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Attack of the Revenge: Master Them Pirate Skills!

by inu_twilight


MARAQUA - Well, ya probably have heard about the Attack of the Revenge, haven't ya? Well, ya can call me Pirate Swashbuckler. If you're here, and you are willing to follow my advice, you can get another trophy! You're interested, aren't ya? Well, let's play!

Basics: Here are the basics. When an enemy appears, you can eliminate it by the sword, water, or the cannonballs (water and cannonballs will be explained later!). In order to eliminate an enemy, after you pick up an item, you have to move up the rank with the up button. To use it, you must press the spacebar. If you fail to eliminate an enemy in time, the game has taken away 1 life. This can also happen if a cannon has caught on fire, and you failed to put out the fire in time (which will be explained much later). That's pretty much it for the basics; simple, isn't it? Let's move on!

Formation: You're probably wondering, what does formation have to do anything with this game? You see, there is as follows, a bottom rank and an upper rank. In order to eliminate an enemy, you must move to the upper rank by pressing the up button. In order to fire the cannon (which will be explained later), you must go to the bottom rank, and fill the cannon. Now, in the bottom and the upper ranks, there are positions for each side of the screen. They are:

Extreme Left (where the cannonballs are)



Extreme Right (where the water is)

It's the same with both ranks, and remember, you CANNOT eliminate an enemy by hitting the spacebar or picking up an item at the bottom rank; it must be the upper rank! Shall we progress to the levels?

Level 1: Basic. All what you have to do here is the only thing you can do here: When an enemy appears, move up to the upper rank and press the spacebar! As simple as that! Do that until you get at least 25 points. If you get more than 25 points, nothing will change, the next level will continue with how many points you currently have. So, if you get 24 points, and then you get 3 points, that is 27 points, and you start the next level off with 27 points. So far so good, that was simple, wasn't it?

Level 2: Not only do you have the sword to eliminate the enemies, you also have 2 other objects to help you in your battles! They are the:

Water: This has 2 purposes. The first purpose is to drench an enemy; how do you do that? Pick the water up by going to the bottom rank, extreme right. Then, press the up button, and press the spacebar and SPLASH! You just drenched an enemy, and that's double the points the enemy normally gives! It looks like you only have 1 water, but after you used it once, it will regenerate and you will find out that you have infinite. The second purpose is to put out fires (which is explained later).

Cannonballs: This, again, has 2 purposes. The first purpose is to pick it up and throw it at the enemy! Again, you can do this by going to the extreme left, opposite of the water, and pick up a cannonball, then the next step is to press the up button to get to the upper rank, and throw it to the enemy. That's double the points that it normally gives by hitting the enemy with the sword! The second purpose is to load a cannon (which again, will be explained in the next level). That's all what level 2 is about; just get 75 points and we shall move to the next level!

Level 3: This level introduces you to the second purpose of the cannonballs, the cannons. This level also introduces you to the second purpose of water, putting out fires. Let us start with the big, big, guns, the cannons! This is the shortest level in my opinon, from 75 points to 150 points, especially with the cannons.

Cannons: What you have to do is simple. Get a cannonball (by going to the extreme left), pick it up with spacebar, and all what you have to do is simply press the spacebar again infront of a cannon, to load it. The cannons are located in the extreme left side of the screen, the center of the screen, and the extreme right of the screen. After you loaded the cannon, what do you do? Well, Garin's best friend, Jacques, will swing down the rope, and will ignite one of the three canons. You can never predict what cannon Jacques will ignite UNTIL he swings the rope. After Jacques has successfully ignited a cannon, you get 12 more points! However, if Jacques has been mistaken, and he has fired the wrong canon that is not loaded, what do you do? You'll find that out very soon.

Putting Out Fire: If Jacques ignited the wrong canon which has not been loaded yet, it will catch on fire! OH NO!!! Wait, you might think... turning into Garin's position. If you head to the extreme right, you see water... you might think that it is useless in this position, because it will only hit an enemy... but then you suddenly remember that it has 2 purposes! Yes, if you go to the extreme right, you'll see the glorious water. Pick it up with the spacebar, head to the cannon that has caught on fire, and then the cannon is now as good as new! However, the consequences of this is that if you fail to put out the fire in time, the cannon will now be broken, which will take 1 life off of you, and you will lose access of this useful cannon until the end of the level. So if you fail to water the cannon, it will be broken, take off a life, and you won't have it until next level. Don't worry, you'll have it next level, so you don't have to restart the whole game. That's really the basics of level 3 and up, level 3 is the most short level in the whole game, introducing you to to cannons. After level 3, it won't introduce you to something new... but the enemies will lose their patience and go a little harder on ya.

Enemies: Well, you're probably guessing that every enemy gives the same amount as all the other enemies... WRONG! These are all the different enemies, and how many points they each give. However, remember I said with the sword they give a smaller amount, but with the cannonballs and water, they are doubled! This is the list:

Fred: He's the pirate Tuskaninny. He gives 2 points normally, like Nathan. With the cannonball/water, he gives 4 points, like Nathan again.

Nathan: He's the pirate Blumaroo. He gives 2 points normally, like Fred. With the cannonball/water, Nathan gives 4 points, like Fred.

Benny the Blade: He's the pirate Bruce. He's Captain Scarblade's best buddy. He gives 3 points normally, like Swabby. With the cannonball/water, Benny gives 6 points.

Swabby: He's the pirate Krawk. He's in Black Pawkeet Slots, and Bilge Dice. Like Benny, he gives 3 points normally, and with the cannonball/water, he gives 6 points.

Captain Scarblade: The captain of the whole group. Captain Scarblade gives 5 points normally, and a massive 10 points with a cannonball/water. He's the strongest, and the tallest... well, it's true he is the tallest, but certainly not the strongest. The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy drops an easter egg at this game!

The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy: The strongest of the group. Normally, he gives 10 points, which is like Captain Scarblade hit with a cannonball/water. However, with a cannonball/water, the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy gives an extravagant 20 points. The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy only appears on rare occasions! He uses 2 swords! :)

Well, that's basically it with the enemies. Remember, the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy only appears on random occasions, so don't feel overwhelmed if you don't get him in 1 game. You'll get him eventually! Now, for the Additional Tips.

Additional Tips: Well, these tips are really useful, ESPECIALLY when you reach 1000 points and up. They are:

Stay in the Center: ALWAYS stay in the center! This is the spot that it takes 2 spaces to get to the water, and 2 spaces to get to the cannonballs, and you are already standing in front of the middle cannonball.

Cannonballs and Water: Well, I should have put this on level 3... as it has something to do with them cannonballs and water! When firing a cannonball at an enemy, make sure the enemy is in the Extreme-Upper-Left side of the screen, or the upper-middle-left side of the screen. Same goes for water: Eliminate enemies with water only when they are in the Upper-Extreme-Right, and the Upper-Middle-Right. Staying with the center, all what you need to do is go to the cannonball/water, depending on where the formation of the enemy is. Then, go to the enemy and KABOOM or SPLASH (depending on the enemy)! This is what I personally do, so if you feel more comfortable with some other strategy, you don't have to use this one.

1000 Points And Up Tip: Well, once I get to 1000 points, what I do is I just swing them pirates with the sword. Why? Well, if you hit every single pirate with the cannonball or water depending on where the pirate is when you get to 1000 points, and there are 4 enemies waiting for you, if you concentrate and get one enemy with the item, then the other 3 will race down! When there are 4 pirates on stage, it is nearly impossible to get all 4 without subtracting any lives. You need fast fingers and maybe that stay-in-the-center trick might help you on this one.

The End: Now that you have all my advice, I give you all my pirate power, and hopefully one day, you'll get that shiny, gold, trophy, which hopefully Hannah won't steal. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to neomail me. Well, it's time for me to practice the Attack of the Revenge again. I'll be seeing you in the World Challenges, and maybe in the high score list. Good bye!

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