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Pinkprincess Learns a Lesson

by mycatdog


It was a bright sunny morning, about 70 degrees outside. I grunted - I didn't like sunny weather. I sat in a corner and did what I do best - sulked.

     "Pinkprincess, where are you?" my owner called from our kitchen. That just made me sulk even more. I mean, what kind of name is "Pinkprincess?" My name was a disgrace to all mutant Hissies! Even "Poopypie" was a better name for a mutant Hissi than "Pinkprincess"!

     My owner walked out of the kitchen.

     "Come on into the dining room, Pink!" my owner called. "Dinner's ready!"

     I dragged myself into the dining room. I hated my name. I hated my nickname (Pink). I hated my life. I plopped myself in a chair and waited for my dinner. Soon my owner came around with a big plate. A sour smell came from the plate. I wrinkled up my nose.

     "What's for dinner? Dung?" I asked disgustedly.

     "Pink, you know I've been having financial problems, so you'll have to deal with these cheap foods a little longer!" my owner replied.

     I picked at my bowl of asparagus yogurt.

     "What's the point of eating this if I'll just throw it back up later?" I asked.

     My owner gave me her "shut up and deal with it" look. I sighed and went back to picking at my food.

     After dinner, I went back to sulking in a corner. There was nothing else to do.

     Suddenly, loud shouts of laughter and joy echoed down from the second floor. I groaned. I hated hearing others happy. I stomped up the stairs and burst into the playroom. Cutiecat the baby Kougra and Jollyswish the faerie Meerca were playfully tackling each other. When I tore open the door, they both looked up - surprised.

     "Don't play so loudly - I can't stand the sound of happiness!" I growled.

     Cutiecat's lip trembled and her eyes filled up with tears. That made me happy for once. I triumphantly glided down the stairs. Jollyswish flew out of the playroom after me in a flurry.

     "What did you do that for?" she shouted. "We were having a wonderful time and you just had to come and ruin it?!"

     "Yes," I calmly replied.

     "Yes?!" shouted Jollyswish, "YES?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'YES'?!"

     "When I say 'yes', I mean yes!" I replied in a huffy tone and continued gliding down the stairs. Jollyswish's round face turned red with anger.

     "HOW COU-" she started, but was suddenly cut off by my owner.

     "Pinkprincess, come over here," she said.

     I walked over.

     "Pink, would you like to come to the Money Tree with me? I'll let you keep any treats you pick up!" she said.

     "Oh fine," I grumbled, and walked out the door with my owner.

     When we got to the Money Tree, all I saw was junk. Piles of sludge, bottles of sand, and gross foods were everywhere. I picked up some cheap foods that didn't taste disgusting to eat as little snacks. All of a sudden, I saw a bag of 1,000 neopoints. I quickly reached over to pick it up, but I was beaten to it by a plushie Zafara.

     "HEY THAT WAS MINE!" I growled at the Zafara.

     The plushie Zafara was so shocked that it dropped the bag of neopoints on the spot and ran away. That was too easy! I happily picked up the bag of neopoints and brought it to my owner.

     Suddenly, the ground started to shake. I looked behind me to find an angry teenage boy with a giant robot Grarrl. Also next to him was that plushie Zafara I took the neopoints from!

     "What do you want?" I growled.

     "I want that bag of neopoints you stole from my Zafara!" yelled the boy.

     "Finders keepers, losers weepers," I coolly replied.

     "Get him, Darthice!" shouted the boy.

     The robot Grarrl slowly advanced on me, but I wasn't scared by its size. It suddenly fired a big blast at me. It missed - its attack scraped against my side. That got me mad. I rammed into that Grarrl as hard as I could, but it was made of pure metal, so I was the one hurt instead of it. I was blown back by the shock of hitting pure metal. But that didn't stop me. I growled and tried again. Bad choice. The Grarrl suddenly swiped at me and I was thrown back. I landed in a crumpled heap. I painfully got up.

     "Fine then, take your stupid bag of neopoints" I said - giving up - and handed the boy the bag of neopoints I had taken earlier. Then the boy and his pets walked away, leaving me with nothing but my cheap foods from before.

     This incident made me very mad at myself. I grumbled and slithered back to the Money Tree. There was only junk there again. I picked up a little Chia pop, but it wasn't much still. There were also some other bags of neopoints, but they only contained about 1-10 neopoints, so I didn't pick them up because they weren't worth it.

     All of a sudden, somebody donated a 2 dubloon coin. I slid to it and was about to grab it when a giant Darigan Skeith grabbed it. I decided to try the same tactic I had used on the plushie Zafara.

     "HEY THAT WAS MINE!" I hissed at the Skeith, and thwacked it with my tail.

     The Skeith slowly turned around.

     "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" it roared.


     The Skeith suddenly slapped me on both of my heads, and flew away, keeping the 2 dubloon coin. Now I was angrier than ever. I rubbed my two heads and slithered around, looking for smaller pets to pick on. I found a baby Kacheek, and thwacked it with my tail. It started to cry. Its owner ran up and yelled at me. The Kacheek stopped crying and pummeled me with its fists. I was hurled back by the impact. That baby was a lot stronger than it looked! I slid away. I had had enough. I was going home.

     When I got back to my house, I heard shouts of laughter coming from the playroom again. But this time, I didn't tramp upstairs to stop them. I had learned my lesson - never meddle with other people. I went back to sulking in a corner. I wouldn't bother my sisters anymore. I still hated my life, but today I had learned a new and important rule.

     "Pinkprincess!" my owner called.

     I slithered over to her.

     "I have some good news, Pink! The stocks I had invested on suddenly boomed, and now we are rich again! No more dung pies for dessert!"

     I guess I should've been happy. And maybe deep down inside I was. On the outside, I just went back to sulking in a corner. It was barely any news to my outside. But to the inside, I was laughing in that corner - not sulking. I had learned an important lesson and received some very good news all in one day! Maybe my life wasn't so bad after all - maybe some things are actually worth it!

The End

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