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Halloween: Treats and Tricks

by mygoodguild


"Hey, Ollie, what are you going to be for Halloween?" inquired Carla.

     "I'm not exactly sure... I thought it would be cool to wear a Count Von Roo costume, don't you think?" murmured Ollie. "What are you going to be?"

     "I'm going to be myself! I scare people already; I don't even need a costume," bragged Carla, who was an MSP Poogle.

     "True, true," said Ollie, thinking about what she should be and not really paying much attention to her best friend. "Aha!" she suddenly exclaimed.


     "Look what I found in my closet! This is definitely what I'm going to wear. Tay restocked this thing in the clothing store for no particular reason, and then she just threw it into the closet to rot! I'm sure she wouldn't mind me wearing it. This is just what I wanted... It's perfect!" declared Ollie, holding up a Count Von Roo Halloween Costume.

     "Wow. That would look great on you. But don't you think... It might be a little big?" asked Carla.

     "I can fit into it, silly," retorted Ollie.


     A week later, it was Halloween, October 31. Ollie woke up early in the morning, excited. Her heart was pumping like mad, for this was her favorite holiday of the year!

     Ollie quickly went to make sure her costume looked perfect for that night. OH NO! It was a little wrinkled! Ollie snatched up the costume and ran to fix that. And OH NO! It had a tiny stain. Ollie scrubbed it in the wash as hard as she could. OH NO! That faded a little of the color in it! What to do?

     "Carla, Carla, help me," begged Ollie to her best friend, who had spent the night at Ollie's neohome that day so they could go trick-or-treating together.

     "Help with what?" asked Carla.

     "LOOK! The color is faded!" sobbed Ollie.


     "HERE!" Ollie jabbed her finger at the spot.

     "I can't even notice, so I doubt anyone else will... It's practically invisible, Ollie, calm down. I know this is your favorite holiday and everything, but seriously... You need to get a hold of yourself," advised Carla.

     "Well... Fine. Just help me get the basket of candy ready for our trick-or-treaters, okay?" entreated Ollie.

     "How will we hand out candy if we're going to be trick-or-treating and we won't even be here?" inquired Carla.

     "My little sister, Feri, is staying home sick. She can pass out the candy. She has Neogitus. Poor thing! She loves Halloween ALMOST as much as I do. And since she has Neogitus, it's hard for her to eat or drink anything. No Halloween candy for a week or more, if she even heals by then. I hope she does. I'll save some of my candy for her, but by then it won't be as new and fresh," explained Ollie.

     "Oh. Well then, let's get to work!" declared Carla.

     Into the trick-or-treating basket went some delicious candies: Candy Corn Classic, Rock Candy, Candy Chia Apple, Eye Candy, Candy Peas, and a few other assorted candy items.

     "The trickers and treaters that come to your house will sure be feasting tonight, Ollie," joked Carla.

     "Yeah. My owner, Tay, spent thousands and thousands on all this candy. She knows how much my siblings and I like Halloween so she always gets a lot to make us feel good about making other peoples' Halloween better, by giving them good candy. Instead of giving them all year old Candy Peas, we're giving loads of different things, and all of our candy is brand new," said Ollie.

     "You talk too much."


     That night, Ollie pulled on her costume. "How do I look?" she asked, turning around in 360 degrees circles for Carla.

     "Fabulous," said Carla, approving. "Me?"

     "Like you normally do," said Ollie. "But that's a good thing! You look scary with that lipstick you put on," Ollie added quickly. "Let's go."

     The two left sore and ill Feri sitting by the candy basket, waiting for a knock on the door and the saying of 'trick-or-treat' while they went out themselves.

     "Where should we go first?" asked Carla.

     "That house," said Ollie, pointing. "That's the richest family in the neighborhood. They always give out the best candy."

     "Trick-or-treat!" shouted Ollie and Carla in unison, standing in front of the open door to the rich family's home.

     "Eek!" exclaimed the young Ruki that lived in the rich family's house. She hid her face.

     "My, you two look awfully scary. And that means you deserve some scary candy!" Mr. Rich said, handing Ollie and Carla each a Cotton Candy Tree. "Plant this in your yard, and you will have everlasting candy for eternity! At least... Until the tree dies. I paid 20,000 for each of those, so use them wisely," advised Mr. Rich.

     "Thanks!" exclaimed Ollie, putting the tiny tree in her bag. She wondered how this was actually a tree, it was more like the size of a petpetpet.

     They went to the next house and "TRICK-OR-TREAT!"

     "Goodness! Happy Halloween, youngsters," an elderly female Flotsam said with a toothy grin, placing a Yellow Toothbrush into each of their trick-or-treat bags. "Take care of your teeth! I didn't take care of mine! Don't make the same mistake I did."

     As they were walking away, Carla said: "What is she thinking? Giving toothbrushes on Halloween! The crazy old hoot."

     "She's probably worried about all of the kids getting so much candy, and doesn't want their teeth to fall out of their heads. Don't be mad, we'll get lots of better stuff," Ollie said soothingly.


     Ollie and Carla arrived back at Ollie's house a couple hours later, exhausted.

     "Let's look at all our candy and stuff," begged Carla.

     They each had the following things: Cotton Candy Tree, Yellow Toothbrush, Chocolate Coated Mint Bar, Mint Delight Pretzel, Eye Candy, Candy Peas, Ummagine Candy Cane, Candy Floss Chia Pop, Super Sticky Kacheek Candy Apple, Sugar Doughnut, and an Organic Red Apple.

     "Wow, this stuff looks good to eat! Except for the toothbrush," laughed Ollie. "Hey, Feri, how did you do giving out candy?"

     "Good. We ran out about ten minutes before you two got home so I had to close the door and turn off the outdoors light so people would stop coming," Feri said, wincing with pain as she spoke.

     "Oh. I was hoping we'd have leftover candy," whimpered Ollie.

     "You're such a little piggy," groaned Feri. "Now I'm going to bed. It's late, and I think you two should also go to bed," the young Feri advised, acting like she was their mother.

     "I did have a lot of fun today, but all of this tricking and treating has made me tired," moaned Carla. "I do think your sister is right."

     "Me too. So let's go to bed. You have to go home tomorrow. I can't believe Halloween won't be back for a whole year again," said the sad Ollie.

     "Just be glad you didn't get tricked."


     The next morning, Ollie and Carla woke up with a scream. THERE WERE MILLIONS AND HUNDREDS OF BROWN SPIDERS CRAWLING ALL OVER THE FOOT OF THEIR BED!!!

     Ollie jumped out of her bed. She screamed and ran around in circles. "Get them off me!" she cried.

     "AGH!!! I want to go home! I'm never coming to your pest-infested neohome again!" sobbed Carla.

     A chuckle came from the cracked doorway.

     Ollie groaned. "Who's there?" she asked.

     Feri came in and started laughing her head off. "I heard what you said, Carla, last night. 'Just be glad you didn't get tricked.'" Feri kept laughing.

     "THIS IS ALL A TRICK? How dare you? Especially when Carla's over! You can't act this way!" Ollie muttered, looking forlornly at the spiders. "What are they then, anyways?" she asked.

     "Peanut Butter Spiders. Hundreds of them. Don't worry, they're only candy. I thought this was an awesome trick to play, because guess what? It's not only a trick, but it's also a treat! My Halloween trick and treat to you, Ollie, because you can eat them! See, I actually gave you loads of candy AND scared the wits out of you," said Feri.

     "Why I oughta-" Ollie stopped her sentence and started laughing. "Actually, Feri, that was a pretty good one. How did you think of that?"

     "It took a while, I confess. But I had to have something good to trick you! After all, Halloween isn't Halloween without some tricks along with those treats," said Feri, wisely.

     Carla laughed, too. "I have to go home, soon. But thanks for letting me stay over, Ollie, and thanks, Feri, for the funny joke. You sure made my heart beat fast!" Carla gathered up her things and went out the door, making her way home.

     "So how are you feeling?" Ollie asked with a smirk.

     "Better. Much, much better," giggled Feri.

     "I can tell," groaned Ollie, picking up a spider and eating it. "These are actually pretty good... Not that bad, not bad at all!"

The End


Author's Note: This story is dedicated to Katie, crystal_kaykay. Carla's real name is Carlalaya and she is owned by roxeh_pwns_j00. Thanks for letting me use her in my story. And... BWAHAHA! Hope your Halloween is full of treats.... AND tricks. *shifty eyes* =)

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