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Swarm II: a Guide for Trophy Hunters

by younglinkrulez


LOST DESERT - OH NO!!! The evil bugs are back! What do we do! Squash 'em, I say! Go on a bug blasting frenzy destroying all bugs in sight at all costs!!! OK, maybe I was a bit too serious....It's probably 'cause I can't seem to score over 4000 points in Swarm II! But seriously, these bugs are too big for just any old magnifying glass. We're bringin' in the heavy machinery from all across Neopia! Well, actually, just one piece of machinery... The Wocky designed super tank! Maybe it's not considered heavy machinery...oh well! We need your help! Save the Neopian Protection Zone 6b from the giant bugs!

Wanna know the secrets for the scores for Swarm II being so high? Well, you've come to the right place! Most of you might be thinking, "Why is this guy telling us how to get that trophy, if he doesn't even have it himself?" The reason for me not having the swarm II trophy is because I've never gotten around to practicing, but when I do, I'll get it!

You need two main things in order to get the trophy, one is very good aiming and timing skills, and the other is patience (only if you have a slow computer). You might be thinking, "Oh well, if you need practice then I'm not doing it"! That's what I used to think (and still do sometimes!). It will be well worth it though.

First, before I tell you the secrets of the game, you should know the power ups and about the game (if you already know this, skip to the next part of this article):


AP SLUGS- A bigger, faster and sometimes more accurate version of the regular bullets. Comes in handy when blasting bugs far away.

SIZE INCREASER- I wouldn't suggest getting this power up, it makes you twice your size which means your twice as likely to get hit.

SIZE DECREASER- This power up is useful but it isn't necessary. It decreases your size to twice your original size.

SPEED INCREASER- I would suggest picking up one of these. It makes you move back and forth at twice your original speed.

SPEED DECREASER- Don't get one of these! It slows you down twice your original speed.

SHIELD- Gives you an extra life basically for that round.

LASER- Shoots a straight beam killing everything in its way. Don't hit a wall (like me sometimes!)! It destroys it!

WALL BUILDER- Brings your damaged wall back to its original state, which is useful on the last few waves.

Your main goal for this game is to beat all 10 waves with a score of 3500+ (or 4000+ for a trophy). I would suggest playing this game on the first of the month, when you need around 3700 for a bronze.

Are you ready to figure out the secret to high scoring in Swarm II? OK, then pop some corn and get a couple bottles of coke out and get ready! Actually, the secret is pretty simple; it just takes some practice.

K, time to get serious. The secret or hint is:

Hit all the bugs in a row without missing. Example:

1st Wave: Bug 1-3 points, Bug 2- 4 points, Bug 3- 5 points, etc.

2nd Wave: Bug 1-3 points, Bug 2- 4 points, Bug 3- 5 points, etc.

3rd Wave: Bug 1-3 points, Bug 2- 4 points, Bug 3- 5 points, etc.

4th Wave: Bug 1-3 points, Bug 2- 4 points, Bug 3- 5 points, etc.

5th Wave: Bug 1-4 points, Bug 2- 5 points, Bug 3- 6 points, etc.

6th Wave: Bug 1-4 points, Bug 2- 5 points, Bug 3- 6 points, etc.

7th Wave: Bug 1-4 points, Bug 2- 5 points, Bug 3- 6 points, etc.

8th Wave: Bug 1-4 points, Bug 2- 5 points, Bug 3- 6 points, etc.

9th Wave: Bug 1-4 points, Bug 2- 5 points, Bug 3- 6 points, etc.

10th Wave: Bug 1-4 points, Bug 2- 5 points, Bug 3- 6 points, etc.

NOTE: You can only score maximum 13 points from each bug with the exception of the big green bug.

Green Bug (On all waves, no matter how many times you miss, he's still worth the same amount): Hit 1- 20 points, Hit 2- 10 points, Hit 3- 5 points, Hit 4- 2 points, Hit 5- 1 point, Hit 6 and above- 0 points.

If you killed let's say 4 bugs in a row, which raises the scoring system to 7 points each, and you miss, the scoring system will go back to 3 points a bug until you hit another bug.

Some other tips are:

- Try to hit the bugs at the front since they're easier to hit.

- Don't leave only one bug left unless you have at least one wall left.

- Don't shoot your bullets randomly, you're bound to miss at least once and setting the scoring system back to 3 or 4 points each (depending on what level you're on).

- Avoid all power ups except the AP Slugs, Wall Rebuilders, Speed Increasers and Shields. NOTE: Try to save your AP Slugs for blasting the big green bug.

- If possible, try and get this combo:

1) 5+ AP Slugs

2) Size Decreaser

3) Speed Increases

4) Wall Rebuilder

5) A shield

This is an almost unbeatable combo if used right.

- You may want to avoid the big green bug's giant fire balls! They're hard to avoid sometimes!

- Don’t get the laser, because whatever you hit with it (unless it’s the green bug), is only worth 3 points.

My last bit of advice is:

Don't get all worked up if you keep missing; just keep trying and you'll get it!

I hope you learned something here and good luck to you all and do me a favour, SQUASH THOSE BUGS!!!

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