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Hannah and the Ice Caves (TCG) Expansion

by neopian_queen_liana


TERROR MOUNTAIN - A storm is brewing over Terror Mountain, and it’s going to be a rough one! Why not stay out of the storm and join Hannah deep in the Ice Caves for an adventure? Hannah and the Ice Caves is the newest expansion to the Neopets Trading Card Game, and it’s out today! Let’s take a look at what this new set has to offer. There’s a lot to see!

An Avalanche of Experience

Hannah and the Ice Caves offers a whopping 24 new Experienced Neopets! With two Experienced Neopets for each of the six new species in this expansion, and two choices for each of six existing Neopets, the options are endless!

The Boris have stormed into Neopets and the trading card game, and their abilities are enough to chill your opponent’s blood! The Bori Miner will dig in and pile up your bank points with the ability to tap to bank! And no one will be able to sneak past the Bori Guard for an uncontested win. This Guard can move over and join the contest!

Speaking of Sneaking, the Kyriis have crept into the Ice Caves, and they’ll be stealing cards from your opponent! The Kyrii Thief can tap to take a card from your opponent’s Bank! And the Kyrii Explorer explores your opponent’s hand after guessing a card. If he guessed correctly, that card is discarded!

The youngest and the strongest Experienced Neopets of the set are both Elephantes! The Baby Elephant is the first Baby Neopet in the game, and its ability is pretty great, for a baby. Heroes cannot start contests against Baby Neopets! The other Elephante is a powerhouse with a great card effect. With a massive 15 in strength, the Elephante Blacksmith can hold its own against a Grarrl any day! And if you bank a card with him, you get to attach an Equipment from your hand to one of your Neopets or Heroes!

Moehogs are stirring up some trouble too! The Moehog Chef allows you to bank a Food from your hand if you and your opponent roll the same number, and the Moehog Footpad teams up with a friend to stop Experienced Neopet rivals from joining in the contest!

Completely at home in the ice and snow are the Bruces. These Light-based Experienced Neopets sure pack a punch! The Bruce Skater sure gets around with his ability to join contests where your other pets are overpowered! And the Snow Bruce may be cute, but with the ability to keep your opponent’s Neopets in the contest tapped on their next turn if you lose a contest, even a loss isn’t that painful!

Hannah must have slipped off to the Island for a visit, because cards are popping up from Mystery Island as well! The Flotsam is the sixth Neopet to be added in the Hannah and the Ice Caves expansion, and they’ll help you dive into the lead! The Flotsam Rader let’s you make a splash with the ability to, with a win, draw two cards instead of one, and then

Choose and discard a card from your hand! The magical Island Flotsam will wiggle you out of some sticky situations as well! This Flotsam can tap to untap another Neopet or Hero!

Challenging Fate: To Quest or To Curse?

Fates are a new card type introduced in the Hannah and the Ice Caves expansion, and that’s exactly what they do; change your fate! Quests can help you, and Curses can be used to immobilize your opponent!

There are some great Quests to keep you busy! Lisha’s Quest will reward you with two cards when you bank a book! And King Skarl is being greedy, as usual, but in this case it’ll help you! When you bank an Equipment with Skarl’s Orders, you get to search your deck for another Equipment and bank it!

You can always depend on Jhudora for some destructive power. Not to be outdone by Lisha or Skarl, Jhudora’s Quest let’s you look at your opponent’s hand and discard two cards there when you bank a Potion!

Then come the Curses. These powerful weapons will stop your opponent cold! Selfishness will stop your opponent from drawing cards for winning contests! Misfortune will befall your opponent if he or she rolls a 6. Instead of a win, it will become a 0! Your opponent will be feeling the pain if you curse them with Frostbite; That Neopet won’t be able to tap to move! Your opponent won’t be feeling well at all if you give them an Achy Head. They won’t be able to attach any Equipment! But if you want to really make your opponent ill, try giving them the Sniffles. This will stop him or her from trading in or replacing that Neopet!

Cures for the Common Cold

After being cursed in five different ways, you’re likely to have some very sick pets. Luckily, Hannah offers the cures for the Cursed with the introduction of Medicines! Cards like Slorg Slime, Faeriecinths, Pickled Greeble Tongue, and Gracklebug Paste will allow you to discard all Curses on your Neopet in a certain arena. With three bank points each and a stat boost of five in one of the four arenas, your Neopets will be feeling better in no time!

There are other cures for Curses as well. Fyora’s blessing is a Light SHH card that allows you to choose a Curse in play and discard it. The Healing Springs will be the #1 destination of the Cursed, as Curses are discarded where this Location is played!

Hannah the Cursed

Last but not least, in the eye of the storm is our favorite heroine, Hannah. Several cards in this expansion feature Hannah on her adventure through the Ice Caves. Hannah herself can be found as a Hero, Hannah the Cursed. A shivering Hannah, braving a Terror Mountain Blizzard can be seen with the quote, “She had to stop the thieves, even if it meant following them to the farthest corners of Neopia.” But if you’re in a pinch in the game, Hannah the Cursed can help you out. When you play Hannah the Cursed, you get to put an Equipment from your deck into your hand. Even if poor Hannah is defeated, she’s still fighting; allowing you to bank an Equipment attached to her.

Hannah’s also fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams; to become an Usuki doll! Hannah the Usuki Doll looks like a cute little toy, but she can bring a hailstorm of Heroes on her opponent. With this Doll in your bank, you may tap a Neopet to play a Hero from your hand into any arena! Talk about girl power! Hannah the Usuki Doll can also be a great combination with another new Experienced Neopet, the Cybunny Collector! When you bank a Doll or Plushie with the Collector, you get to bank a card.

Unfortunately, Hannah also has some fearsome enemies, one of whom marks her along the way. The Mark of Ta-Kutep will give her a boost in strength and magic, but will also slow down our heroine, stopping her from tapping to move while this is attached to her (or any Neopet or Hero).

Hannah and the Ice Caves offers new adventures in the Neopets Trading Card Game. With Quests, Curses, Medicines, new species of Neopets with amazing abilities, you won’t need to brave the storm. Stay home and play!

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