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Be Secure, Safe and ENJOY Yourself on the 31st...

by ripplina


At last, the 31st day of collecting is here – the grand night for evil, certainly. It’s possibly cold and dark outside in the world of Neopia and you and your Neopet are hiding indoors. Why, you wouldn’t want the Pant Devil to take an item of yours if you were to go on a little expedition in Haunted Woods on such a night! So, you’re in the safety of your Neohome, snuggling up on a Luxurious Sofa (or will it be the Dung Sofa?) with your precious pets, sheltering from the evils that have been set free to lurk for just this one night. But what are you to do for a whole night, just sitting in your Neohome with your neopets, refraining from your usual explorations?

The 31st Day of Collecting is a cruel night. As your calendar states: “Oct 31st - A grand night for the not so good Neopians. Magic and witchery are everywhere today.” Well it’s in here or out there tonight. If you really do want to go out there, most likely trick or treating on the residents of innocent Neopians, then whatever you do manage to get out of it (ie. Sweets) will most likely be stolen by the Pant Devil or worse, something else might pop up. Yes I’m talking about YOU, King Skarl with your marrow tax! Now, if that wasn’t enough to put you off exploring at such awful times… well, just remember to bring your vicious pet Skeith and Top Security Lunch Box on your journeys and I do hope you’ll go back to your Neohome with the same items that you left home with.

However, if you have intelligently decided to take my advice to stay in your Neohome on the 31st with your pets, you’re bound to be bored. Thank goodness witchery and magic isn’t everywhere, everyday. I mean, look on the bright side, this is only one night of your usual adventures taken from you, isn’t it? Nonetheless, you’re still going to need to pass that dreadful waiting for the night to become morning and watching the clock tick by isn’t going to solve your misery. Finally, you’ll be able to keep your pets on your toes during a time which has previously been so dismal.

To begin, you will need to tighten up your Neohome security! There’s nothing like the Tax Beast stabbing his sharp yellow horns through your frail wooden door, demanding for your prized neopoints. Nope, we don’t want that to happen. So, reverting back to my first point, ensure that you have efficient security in your home! Of course, if you have the odd one-roomed ground floor home, security needs not to be put in place. But if you have a grand palace-like Neohome filled with all of your costly furniture, someone or something is bound to notice. With several rooms in your Neohome, you can add various types of security from clanking cans to satellite security. On a similar note, don’t forget any Central Heating – it’s cold outside in this season and poor insulation brings the weather indoors too!

Next, we’re onto another factor: safety items. We’re going to need those valuable items to keep us safe in the night indoors. The security may have secured the physical Neohome itself but, if you were to take a trip into your garden… For example, you’re forced into the BD arena with your weakest pet and the Snowager against you and all your pet has for defence is two sticks and a pebble. This is lack of safety and we wouldn’t want to even hear the result. Even the strongest pets can’t defend themselves with sticks and stones. Going back to safety items, I recommend the following items:

1.Top Security Lunch Box. As the label says: “Nobody else will be snacking on your lunch!” More importantly, King Skarl won’t be dipping his greedy fingers on your food. This Top Security Lunch Box is guaranteed safety in the home, especially if you’re buying a meal for your pets on the 31st.

2.Baby Security Blanket. If you have a baby pet or a young one with you for the night, this super blanket will keep your pet happy throughout the whole period and longer. Being washable, babies can feel safe cuddling this little object at night time, all the time – to be reused again and again.

3.Safety Deposit Box. It’s infamous and is especially useful for all Neopians to store their precious items. I’m still pondering as to why this wasn’t the first thing put on this important list but I guess I’d rather a pet go without a toy for the night than food. The SDB is an invaluable form of storage and will keep your prized possessions away from sticky fingers!

4.Tyrannian Skeith Action Plushie. This little devilish creature may be memorable to some (participants in the Tyrannian battle) but with those pointy teeth, gnashing jaw, piercing spikes and thwacking tail, it’s bound to scare some creatures off. If you can’t own a real one, this is the best you can get.

5.Mighty Robo Hammer/Robotic Golf Club. You choose. Self explanatory. Don’t forget the cackle whilst using this. Muhaha.

So, you now have the ultimate protection. You have security for your home and those extra possessions in case anything does happen. It’s most likely that little can get to you or your pets now so you’ll be sitting bored for the majority of the night and your pets are likely to be whining throughout. Now onto the best part: the pleasure.

A lot of Neopians spend their days playing board games. Well it does pass the time doesn’t it? Most games don’t last as long as board games such as Neoquest II (the Board Game) and NeoCheckers. And ‘board’ rhymes with ‘bored’ so… erm. *cough* Anyway, board games involve several players moving around minuscule pieces a square at a time. That’s bound to take a while!

I also recommend the BIG book of puzzles or other books. Not only does the BIG book of puzzles increase the wits of your pet, but it gets them stuck in and interactive for a long while. It may be easy to read words on a page in a small novel, but to solve puzzles in a BIG book? There’s nothing like it. I also suggest Zafara Crossword Puzzles for that additional mind stimulation.

Lastly, I recommend Usul, Tuskaninny or Maraquan Bed Time Stories. Sleep takes up a large majority of any Neopian/Neopet’s day yet it feels the quickest if you sleep well. And the only way for any Neopet to sleep well, other than through exhaustion, is to read bed time stories to them! Then they’ll sleep sound and peacefully passing time ever so quickly and quietly.

Well, now you know what you’ll be doing on the 31st Day of Collecting. At least you’re now reassured that you’ll be safe, secure and enjoying the night with your pets! No longer will you have to hide in fear or feel insecure – you’ll actually enjoy yourself this year. So make the most of the night and have a happy Halloween.

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