’t even need to remember what it looks like, since it will stand out in the maze (although I admit that “the Stuff” cracks me up every time I see it). The point system for the levels is as follows:

Easy level: 100’s

Medium: 200’s

Hard: 500’s

Fiendish: 1500’s

Insane: 2500’s

A bonus is added for your remaining health. The amount of neopoints you get for the game is the same as the score you get for the single game you finished. To get to the high score list, you MUST win at least two games consecutively on the harder levels. Well, no you don’t, but if you want a trophy, it is advised. The points you get from winning consecutively add up, but reset once you lose a game. For example, if you got 1600 points from Fiendish level, and you then played the Hard level and got 573 points, then your score will be 2173 points. However, if you lost the next game, your score is back to zero. The maximum times that your scores will add up is five, so if you want a high score, you can’t just play a lot of Fetch! on easy level.

To start the game, you click on the level you want to try. The Easy level has the smallest maze, but you start with the least amount of health. The levels get harder, with Insane having the largest maze and most amount of health. The amount of health you get for each level is:

Easy level: 65

Medium: 100

Hard: 175

Fiendish: 225

Insane: 250

Each time you take a step using the Tentacompass (up, down, left, right), your health goes down by one, so step wisely. Once you are at zero health, you lose.

The most important things to remember about this game are:

1. You start out at the edge of the maze

2. The ingredient is somewhere near the center of the maze

3. The exit is on one of the edges (I trust that you’ll recognize it when you see it – it looks like a single path through a sea of hedges)

The best strategy is to try to gauge where the center is, and find a path that will get you there. It isn’t always simple though, with many dead ends and round about ways. I shouldn’t need to point this out, but if you can see that you are going towards a dead end, GO BACK. Once you find the ingredient, pick it up by stepping on it. Then, head for the edges. This is where luck comes in. Since you have a limited amount of health, if you choose the wrong edge, you can end up losing. Sometimes you can get lucky and on your way to the ingredient you see the exit. Remember where it is if that is the case. If it is not the case, walk along the edges until you find the exit. You win the game as long as you have at least one health point before stepping in front of the exit.

My personal way of playing this is also that I keep going, unless I KNOW for a fact that I am going the wrong way. I don’t know if that will work for you, but it has for me. I also like to get to the Insane level as fast as possible, to get the 2500 points to start off my streak. After that, I usually try Hard or Fiendish level. If I am very close to another person’s score on the high score list, I will play on Easy level (so long as it is within my five streak limit).

The high score for this game goes very slowly, so you have a good chance of getting a trophy. At the beginning of the month, a 2000+ score can usually get you into the top 30. To get a trophy, you usually need 3000+, but it may be lower during the beginning of the month. To get the trophy for this game, you will need some luck, some time to play, and possibly a fast connection since this game refreshes every time you take a step. It might also help if you have some music on to ease the monotony of the game.

On average, it takes me about 1-2 hours of playing to get a trophy score. Since it is not a flash game though, you can take a break whenever you want and the game will be as you left it. The only problem is when you have 100 health points left or so on Insane level, and you have not yet found the ingredient nor the exit. You will most likely not make it out, and to start another game, you will have to use up that 100 health.

Just for fun, here is a list of what your mysterious Master could demand of you:

Ergy Paste, Blood Mole Seeds, Melow Seeds, Sporkle Droppings, Smellyshroom Essence, Bloatershrooms, Grackle Pus, Ghostbeef Essence, Froiler Essence, Faerie Dust, Whomp Berries, The Stuff, Rotten Peachpas

Have fun, good luck.

Thanks to andrei_sakharov for editing.

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