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Neopets TCG Awesome Decks: Negg-Tastic!

by 008sholl


Hello! Do you like the Neopets Trading Card Game? I do! If you do, then you probably have some difficulty finding a good deck. Am I right? Like most players, you probably do. Well, I know there are so many other Neopets TCG decks articles out there, but they all cover different deck types. But have you seen one with a negg deck? I think not. You have? LIAR! Well, either way, negg decks are a fun deck to make. You can use the deck shown here, or you can substitute the neggs with others. More variations are at the end of this article. This deck is a bit expensive, so check out other articles for cheaper decks. These cards are only from the Base Set and Battle for Meridell. Also, this deck is not a very tournament worthy one. I only use it for non tournament play only. Well, without further ado, Negg Mania.


Yellow Korbat x3

Green Korbat x2

Green Mynci x2

Blue Mynci x3

Notes: The Korbats are good Basics With high Intelligence. Mynci's are necessary for Cackling Negg, and their agility is high.


Mynci Tourist x2

Ghost Korbat x2

Notes: The Mynci Tourist allows you to be an almost unstoppable force in agility. Ghost Korbat has hideous strength, but is awesome in the other three arenas, plus he can move around rivals.


Koya, Korbat Huntress x2

Count Boris x2

Jeran, Meridell Knight x2

Notes: Boris is able to go in any arena making him versatile. Plus, if he loses his contest, he's untapped and moved to a different arena to prove himself for his next contest. Jeran is one of the powerful ways in this deck to hold down strength. Send him there, have him get a bank or draw, and destroy all equipment into your opponent's hands! MUAHAHAHA! Koya can hold down a couple of arenas, and you can arrange the top five cards in your deck!


Werelupe King x3

This deck needs most of its space for neggs, but Werelupe King still earns his stay. He can hold down strength, which is our weakest arena, agility, and a little bit in magic.


Korbat's Cape x3

Wand of Confusion x3

Again not much room. These cards help in the arena that is pretty weak (Magic) with the Wand and the Cape. Only put the Cape on your Korbats, and keep them in the magic arena so you can be pretty powerful in that arena.


Ferocious Negg x3

Cackling Negg x3

Silver Negg x3

Brown Negg x3

Striped Negg x3

The heart and soul of this deck. All of the neggs have good bonuses or special abilities. Ferocious Negg gets your other neggs out to your hand. Cackling Negg is very useful for agility as long as you have neggs in your bank. Silver Negg and Brown Negg are great because of their amazing bonuses. Striped Negg is great for agility boosting.

The original version of this deck ran a lot more neggs, but I would never get the right cards besides the neggs, so now there are only 15.


Buzzer Storm x3

Chomp! x3

Buzzer Storm delays your opponent, which is good for pesky speed decks. Chomp! is just amazing. Look at the card. See what I mean?

Total Cards (not included neopets stack): 40


This deck’s premise (or basis) is that neggs help you greatly in any arena. Get as many neggs in contests or your bank. Do not let them lay idle in your hand! Place Werelupe King in strength and your opponents will have a hard time in that arena. Play the Myncis in agility, as there they are most worthy. Equip the Korbats with their capes and have them venture to the magic arena. Your Korbats also should take on the intelligence arena. If you're having a rough time in an arena, use Chomp! To greatly help there.

This deck does take a while to get running, so use Buzzer Storm to stop your opponent from a quick and unexpected win.

In all, this deck will be able to beat plenty other decks.


This deck takes awhile to get in motion like I said, so a simple, but powerful speed deck should be able to get the job done best. The Maraquan Deck from Neopets Magazine also has large success in defeating this deck. This deck will lose against other various decks, but like always, it usually doesn’t take the deck to win, but the player himself (or herself).


There are many other variations of this deck. Some run more neggs, some run other neopets. But they all use neggs.

One of the other variations which I find odd is the Rainbow Negg deck. This deck has one or two of every faerie type (fire, water, earth, air, dark, light) and uses all the neggs they can. This results in them not using anything but neggs (40 neggs!!!!!!), not even heroes, villains, Something Has Happened! Cards, Curses, or Equipment!!!!!! I have played against this deck and it is very exciting to play against.

The other variation that deserves an honorable mention has plenty of game power. It’s called Blasto Ram! Please don’t ask why, as my friend made the name. This only uses 15 neggs like this one does, but is filled to the brim with heroes and villains and equipment!!!! The premise of this deck is that you must hold on ‘till you get those neggs, and when you do, use them like crazy!!!!


If you do play the Rainbow Negg, then you should be able to hold down any arena you can to win. Make sure that your opponent will have only one arena to bank or draw. Also, you should try changing it around a bit by adding in some hand destruction (or deck destruction) cards to make your opponent draw more often. They also might not be able to bank if you destroy their hand enough!!!

Blasto Ram! Will make you use your neggs more sparingly, so use them wisely! Again in this deck, hold down every arena, so your opponent can’t have a quick win!!!

In all, this deck is Negg-Tastic!

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