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You Can't Hit What You Can't See!

by haimoku


We all want to paint our pets. It makes them unique. Why, ever since I began on neopets, I've been saving for paint for my babies. I painted Eirisu Christmas, Raettonus became a mutant... And then there was Dokkdan.

Well, to be honest, at the third pet it's pretty hard to scrounge up enough money. Especially if you were, like me, seeking something that would dramatically alter their appearance. Namely a Darigan paint brush. Those are expensive, man! I mean, really! The lab is cheaper to access... So, I decided to give the lab ray a whirl. And, wouldn't you know it, after quite a few tries, my baby changed color. Well, if you could call it color, I mean. Dokkdan became invisible.

Now, although invisible is different from the usual Ixi look, I really hadn't wanted him to disappear... I mean, if I had I would've bought an invisible paintbrush-- which are actually much cheaper than lab maps. I mean, most owners want to see their cute little pet's shining face when they look at them. But, after a couple of days of Invisible Ixiness, I'm beginning to see the positives of pets that can't be seen. I've seen so many positives, actually, that I've compiled a short list.

1. Invisibility will make up for any lack of fight skills in the battle dome.

2. I don't have to tell Dokkdan to stop making faces when he eats his fishpop.

3. He can spy on his brother Eirisu, who I don't trust as far as I can throw.

4. If I get bored of having only Ixis, I could pretend Dokkdan is something else.

5. Better yet, I'll tell every one he's a Poogle. I've always wanted a Poogle.!

Dokkdan: ...

Hey! Don't make that face at me!!!

Dokkdan: You didn't see any face!

He's right, you know. Which brings me back to my point:

6. He no longer needs to worry about his fur being messy.

7. Pages just load faster with an invisible pet on them.

8. He can play tricks on his brothers with hilarious results.

Raettonus: Oi! Those tricks are NOT funny!

Dokkdan: Hey, mutant, no one was talking to you!

9. If I stand on his back in front of little kids, they think I can fly.

10. If were were committing crimes, no one could ID him. We're not, though, so this reason is moot.

11. He makes a better window than a door now. Which means I can look right through him!

12. I can talk to him and no one will know he's really there!

13. Okay, twelve does make me sound crazy, but --trust me-- it's a plus.

14. I mean, no one's going to mess with some crazy girl who thinks she's talking to an Ixi. Really, half the time he's actually not there and it doesn't bother me at all. I feel it's easier to talk to some who's not there when they don't appear to be there when they are. Wait, what does that mean? Oh, you know... Yeah, just... Uh, back to my points...

15. Ixi is the same forward as it is backwards. Isn't that neat? Doesn't it make you want to go adopt one?!

Dokkdan: Uh, Haimoku... This article's about being invisible, not being an Ixi.

Oh, I guess you're right. Well..... uh, invisible, huh?... *thinks hard*... Oh, I got it!

16. Invisible is the perfect color for a shy pet. They'll never have to be noticed again!

17. It's also good for self-conscious or fat pets. Maybe even pets with crooked yellow teeth. No one will ever pick on their flaws again. Well, except for the pets that knew them before they became invisible. Those pets will still remember the flaws of your pet and laugh at him for them.

Raettonus: *points and laughs at Dokkdan* Ha! You're fat!

Dokkdan: *eyes tears up, but no one knows* I am not!

18. Which brings me around to point eighteen. Tough pets don't want to be seen crying. If you paint them invisible they can get as hurt or offended as they want and know one will know they're blubbering like a baby Gelert. That way they can be sensitive but retain their tough guy status.

19. It's also a neat color for the easily embarrassed pets. If something embarrassing happens, they don't even have to shrink into a corner! They won't even need to wish to be invisible because they'll already be that way! They could just stand there and ponder what they did calmly while every one looks through them! Oh sure, they can go ahead and shrink into a corner or chair if it makes them comfortable, but there's no longer the need for it! Isn't that FANTASTIC?!?!

20. Your pet could be invisible every Halloween and it'd still be a great costume. They could also be a really good ghost, even with just a sheet thrown over them! I mean, come on! That's priceless!

21. Invisible isn't really popular for pets. That means the paint brush is CHEAP. I mean, I've seen it sell for less than 100k! That's ten times better than any reason on here to paint your pet clear!

So there you have it. Twenty one reasons that made me change my mind about invisible Ixis ... although, Darigan is still my goal. But, at least invisible is more unique than purple or white. And, y'know, you see rainbow pets every where.

What could be more one of a kind than your loading friendly invisible pet? Nothing! Nothing, do you hear me? So, scurry! Scurry into the streets and into the shops! Buy up those invisible paint brushes like they're going out of style --even though, in truth, they're probably going in style-- because even if you don't want to paint your pets, the people who really GET this article will want to make their own babies invisible!

Okay, dudes. If you're still here there's something wrong with you. Article's over. Go get an invisible paint brush. Get it and use it on a boringly colored pet. Who wants a red Aisha? Honestly! Now, an invisible Aisha You can claim it's a Chomby! Isn't that great? Go! Go!

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